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Series Master! Part 11- Matsumori with Marrend
Exploring Marrend's trilogy of games.
02/28/2013 11:52 PM
Series Master! Part 10- Reconstruction with Deltree
Reconstruction, I Miss The Sunrise, and The Drop
02/17/2013 10:35 PM
Series Master! Part 8 Befuddle Quest with kentona
Dive into RMN's community game series!
02/03/2013 09:49 PM
Series Master! Part 7- Infinity with Nick
Exploring the open-world series, INFINITY!
01/28/2013 12:21 AM
Series Master! Part 6- Dooms with Mister Big T
Mister Big T. Dooms Series. 'Nuff said.
01/20/2013 11:34 PM
Series Master! Part 5- One Night with Dark Gaia
Exploring the One Night series!
01/14/2013 11:37 PM
Series Master! Part 4- Magequest with Davenport
A look into the Magequest trilogy.
01/08/2013 11:26 PM
Series Master! Part 3- Dragon Fantasy with Ephiam
Exploring the Dragon Fantasy series
01/02/2013 01:11 AM
Series Master! Part 2- Pokemon Hunter with Halibabica
Examining the Pokemon Hunter series in-depth!
12/26/2012 11:00 PM
Series Master! Part 1- Under World with Moam
An interview series with creators of RM game franchises all of their own!
12/20/2012 01:10 AM
Sound Design Improves Everything
Just a quick read on my thoughts about sound design
09/03/2012 03:24 PM
Tag-Team Battling I
Balancing your game through the Tag-Team battle system, and how to balance characters.
09/01/2012 07:13 PM
Design & Beauty: A Look At Art Direction
Black guy found writing.
08/17/2012 08:09 AM
Using Enemy Attack Patterns
Attack patterns and why you should learn to love them
07/26/2012 09:43 PM
Selecting the right medium: Intrinsically motivated work
A look at analying one's creative work / goals and selecting the best medium.
05/02/2012 05:22 PM
Misanthropic Mechanics -or- Finding your game's Core
Do you really need to add another fishing mini-game?
02/28/2012 09:42 PM
Making Random Encounters More Bearable
Not a fix-all solution, but some notable pointers
01/25/2012 11:36 AM
Mapping Tutorial - Dungeon Hall
Another step-by-step visual guide toward basic mapping approaches.
01/24/2012 06:56 AM
Mapping Tutorial - Meadow
A visual simple step-by-step example of fundamental map design.
01/17/2012 06:01 AM
Reviewing for Dummies
Guidelines for reviewing games
11/28/2011 10:55 AM

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