Hey! Girl here!


Handwriting Thread!

cursive is for serial killers


What are you thinking about right now?

BACK THE HELL UP!!! (don't play this video if you've never played Barkley)

i ignored this warning and now i am at a loss for words

Handwriting Thread!

featuring a self portrait of my ugly mug

if you can decode it you win a prize


mrlgbrlgl to desire a mrlglblflgrbl of dbz vhs tapes to have a frlglblrmflrgl

Handwriting Thread!

theres my handwriting

What are you thinking about right now?

did a chrome update increase the speed of animated gifs

that guy is getting shot faster now

Random Art Topic

relax its just a period i am allowed to have periods

nice use of red joseph very stylistic

Random Art Topic

Art Fart

wow i like it very nice rendering but are you sure there are enough glowing bits

the face is a little too long i think even by anime standards it makes the head look super large in comp. to the body

New MacBook Pros

I personally buy apple for final cut pro

cant you install a mac os onto a pc or is that not allowed by apple ;(

seems a bit silly to spend exorbitant amounts of $$$ on dated hardware just for 1 program (you can use ps cs5 on windows)