Halloween has come again and this time we let you guys pick the theme.

Fairy Tales are often stories told to give children a moralistic lesson. In and of themselves they can be pretty scary, but they tend to end happily or are resolved in a way that good triumphs in some way.

For this event you are being tasked with taking some of those Fairy Tales that you grew up with and giving them dark twists. From Little Red Riding Hood to Sleeping Beauty to Jack and the Beanstalk, any Fairy Tale is pickable. You can even smush a few together if you like!

- Games must be new - not an old game that you're finishing off - and should have been started after the event starting date. They must abide by site rules and be at least 10 minutes long.
- Submit a gamepage before the end of the event. It must abide by site rules and standards. Upload your game to your gamepage then submit via this event page.
- Team-ups are available.
- You may have more than one entry (in case you want to team up for one game with someone and make your own as well).
- You may pick any Fairy Tale you like, from anywhere in the world - it just has to be recognisable as that story when presented in the game.*
- Start Date: 1st of October
- End date: Midnight of 31st October - SITE TIME! (Remember to change your hourly offset in Settings so you have the right time show up on the page!)

There are three badges up for grabs.
- The Shattered Slipper: 50 MS for a completed game.
- The Bloody Apple: 10 MS for a demo.
- The Bone-filled Oven: 50 MS for being picked by our judge, LockeZ, as the best of the bunch. (Only complete games will be judged!)

"- You may pick any Fairy Tale you like, from anywhere in the world - it just has to be recognisable as that story when presented in the game."
That is, having a story based on little red riding hood and it being about a girl called Ridley who goes to school and kills all her friends... well, it might have inspired something of the plot (maybe) but it's not recognisable as such. But a girl who gets convicted of killing her grandmother and runs to hide in the woods where she meets a down-and-out lawyer called Wolfe who tries to help her but finds out that she has a second personality called Cutter who likes to, well, axe questions... that is recognisable as being based in said Fairy Tale.


  • 10/01/2018 12:00 AM
  • 11/01/2018 12:59 AM
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Teams Members Entry
Let's murder your childhood-open to team ups.
Team Happy Skull
Team Cult Sect
Once Upon A Nightmare
Team Fran&Umi
Time to ruin a happy end
Spoopy Faery Attack
Grindalf Games
The Real Horror is Me Inevitably Dropping Out
Team Starry Horizons
The Peach Wasn't Enough (Izanagi/Izanami)
Am I doing this right?
Golden Cucumber
yo sup here
The Frog Prince
I'm a Charon fan (free to join)
Team Dragon
Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil...
Hansel and Gretel beating dead esbys?
The Hooded Girl Who Cried Wolf
Link Kills Red Riding Hood
sure why not
i am not a coward, see I added Caz
Working with Fairy Tales
Team Sleep
Twisted Fairy Tale
We got bugs in here
The true tale of Sleeping Beauty
Team ESBY ESfixedBY
Team Too Many Good Stories To Pick From
This isn't where I parked my car...
Team Ghost Story
Team Scream 2
OH MAN I REALLY HOPE I WILL FINISH THIS- i'm never going to finish a game ever again in my life, am i?
Team Deep
I'm Making Cope Island Instead But What The
Let's kill everyone!
The Snow Queen
Baba Yaga Eats a Burger
Little Daylight
Glass Slipper
the boy who questioned wolf
Crimson Dream
I'll SEA what I can do
Hansel and Gret-evil
I'm Not (un)Dead Yet
A Lovely Pot
hoots mon!
I don't have time for this, and I'm doomed, so whatever. At this point I'm just going for the longest team name possible without
Killerella: A twisted Cinderella Story
Why are all you fairy tale children getting lost in forests and hallucinating about animals that can talk?
Shinwa Ep.2 the naked king
Sam's Solo Struggle
Rapunzel but not really
Bread House
Fitcher's Bird
The Fisherman and his Soul
sleeper squad


I demand a recount!

Seriously though, thanks for playing all the games even if they weren't all recorded.
We are very happy and honored to hear that you had fun with the RPG that Berry and I did for this event, LockeZ! ^_^ And yeah, I do admit that it kinda delayed a bit on the horror/dark stuff haha! XD :D What Berry said pretty sums up my thoughts here as well! ^_^ <3

Btw, congratulations to Darken for winning this event, and to all who participated with their awesome projects! <3
Congratulations Darken for a well-deserved victory! (One of these days I'll beat Nemoral, but until then I must Git Gud as the youth say, even easy mode is too hard for me;;;)

Thank you for putting together this event and playing through the games, and also for the small mention! I'm glad my game could deliver something, even if it was pretty rushed in the end.