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Twisted baubles replace my brain and I am toxic yet nice. There's a lot to me, but also not a lot going on up there, they say. PM me because I love attention, I do interviews, I do reviews, I do stuff. Here for the long haul. Gotta hustle.

I'm working on whatever I'm working on, and I love RPG Maker games that aren't traditional RPGs. Puzzlers, interactive stories, but nothing too abstract that'll weird me out. Just give me a polished gem and I'll stare at it for days, marveling at the way the light reflects just right, inner inflections, potato top pie.

I want to make games with you.



2014 "Official" Misao Predictions/Discussion Thread

Yeah, for the initial list I just compiled the well-reviewed and popular titles with a game page created in 2014. Then I've been adding titles that people have been suggesting, mostly those who began development in other years but were released in this one. It was a pretty shoddy process but if you want to suggest some games, feel free and I'll probably add them.

"I Based the Main Character on Myself."

I think Solitayre hit the nail on the head. Very well articulated.

2014 "Official" Misao Predictions/Discussion Thread

Oh, I managed to make the list. That's nice. :3
Congrats. I didn't, but a screenshot of my game did for some reason.


Oh, somehow I screwed up the names and the pictures. Both Farmyard Chronicle and Age of Deliverance were supposed to be on the list, but I mixed up the names and images, and overwrote the link. It's fixed now.

Talk in Screenshots

The ^ < v game

^ Lies often! I have seen *two* James Bond movies.

< Actually doesn't know what he's talking about, because he thought that Alpha said he would use uppercase V instead of the person below him. and thus this person was the one who didn't use uppercase V because he's an idiot and that would have been perfect. but doesn't want to edit it, because of authenticity reasons.

v hopefully isn't as dumb as the person above him (to clarify, that is me)

The ^ < v game

^ meant "lowercase V" instead of uppercase, because they actually used a lowercase V

< knows that someone can keep completely still and yet still live

v might be alphaomega247 rebutting some of my comments, or alphaomega247 not rebutting, or someone completely different

2014 "Official" Misao Predictions/Discussion Thread

Oh, and, BTW, you can add some of these other, fine choices to the list:



Thanks! They have been added.

Also, I added a category I missed out on earlier:

Most Promising Demo - Luxaren Allure

Love this game, it is so balanced and it's everything a good RPG should be. It's being upgraded with fantastic art and it's absolutely well-designed by a frequent user on these forums. A surprise hit.

2014 "Official" Misao Predictions/Discussion Thread

I think RMN just trusts the community to use the honour system with that judgement. Besides, I doubt that, even if they could, people would vote Pom in this year...

OK, maybe they'd vote Pom in this year. But I don't think Me-Patra is going to touch Pom again. I get the feeling she doesn't like the flak she received for making it.

2014 "Official" Misao Predictions/Discussion Thread

I think you could consider adding Fleuret Blanc and Exeunt Omnes to the list of Notable Entries.

By the way, I think you forgot the "Most Promising Demo" category in the list of your own suggestions.

Thanks for pointing that out. I added those things.

Edit:And of course, how could I forget In Search of Immortality?!

That was completed in 2013, I'm afraid. ;)


Can anyone think of any good demos?


Benny, your list is a personal one, but is there an official list of who the current nominees are? I mean some of the one's I've nominated aren't on your list so I know it's not comprehensive. The Misao tab says there is currently 785 nominations, but I'm assuming that is across all categories and included multiples of the same game.

You can nominate any game for a Misao. But I've just tried to get the most prominent ones. Feel free to suggest new ones as we go, I'll add them.

For example my most promising demo in my personal list is Deimos, simply because I really like the concept, the game itself still needs some work but I like the idea behind it and am really interested to see where the developer takes it, that is followed closely by Radiant Chain, which is much more professional and polished but is a collaborative effort so I may be waiting a while before I get to see the end of the story which intrigues me no end.

OK I'll add both of those.

2014 "Official" Misao Predictions/Discussion Thread

Who I think should win the Misaos:

Best Storytelling and Direction - Unraveled.

In terms of Unraveled telling a story through bold surreal imagery about a girl in a ship breaking yard, I believe the game succeeds in showing rather than telling. The thought provoking imagery coupled with the hopeless yet relatable plight of the lead character caused Unraveled to tug on my feelings, hard.

Best Characters - Sunken Spire

Indrah and Fomar pair up with MakioKuta and Rachael to create an engaging game with fun characterization.

Best Setting - It Moves.

This game lives or dies on the basis of its settings, and It Moves has plenty of beautiful yet terrifying dreamscapes through which you must travel.

Best Atmosphere - It Moves, or Dreaming Mary.

Both of these games crafted a relentlessly dark atmosphere that makes the player feel in a constant state of unease. But they accomplish this through two entirely different ways, yet both kept me creeped out throughout the entire thing.

Best Graphics & Artwork - Oneshot, It Moves, Unraveled, or Dreaming Mary.

I can't even decide. All these games are exquisite.

Best Sound & Music - Dreaming Mary.

I'm not sure this can be beat in terms of sound design. It Moves was close, but Dreaming Mary's use of creepy vocals echoing through the radio and other indistinct groans throughout keep you on edge.

Most Technical Prowess - World's Dawn or Shippu la Senpu.

It takes a lot of technical prowess to be able to create a full Harvest Moon-like game, with all the robust features involved, but also in Shippu la Senpu's case having Yami script the shmup engine is a huge undertaking as well.

Best Level/Dungeon/Puzzle Design - Oneshot.

Worlds and levels within Oneshot are structured non-linearly, causing the player to be in a sort of freely explorable world that gives rewards in random turns. The design of Oneshot's world is one to be admired, if only for its unconventional structure.

Best Gameplay Mechanics - World's Dawn.

World's Dawn features a host of gameplay systems that merge together nicely. Last Word isn't far behind, simply for the originality of the concept and the new system that is being employed.

Best Interface Design - Unraveled.

The menus are professional, the UI is polished to near perfection, just as is almost everything else in this game. Very nice.

Most Promising Demo - Luxaren Allure

Love this game, it is so balanced and it's everything a good RPG should be. It's being upgraded with fantastic art and it's absolutely well-designed by a frequent user on these forums. A surprise hit.

Best Non-RPG - It Moves

Or Oneshot or Dreaming Mary. It's very hard to decide. But It Moves felt like the most compelling experience start-to-finish in the end.

Game Of The Year - Unraveled.

Unraveled is the most beautiful RPG Maker game I have ever played. The reason why it didn't top the majority of these categories, is because it is the sum of its parts - every quality of this game may not be the best in its genre, but it is so polished and so good in very many of the areas that count, that the full package constitutes as nothing more than fantastic. Thoroughly recommended. Other options would be It Moves or Dreaming Mary.