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Chastitas: The Broken La...
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Chastitas: The Broken Land

Hey Grimm where art thou? I am stuck trying to find a way to jump over those three holes.
Also does sake make just the user beserk or the whole team.My mage used it and now every battle is beserked and I have no control until either the enemies are dead or my team dies.

Sorry man. Progress is slow. Just...issues.

Anyhow, the sake is only supposed to berserk the user; you say it's berserking the whole party? I''ll have to look into that. The three holes in the Cursed Passages should be able to be jumped over by interacting with them once you have found the planks. I'll do another check to see if I messed something up, otherwise that's how it should go. Perhaps I should have the characters tip you off about them earlier? Dunno.

Wyrm Warriors

That was part of the original writeups that people submitted. We have all that info already - too much of it, in fact, to realistically use everything we already have in the game.

Well, looks like I'm a bit uniformed, or maybe misinformed...or maybe a combo. Dunno. My bad anyways.

Wyrm Warriors

Also, only three out of the thirty characters are actually mine, the rest were created by the community, so its difficult to make the narrative filled with dialog that explores the characters' personalities.

Would it be a bad idea to create a new topic and ask the creators of character-and in the case a creator is absent, someone else- to flesh out a character and perhaps give them a semblance of a backstory, a personality, or at least an archetype for the character to fill?

Chastitas: The Broken Land

I seem to b having a problem entering the manor in the first town everytime I approach it the lead hero keeps turnimg back saying something about the energy of the manor yet that's what I assume is the next target area after talking to the elder is there some glitch I may have triggered that prevents my entering the manor im assuming the manor is the topmost northeastern building next to the holes I had also fought the ttravelerge building din the stora and picked upall the chestsid any of my actions triggers a bug that prevents me from going further or did I miss something that helps me go further I had talked tp the elder twice already or did I miss an item or event can someone tell me what im doing wrong please

Whoa. Um...English please?

Not meaning to be rude; anyway, realize that the version linked to the "Download Now" button is a bit old. There's a large amount of bugs in that one that no longer exist. You could play the "Tester's Version" accessible through the downloads page which is, ironically, public. I do think it jumps past quite a bit, however.

Chastitas: The Broken Land

Aesthetics Update Version 3.1 is now out. Hopefully this one's bug free :D

Chastitas: The Broken Land

I'll have to look at the fish thing. I'll have the bug fix, hopefully with AT LEAST the Cursed Passages finished, out by the end of the week, preferably Friday rather than Sunday.

That's not gonna happen tonight =_=
Unfortunately, my time is a bit limited this weekend, so it won't be out until late Sunday. Sorry.

Edit: Scratch the Weapon and Armor system, that's not gonna be finished for a while >.<
157 weapons and 198 various armor items are gonna take a long time to re-balance.

Chastitas: The Broken Land

Ha! Thanks for fixing those bugs.
I cant believe no one sees that third little "something" on that sprite. I guess it has to be something my computer is funning with. I have a couple of people who looked at it and said it DID look like it needed underwear. Weird.
Also another bug, in the same place, although its a GOOD bug sort. The man will continue to give 2 fish every time.
How soon will you put up the bug fix? I like this.

I'll have to look at the fish thing. I'll have the bug fix, hopefully with AT LEAST the Cursed Passages finished, out by the end of the week, preferably Friday rather than Sunday. I know, I know, my blogs say I wasn't going to let one out until I finished the Passages and the first part of Nairikuno, but if all else fails, I'm at least gonna let the bug fix and Aesthetics update out.

Go ahead and visit the Biographies page and some of the newer screenies to pass the time if you'd like XD

In any case, thanks for all the feedback so far Roy, spotting those bugs I accidentally overlook is a wonderful boon to progress. Keep it up!

Chastitas: The Broken Land

When you enter the oasis in the South East you cant exit. Also inside the oasis, you cant enter the top tent, but the main thing is that when you go into the bottom tent you cant exit that either. I think this was one of the same two bugs from your earlier demo.

Already got that fixed mate. Thanks for the feedback. Anyhow, there's nothing I can do about that "seems to be more than two legs" problem, as it seems to be a matter of personal perspective. Sorry.

Chastitas: The Broken Land

In the beginning...the "apparition of a young girl" needs some underwear.

I don't suppose you'd care to elaborate? I don't see anything wrong with it myself.

Chastitas: The Broken Land

I fear I worded that poorly,
Akai will no longer end the game prematurely. Instead, as was originally intended, he kicks your ass on purpose, and then dialogue and stuff get mixed and you end up kicking Akai's ass.
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