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Fishing Minigame 2
(actual fishing minigame not included)




Just....Just finished it.

what. a. ride.

Expect a glowing review (and a PM with final questions) hopefully in not too much time. I am sincerely sorry you had to wait at all. Because, everyone who has the emotional fortitude to handle a story this dark NEEDS to experience it.

I'm glad you liked it, I just got around to answering your PM! If you liked the dark tone I recommend checking out the Drakengard/Nier games, because the mood of those games were a big inspiration for Slimes!

[RMVX ACE] Help trying to figure out boss gimmick

Sorry for doubleposting, but I think this thread could just be closed now. I discovered this odd issue in that using a switch condition in the battle events to get the boss to revive enemies, it actually uses it the turn after ie. 7. As a result of this weird thing, the boss only revived minions on the turn before it uses cannibalize. So I ended up moving the revive into the battle events instead of leaving it in the move list. It does kinda expose how rude the initial pattern was in terms of fairness.

[RMVX ACE] Help trying to figure out boss gimmick

So, this is how the cannibalize skill is set up. It targets one ally and because I'm paranoid of the boss Eating Itself, I put conditional branches to check to see if each minion is alive before it uses the skill. That said, I've tried a test run without the conditional branches and the results are the same. I could try recording a video to give a better visualization of what's going on, if that would help.

[RMVX ACE] Help trying to figure out boss gimmick

Howdy, so, I'm trying to figure out how to make the gimmick of this boss work. The thing with it is that every few turns, it'll eat all the currently living minions to heal, and a few turns later, it's supposed to revive all of them. I've set this system up through the troop event pages because I don't know how to implement this cannibalize skill without having the boss target itself.

To be more specific, the boss revives its minions on turns 6+5x?. In the event page, the boss uses cannibalize on turns 3+5x?.

The problem is that the boss seems to be ignoring the turn condition on the event pages, because immediately after its minions are revived, the cannibalize event page runs. I have no idea what's wrong and I'd like to know how to get this gimmick working right. Ideally it'd be nice to know how to set it up in the skill set without having the boss target itself.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

I haven't really shown off progress on here before, so here's some third stratum stuff from my game, Slimes.

Also ooh, I really like your art style, orange!

Year-End 2019 Misao Discussion.

I was looking forward to the end-of-year Misaos to figure out what kinda stuff to check out and I was pleasantly surprised to see Slimes up here! I'm grateful that you guys think it's worth an award, and I hope y'all liked the second demo!

I particularly can't wait to check out Dead Again and No Delivery, those games look cool!


There is a funny bug, where if you talk to the tile in front of priest-slime in the church-like floor, a dialogue will trigger. After the dialogue ends, no battle starts.
-if you have killed all slimes but the priest, you get a reward for completing the floor
-if you have killed the priest, the dialogue still triggers.

When you complete a fight, you should automatically get your ammo reloaded (you can do it in the menu, but it is annoying).

It is possible to use healer to build 100 focus during a battle and then heal from menu (outside of battle) everyone. You have infinite uses of safe rooms, so technically, you can recover after each fight (but it would be annoying). If you remove infinite uses of safe rooms, player might find himself in an unwinnable situation. So, I have a suggestion about the battle system:
after each battle, party fully recovers, reloads ammo and healer's focus is set to 20. Encounters become harder, but from each floor, ~1 encounter is removed.

Another issue is the fact, that the majority of skills you gain are useless. I used only shogun, pistol, take aim, heal, heal all (rarely), concentrate, bleeding slash, clean strike. Nothing else is needed. I have several suggestions on how to make certain fights more difficult and to require the usage of certain skills to be beaten. If you are interested, feel free to PM me.

Thanks for letting me know about that bug! That encounter originally started by approaching the priest from the front but I guess I forgot to remove that.

I've actually received feedback before on reloading the guns, but I choose to stand by it. I'm basing it on my experiences with shooters in that you have to remember to always keep your gun loaded, or else you're screwed over in an actual fight. It's an experience that I kinda want to carry over.

So about using Healer to build Focus, I actually introduced the Rage status ailment to punish players that stall to restore focus. If that's still an issue, I guess I'll have to buff that?

On the issue with skills, it ties back into the rage thing. Enemies throwing out buffs and debuffs are meant to encourage you to use your own buffs and skills to counter that. Unless you have other ideas, I'm thinking I should make those enemy ailments stronger to push you to using other skills.


Hey Darken, thanks for all the feedback!

I mainly added the difficulty modifiers because I was concerned about players that could have a hard time; though I guess the problem is, as somebody that can play through the game perfectly fine, it's hard to judge how much those difficulty modifiers are actually needed.

I guess my thing with the exposition is that I feel that I needed to tell more in the demo. In the full game I'd have the exposition spread out so that Julius doesn't just tell Healer what the deal is with him, but you're right in that I could have left stuff out for the sake of mystery.

And jeez yeah I really need to re-work the boss. My playtesters had an issue with it but I liked having enemies around to heal, but now that I have a third major opinion, it's best to do away with them entirely.

I'm glad that you do like some parts of the game and I'll work on improving everything else!

Wrote a thing on the Misaos

Neat write-up!
Have you thought about submitting it as an article to the site?
Hey, It was a pleasure to read your article. Pls, publish it here.

Alright, yeah, I've been thinking about publishing this and my RPG Maker preservation and John Clowder articles here.

Wrote a thing on the Misaos

I hope that everything I wrote is accurate! I was originally going to write a brief history sort of thing, but I ended up diving into prominent Misao winners and even then I still feel that there's way more to ramble about.
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