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WWWOOOO! I wanna learn!

I remember jumping into RPG Maker 95 back in the day with practically no information. I don't think I made anything that amounted to much with it, though. At least I completed a game in 2K, though it was pretty bad. I tried Sphere (Darigaaz, I tried to make everything from scratch when I tried this engine. It was a pretty terrible experience.) and maybe some other engines (Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures, anyone?) before going back to RPG Maker, now in it's XP iteration. I made, like, four games with that, but only one has made it to this day with any amount of success. Even then, it was re-made in VX. Speaking of, VX had a pretty rough start, but I think I did okay. Though, maybe you could say the same for VX Ace?

Too-long-didn't-read version: Build up your skill-set. Sticking with a program really helps, though.

....Do you know Valkyrie Profile on PSX?

Need service in making game?

WOW! Sounds fun!

I am not big fan of pokemon, but i like doing moster artworks!
Maybe an original game?

Where should we start?

Fixed camera 3D game?

sorry, wrong place to post

Fixed camera 3D game?

...I don't have an experience but how to make a 3d game like final fantasy 7?
Fixed camera on 2D plane, 3D during fights?

I will try and pick any programming language you suggest.
Format i prefer will be PC.




Need service in making game?

Woohohoho! pplz!

Yea, as Marrend said, maybe it feels a little bit like recruitment thread??
I should probably try out your games first!
Come post your games! Marrend too!

LikeHeyItsMark, sure, can i see your game?
I am working on some pokemon game elsewhere too, artist only.
I want to try making systems though.

WWWOOOO! I wanna learn!

Wha, wha. Sorry, i hadtoo much *burp* mountain dew... *burp* last night.
Right travio

How do you type.

GOurd clae! Travio! Nice to meet you!

Maybe it's bad for me to just come and place my foot,
Can i try out your favorite game?

As where to start, i wanna learn how to make system like breath of fire 4, isometric. Keeps the art readable, while not going overboard...

Either that or Mugen.

But i have 0 knowledge on everything. Orz
If you have ongoing project, i'd love to help!

Need service in making game?

I'd be glad to help depending on what RPGMaker version you are using (XP, VX, VX Ace, etc.)

By the way, you are a very talented artist.

Oh and thanks! I don't know who you are, but if you can tell how good someone as an artist, i think you might just be a good artist yourself. :D

And snowowl make some creepy stuff right there.

Need service in making game?

LikeHeyItsMark! SnowOwl!
Thanks for stopping bye!

I don't have a system of preference yet.
Really, really new in this... Once used RPGMAKERXP but failed.

i wanna learn ruby and make my first isometric 2D game. Very short intro of sorts.
Is it hard?

If you have a game you want me to help complete, i'm down for it!

WWWOOOO! I wanna learn!

Hello Alex here!

I like learning stuffs!
Anyone need good art and free service on cleaning up code in exchange of,
well, teaching me everything about game making on rpg?


Nice to meet you all!