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Hand of the Goddess


I've been meaning to post in this but 2023 is starting off crazy and this keeps slipping my mind.

Hand of the Goddess game was nominated for the 2022 Misao's for:

Excellence in Narrative
The project you think is most effective at telling its story. Think in terms of its presentation, writing, clarity, cutscene direction, or Shyamalan twists.

Summoner of Sounds
The best soundtrack and creative use of sound.

Sleeping Beetle Ninja.
The best game that has a low amount (150~) of downloads
(currently 61 as of this posting).

Game of the Year.
The absolute best game you played from RMN for the current year.

scitydreams is a really talented writer.

I played the demo for slimes back in 2019. The writing just leapt off the page. scitydreams has this real talent, for not only for creating these unique worlds, but these really interesting, complex and incredibly conflicting, characters - I've been here since 2007, and I had not read anything like it. scitydream's stuff is a real page turner and it's the type of writing that SHOULD be in rpgmaker games.

Super disappointed that Slimes didn't win. I'm going to be very upset if Hand of the Goddess doesn't win Excellent in Narrative for 2022.
I'm posting this here, simply because, I'm gonna feel terrible, if I didn't at least try to tell everyone about scitydreamer's writing this year.

it's really really good. It's really fucking good!™

thank you, your kind words gives me power

Decay Review

Thank you for playing, and I'm glad you like the cursed vibes.

A Gang of Weirdos Review

Grateful for the review! I honestly never expected this game to get revisited, but I'm glad you found value in this.

Old/Lost RpgMaker Games - SegNin's Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

You can find it here.
I remember of a web (flash ?) game that emulated the first game.

Also, scitydreamer published Vaporwave Simulator.

Yeah, I only have it posted to itch because the game's mapping does not meet this site's standards, and well, I can't exactly fix that.

Old/Lost RpgMaker Games - SegNin's Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Hey, so update, I actually managed to track down the original creator and talked to them over tumblr! I guess you can expect Vaporwave Simulator to be up here.

Old/Lost RpgMaker Games - SegNin's Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Here's some screenshots I posted on Twitter. It's not likely to be a prototype, because this is a game with an actual story as opposed to the solely exploration based game on Steam. I also tried looking through the game files to see if there's any attribution, but there's only credit given to resources used. Along with the screenshots, I'm putting a screen of the readme that came with the game:

Old/Lost RpgMaker Games - SegNin's Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Howdy, does anyone know about a game called Vaporwave Simulator? I was recently uploading stuff to my dropbox when I found a copy of the game on there. It released back in 2016 and it's attributed to a tumblr link that no longer exists. What further mystifies me is that there's no creator attributed to it (as far as I can find) besides the game's own old tumblr. I'm planning on uploading this thing on here and itch, but I'd want to know who originally created it to give more proper credit.


Just....Just finished it.

what. a. ride.

Expect a glowing review (and a PM with final questions) hopefully in not too much time. I am sincerely sorry you had to wait at all. Because, everyone who has the emotional fortitude to handle a story this dark NEEDS to experience it.

I'm glad you liked it, I just got around to answering your PM! If you liked the dark tone I recommend checking out the Drakengard/Nier games, because the mood of those games were a big inspiration for Slimes!

[RMVX ACE] Help trying to figure out boss gimmick

Sorry for doubleposting, but I think this thread could just be closed now. I discovered this odd issue in that using a switch condition in the battle events to get the boss to revive enemies, it actually uses it the turn after ie. 7. As a result of this weird thing, the boss only revived minions on the turn before it uses cannibalize. So I ended up moving the revive into the battle events instead of leaving it in the move list. It does kinda expose how rude the initial pattern was in terms of fairness.

[RMVX ACE] Help trying to figure out boss gimmick

So, this is how the cannibalize skill is set up. It targets one ally and because I'm paranoid of the boss Eating Itself, I put conditional branches to check to see if each minion is alive before it uses the skill. That said, I've tried a test run without the conditional branches and the results are the same. I could try recording a video to give a better visualization of what's going on, if that would help.
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