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Fishing Minigame 2
(actual fishing minigame not included)




Hey Darken, thanks for all the feedback!

I mainly added the difficulty modifiers because I was concerned about players that could have a hard time; though I guess the problem is, as somebody that can play through the game perfectly fine, it's hard to judge how much those difficulty modifiers are actually needed.

I guess my thing with the exposition is that I feel that I needed to tell more in the demo. In the full game I'd have the exposition spread out so that Julius doesn't just tell Healer what the deal is with him, but you're right in that I could have left stuff out for the sake of mystery.

And jeez yeah I really need to re-work the boss. My playtesters had an issue with it but I liked having enemies around to heal, but now that I have a third major opinion, it's best to do away with them entirely.

I'm glad that you do like some parts of the game and I'll work on improving everything else!

Wrote a thing on the Misaos

Neat write-up!
Have you thought about submitting it as an article to the site?
Hey, It was a pleasure to read your article. Pls, publish it here.

Alright, yeah, I've been thinking about publishing this and my RPG Maker preservation and John Clowder articles here.

Wrote a thing on the Misaos

I hope that everything I wrote is accurate! I was originally going to write a brief history sort of thing, but I ended up diving into prominent Misao winners and even then I still feel that there's way more to ramble about.

thecatamite's Dictionary to the Known World and early RPG Maker culture

Forgive me, I'm not sure if this fits in here or "What's Happening in Game Make."

Thecatamites makes a bunch of small-scale games but in this sphere you probably know him for making Space Funeral. A few days ago, he published this long thing about his experiences in RPG Maker culture. As somebody interested in early RPG Maker culture (I even wrote a thing about RPG Maker game preservation for my blog), I think it's a fun read and wanted to share it.

Reading it kinda has me wondering what other people's experiences were with early RPG Maker culture, as I wasn't really around for the early stuff.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

I'm currently trying to make a short RPG and I'm aiming to mainly use three colors for the whole thing. I recognize the battleback needs work but I wanted to show some progress.

Say, does anyone know how to remove the nametags in the battle menu, while I'm here?

Fishing Minigame 2 Review

Thanks for the review and I apologize if you expected an actual fishing minigame!

Also dang an 8-Bit Theater reference, that takes me back.

To Crime Nirvana Review

I'm glad that you had a good time and I get your criticisms - and also I'm grateful that you caught that the rollerblading poster is a reference to Paranoia Agent. Really need to watch that again.

[Review Request]

Name: Fishing Minigame 2
Link: Your text to link here...
Status: Complete
Genre: Adventure/Visual Novel
Estimated length: 1-2 hours
Small description: A JRPG heroine decides to ignore her main quest to go fishing.
Special requests: I'd recommend checking out Fishing Minigame 1 first beforehand since it's a few minutes long, but it's not necessary

I Would Like To Review Some Games That Haven't Been Reviewed

Oh jeez, I was popping into the forum to ask if anyone could review Fishing Minigame 2 and I was surprised to see this!

So, the whole thing about trying to attain Crime Nirvana is actually inspired by Digital Devil Saga. The whole thing about that game is that you're leading a gang that's in a turf war with all these other gangs in a place called the Junkyard and the only one left standing gets to ascend to Nirvana. We were not sure how to properly execute the end game, but hopefully you liked that last fight, at the very least.

On the tone of the game, we were actually trying to go for a general silly tone, sort of like the more campy Batman stuff and didn't really intend to be super serious, so it's a world where our gay couple MCs get to live in peace. Also, trust me, I really wanted to put cursing in the game's script, but that was not allowed. Like, the DJ's table used to say "get fucked" but we regrettably had to change it.

I have to say though, uhhh, basically saying that our game isn't homophobic enough isn't exactly a normal criticism. I wanted to reply to this earlier but it just kinda leaves a bad taste in my mouth, if I have to be honest. Aside from all that though, I'm glad that you had a good time and I'm flattered that you consider it more deserving attention.

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of gam mak?

My least favorite parts are making character sets. Those have always been a weak area for me, especially if I need to make a bunch of NPCs.

My favorite parts though are putting maps together. It feels like putting together a puzzle, designing the looks of the map and placing events down to make a nice concrete whole.
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