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Is it ready use? I'd love to make something to promote it. And experiment with my own works.

Adventure Ace

WOW. Just. Gonna play this too!

Help Me (And You) Draft Up A Design Outline (fo' yo gamez)

Title > Objective of the game > Rules and limitation > Rewards and penalty > elaborate from here...

I don't know where narrative falls into though.

Game design document should works like lab reports... i think.

Free music for non-commercial projects (and more)

wow, i wish i can play some music! Welcome!

Fixed camera 3D game?

Hey Sam! Wonderful engine! You are way beyond me. While it's not precisely what i have in mind, but can you drop me an email at ?
I'll get back to you :)

Fixed camera 3D game?

i have 3Dsmax.
What else to do

Nice website btw. :D

Need service in making game?

Well, Marrend... i think that doesn't count since it's cancelled. :D

And Mark, what's your email?

Need service in making game?

Do you still have an RPXM engine available for use?

Um, No?
I just acquired free version of Game maker and Mugen.

Okay, it seems to be the only game with no review!
How come?
I can't seem to find the battle system screenshot too.
I think i will grab sometime and play it this weekend.

WWWOOOO! I wanna learn!

Well, in recently found a website that teaches Ruby "the hard way"...
The course is free and seem trustable...
Anyone wants to learn with me as we make game together?

Man, i really know nothing about any programming language.
I read that C++ is the hardest, and Ruby is ... Fun?
Or should i try picking Java?

@Marrend Why does that sounds fun? ahahhaha

@Travio I want to, WASTE alot of time... And i saw one of your game.
Pretty much what i wanted to do back then, Suikoden-esque.
I heard this one Japanese designer make a single game on his own, and all the iterations by himself... The game is well loved, and most of all, that is one hell of a toy to own!

@Kentona, That's a double edged sword. I can't finish anything too these days...
I saw your articles and going through them now one by one!
DO you make living as a game programmer or something? :D

WWWOOOO! I wanna learn!

Nothing. Just asking.

Do you know any programming language?