Advice on this please

claim is suspect anyway the picture is at most only 3/4 mspaint

Advice on this please

mspaint more like mspain

Hilarous pictures

goodbye moronic stuff

well hur-fucking-rah then

nah jk

What are you thinking about right now?



Advice on this please

if you are awesome then ms paint will be awesome with you

Great Purge III

blam blam w/e

who cares

Upcoming RMN Updates (01/24/2011)

The only thing I'm worried about is the art thread since I like them away from any other stuff that would make it hard for me to find such art threads but we'll see how it goes! :D

the obvious solution is another forum-to-thread transformation

*envisions the new offtopic forum submerged under a thick layer of huge one-purpose ex-forum threads*

post your picture

Oh, and in the interest of staying on topic:

i am falling for your eyebrows

Submission Query

just take 3 screenshots of the text game and say it is a text game its not really that "absurd"

unless your game has been denied already this all seems pretty pointless