Regrets and Desires

@Luchi-Chan... I mean, @PolarCactus:
Not sure what happened, and it is not my place to know the specifics, but I feel you: fear of failure, fear of disappointment. I know them all to well.
A good laugh for you: I'm catching up to you in age. LOL! ;P

P.S.: Yes, I do ghost off and on a lot on this site, visiting you and BluePeriod from time to time. XD

Blog in an Empty House/The Search For A Battle Coordinator

I wish I could help, but alas I haven't touched RPG Maker since 2013 or 2014. Lots happening. But still working on LOA's story (in written).

The Land Before Blog XVII

As I said, none of your characters are ever empty shells. Great way to develop your world, BluePeriod. :)

The Blog Meridian

Hey BP, the most important thing is not the speed by which you are able to release your game. The most important thing is to finish what you have started and remain consistent with the quality (quality over quantity, you know?). I hope I get to see the new world of Linus soon, though.

Looking back

I remember those days clearly. Always expecting an update from the said projects: Enelysion, Amulet of Athos, LINUS.... I remember to always leave feedback and sharing some ideas with you guys too--and you would do the same for me. Yes, this era has ended, alas; but the drive and creativity has not yet completely disappeared. There are still some people who are willing to give their efforts and make something of good/great quality. Which is one of the main reasons why I disappeared from the rpgmakervx.net and this website for a while: I wanted to restructure Legend of Aldor (LOA)--now called Songs of Aldor--to make it better. So far, I think it's going pretty well, as the story is progressing fairly well and flowing easier (just need to put it into visual, now). But I digress.

When I (seldom) roam here, I still love to see where the projects I have grown to like over the years are faring and how the development is. Did you know I actually rejoiced when I saw that the first part of Enelysion was completed and released? :)

As far as the old website (rpgmakervx.net) goes, you are right in that it has become quite "silent" (for lack of proper term). I dearly miss the old "release a picture (that the game-maker was giving effort into showing something of quality) and get feedback from it." I miss the old "Script has been updated" and the help the people would give. I miss the friendly "competition" as to who would progress faster in making his/her game and releasing it (so to speak). But I digress again.

I am really glad you made it through, even when the times have changed. One thing I could add is that, although there was a great change amongst the developers, you have and should just keep going and make your games for fun. I congratulate you for that. Now that Enelysion: Halcyon Days (EHD) (why am I always thinking it's still called "Red Dawn?") is done, you can finally look back and say "I have made it through. I have done it!" You should be proud of yourself. But instead of leaving it like that and let its essence deteriorate over time, I think you should value it more and more as a relic of your efforts and perseverance. Who cares if there are no more downloads? At least you made yourself and your talents known, yes? ;)

Anyway, that is my rant of the day; and I apologize for the length of it. LOL! You know, from the few years we have spoken together, that I almost never wrote a small amount of words. :P Anyhow, rejoice!

The Princess Blog

So glad to know it is still alive. :)

The new Combat System!

I think that this Battle System fits your game better than the SBS. Good job! :)

Old demo download link

Hey, BluePeriod! Long time! I'm glad LINUS is still striking hard and standing strong in the realm of RPG Maker VX. :)

Should I release a teaser?

People once told me to release a demo when it is fully ready. I think it was and is still wise to do so. Release it in June, so that you may not feel too rushed about anything. :)
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