Museum (Musée de Cire)
An unforgettable journey is waiting for you...




its like a ream world! :D i would love to go there!

I'm not sure that will be happy to be there. Evil doll will be chasing you :p

Yup. That's really pretty, but some of the tiles seem a little sharp compared to the other blurry ones. :P

You're right, that's my photoshop's manipulations that create this effect. Anyway, I'm gonna keep it :p (don't wanna do this map again ^^ )

Garden... A dark path...

indeed,and it will be nice to experience something without TBB. devs be lazy when they rely on that to extend a game >.> and it just lowers the value of it when done too much.

shay, what's TBB? (i use to speak french, i don't know every Abbreviations ^^)

Museum (Musée de Cire)

I feel like I should've been able to find it myself.^^
Personally I'd advice to get a composer on board since this would give the game more individuality and he/she would be able to make pieces which match the situations perfectly (provided that the composer is good of course). But mogeko uses publicly available music too and the games are still great, so I guess it depends on your preferences. Either way I like the pieces that you've chosen for the game!

I would like to find one, but it's not easy to find ^^
I'm gonna think about it, and see what is possible to do.
Thank you for this good piece of advice.

Museum (Musée de Cire)

I'm looking forward to the release! I'm pretty sure that this game is right up my alley since I love these kind of settings.
Since music is a big factor for me in video games I wanted to ask what kind of pieces you're planning to use (from a specific composer in your team if you have one for example or are you planning to get those from sites where you can get 'em for free (which would make me sad btw ;_;)).

Hi Fulminis!
Thank u for your comment.
If you go to the media sections, you'll find some pieces used in my OST. They, sadly, aren't composed by me. I'll also use some pieces bought especially for the game.

I'm alone on the project, and even if i can play some musics on piano, I have not the talent of a composer. So, I try to find what I need on the net. ^^

Museum (Musée de Cire)

I'm excited to try it out! (and brace myself for the jumpscares lol)

Thank u! I hope y'll have fun with it :)

Will it be downloadable soon? or how can i play it o3o

Demo is not yet available, you'll have to wait a little more to try it :p

Let's discover the Greenhouse

:3 it looks so beautiful :3 i wonder if anyone else thinks the visual feel is off for horror tho. :3
it looks so serene and comfortable.
perhaps a maid simulator? :3

Thank you shayoko :)

The whole game won't be horrible and dark. Players have to relax a little during the game :p (i need to keep them alive until the end :p)

Be sure to find some darker and spookier map in Museum (with only a little light )


God these screenshots get better every second

Thank you so much Frogge! You're adorable!


It looks so Fran Bow like omfg...

Hi Frogge!

I don't know what Fran Bow is, but i'm gonna take a loot at it tonight! ^^

Museum (Musée de Cire)

Looks great! :)

Thank you :) I hope you'll like it

Menu customized in MV

Looks awesome!

Thank you ^^