Kiburi: Hm, it's strange, this line of the script is a comment ...
Can you give me this line when you open the project?
It's strange, the first time I have this error.

Boos405: Thank you very much! :)


The horror happens very quickly for Lise!


Wip of the animation. Learn more about the "QTE" theme for actions: on the skin and the cut-off


Thank you very much for your return, I will answer you chronologically:

1- Thank you very much! It makes me very happy.
2- Thanks again haha;) The game is not zoomed, this is the normal resolution of rpg maker vx ACE.
3- Thanks, for the animations like the introduction, there will be others of this kind!
4- I really try to bring a rich background. The beginnings will really think about Silent Hill but finally, we move away completely.
5- To get bugged, I knew it, it is corrected for the next version.

Thank you very much for your encouragement! I am rather perfectionist in my work so the following should be in the same line, even better;)


Oh really ?! great then. I hope you like the demo. it is short but it presents the style I want to have. Obviously, there will be things that will be added and modified because this demo was designed in 1 month for a French making contest. we had to hurry a little ^^


The English description is translated by google translation, the translation into game will normally be better, being written by a real bilingual person ^^
The way you wrote your sentence seemed ironic.


@Make_it_magiK :
Thank you all for your encouraging comments!
Thank you very much for this beautiful comment, it's warm to the heart!
A translation will be available soon (may be in 1 month, maybe less).

@Frogge :
Thank you so much. I was inspired a lot by Silent Hill but really detached myself from the story. Brought something new and can be surprising ^^
I'm never played games that you quote me, so I could not be inspired ^ ^ (except silent hill obviously).
Thank you so much !

@Bicfarmer :
Do not be pessimistic by saying things you do not know ^^
The translation of the demo will be ready soon (probably 1 month maximum).
And meanwhile, I'm looking for another translator to advance faster!
I am aware that this can be frustrating but I am French and it is normal that I devote myself before on the version of my native language that the reverse.
The advantage for you is that you will always have a versionne improved and corrected via the French returns;)


Thank you very much ! <3


Thank you very much !
Yes, the spherer can be unlocked completely! And I really advise you to do it ... A surprise awaits those who do it !

A Lost Dreamer Review

Thank you very much for this very complete feedback!
In the alpha, it is normal that we do not understand yet the thread of the story, it happens very soon after. This version is here to give a quick "glimpse" of my work on this project. (that the French community has been waiting for quite some time).
For Dr. Prolïds, it is voluntary to do it parraitre directly very cold with Soren, it sows the doubt, because it is so "big" that the player wonders if finally, it hides not something good. And this is my goal: Sowing doubt.
For commas, they are all well used. It is true that the French is rather particular to apprehend for this kind of thing.
Thank you for the gameplay, the prologue is extremely narative but the freedom will come very soon. I try to imagine mini games, riddles, different interactions to make the project alive and enjoyable.
Thanks for the graphics. Some resources were created for the game (the statue at the port and the church at the back of the room, some emblems, symbols and other flourishes.
Thank you for the music. Actually, a lot of sound effect is RTP, which I find, are very good if they are well used. For music, actually, alpha did not have all the music looped. For the next versions, they will all be there.
That you compare my project to these two great rpg touches me enormously! Thank you very much !
An english version will see the light of day besides, my corrector works with it!

Thanks again for this test!
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