Well, I've completed 1/4th of my tasks for the week. Though, I still have plenty of time to work on episodes for Blue Skies, Zoids Whisper, and Luxaren Allure.
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Sorry for taking so long to update this thread. Everything should be in order again now. But I'm glad to see there's been so much productivity going on in the meantime. Well done! i'm very impressed by all the creative work displayed here.

Now I only need to stop wasting time on nonsense myself and start working on my goals as well. Procrastination hit me hard during the last few days. I might need some encouragement here...

I feel you, my friend. I have the unhealthy habit of finishing work at the last minute as well, and it's always unnecessarily stressful. In order to make it a little more manageable for you, I readded your goal to the list starting July 1st, so that you don't get into the awkward situation of finishing a goal between two goal phases. Good luck, I really hope you make it in time for the contest!

Congratulations! You have finished your fourth goal and will receive the Anti-Procrastination Pro achievement at the end of this event. Great work, you've been incredibly active this whole time! I hope being "technically" done now won't stop you from continuing to participate, though.

Fantastic job, Corfaisus! You, too, have finished your fourth goal, and a very impressive-looking one, at that. Congratulations! You've secured the achievement for yourself. Keep up the great work!

I'm glad you find this thread to be motivating. That was exactly the intention, so it's good to hear it seems to work out. And I agree, it's very encouraging to see so many people work on so many awesome projects.
As for your question, don't worry. If you are looking to acquire the achievement, the amount of goals you at least want to aim for is 4. However, it's never a bad thing to try for more. And in the same way, it's not a tragedy if someone doesn't quite get there. Even just a few completed goals are progress, and that's what really counts. But either way, with the event being a little over halfway done, I think you're on the safe side with your 3 goals completed already. Just keep up the good work.
For my next goal, I will do it again:

GOAL 3: Make/Edit 3 Monsters sprites and 3 Character sprites
Goal 5 Complete

Sent NeverSilent a pm with evidence. It should be good enough.

Goal 6

To play through all of Three Ghostly Roses, polishing as I go.
This event is a great idea to move projects forward. Thanks for putting it up and motivating everyone. I'll keep participating. I've only covered 5 tasks out of 10 from my initial plan. By the end of it, I'll write MinST a progress report blog entry.
Sooooo my internet is going out for awhile XD Here's my proof of completion for my current goal maybe I'll do something later? >.< I was doing well while I could participate at least!

I would have more makerscore If I did things.
ha I don't even play games let alone review them, what a pitiful goal to fail at

Either way, Goal 4: Create 2 levels for SUPER RMN WORLD 2!

Goal 5: Design Level 4 enemies.
Add it to the list:

Create 3 monster sprites and 3 character sprites


Create 2 levels for Super RMN World 2
Ok, I completed my goals only 2.5 hours left... cutting it a bit close, but the game update is being uploaded as I type this.

Next week of goals: New Dungeon
I readded your goal to the list starting July 1st, so that you don't get into the awkward situation of finishing a goal between two goal phases. Good luck, I really hope you make it in time for the contest!

Ah, thank you! I will most certainly have it done by then. I just have to do some writing, and then I can happily post it up.
3rd Week Goals
- Try to finish Floor 1 of the tower. At least make a big chunk of it.
- Edit some graphics as needed.
- Get a different window style working.
- Finish fixing the item script to work properly (mainly graphical issues, but there's one small thing I'd like to add/change to it - try to make the Item choice jump straight to window instead of having to press on the category first).

How'd I go, considering I forgot about this?
- Goal 1: I did -some- of the tower. Messed up a puzzle and had to redo it three times before I could get it to work, but now I have a frame for future puzzles to work with.
- Goal 2: I did do the graphical edits. I'll probably have to do more as I go, but at least this lot is out of the way.
- Goal 3: I did actually do this but I think I'm going to change it again. I'm not a fan of what I currently have.
- Goal 4: I've edited some of it, but still need to figure out the item jump to window thing and get rid of columns since I've now got longer-named items.

I think I'm gonna call that done, though. For the most part I did do what I set out to, even if there were some bugs that tripped me up. Most of floor 1 is done, the edits were completed, the window is eh but did get done and the script still needs a little fixing but I did edit most of what I wanted it to do, which is great.


Week 4 Goals
- Do more mappage and finish off the first floor
- Figure out the menu issues
- Eventing in puzzles and making sure they work.
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All right, all the information in the OP should include the newest developments now. For the amusement of any statistics-obsessed, at this point 71 goals total have been completed by 31 participants. Keep it up, everybody! A lot of you are already at or close to 3 successes, and there's still time for everyone else to catch up. Let's make those numbers even higher.

Ugh, I'm sorry to hear you're going to be disconnected for a while. It looks like you've done a ton of work, though, and you're already at 3 goals. I really hope you can manage to get your fourth one done before the end of the event. See you hopefully soon again!

You forgot...? ;_;
All right, it's fine. I still counted that as a success, considering that you seem to have gotten quite a lot of things finished in that time. Still, please do try and produce your evidence a little sooner from now on, or at least let me know if you're not going to make it before your original deadline. Thanks!

I ran into a few problems with my own puzzle design, and accidentally built one around a concept that made it unsolvable. Which is especially bad considering that the puzzles I'm currently working on are just supposed to be introductory obstacles that allow the player to get to know the mechanics. I need to pay better attention and make an actual plan before spending so much time on building maps and puzzle layouts that then turn out not to work.
Is it too late to join this?

Summer break has started and I finally have some time with which I hope to finish my game.

If it's not too late, Goal One: Finish designing all maps for final chapter of The Cerebral Symphony.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Alright I've had my fun.

By next Sunday (3.7.2016) I will, uh... Finish my class icons. Baby steps!

So I didn't realize how much overhead there was in this; I had to do finalizing work on certain classes I had left incomplete.

So we'll call that my 3.7 goal and call icons my 10.7.2016 goal. cough
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It's never too late to join! To be honest, it might become kind of difficult for you to still get so many goals done in time that you'd qualify for the achievement. But nothing is stopping you from trying! And either way, the actual point of the event is to encourage productivity much more than achievement hunting. So even if you only get a little bit of work done, that's already very much in the spirit of this event.

I will accept that this time. But please, if you change your mind on a goal or realise you're not going to be able to work on it during the intended period of time, do notify me of that as early as possible.
Also, in order to make this count as a Success, could you please post something that (at least partially) shows the progress you've made? Thanks!
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
What, this garbage?

author=my doc

HP: -10 MP: P.Atk: -3 M.Atk: 4
P.Def: -2 M.Def: 1 Skill: 4 Focus:

Weapons: Axes
Armors: Cloth or Leather

Fleshfire 6 MP Spell
Deals high magical damage to a foe, but reduces the Theurge's M.Atk by 4.
~ Potency: 220
Blood Wine 10 MP Spell
Increases the user's M. Atk by 8, but gain Threat.
~ Costs 40% of max HP.
~ Threat: M.Atk x 5
Bloodletting Passive Spell
Grants the Theurge a chance to remove an ailment from themselves when they pay HP.
Blood Magic 4 MP Spell
Enters a stance where the Theurge pays triple MP costs with HP, but can’t be healed.
~ ~ Prevents all forms of HP recovery
~ ...Except for the Transfusion ability.
Transfusion 10 MP Spell
Deals magical damage to a foe and restores that much HP to the Theurge.
~ Potency: 200
~ Can heal the user during Blood Magic.

I can't imagine anything that "proves I worked on classes' identities" other than, what, gdocs edit histories? Not even I have access to that.

Classes with no given identity can't exactly have an icon showing that identity. If this drops me out of the achievement pool then... whatever, really. I mistakenly thought the point of the thread was to motivate people to work on their games by sharing progress.
Oh, wow, yeah, I didn't notice the time discrepancy. For some reason I thought I was only a day over. >.<;

You can count that as not-done if you prefer - I'll just work on getting this weeks' done early to make up for it! XD

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Hey, it's fine. I never intended to make it seem like I'm attacking you or anything. As a matter of fact, this quote from your classes document perfectly serves the purpose.
Also, you're correct. One of the points of this thread is to motivate people to work on their projects by sharing their progress. We have been doing that this whole time. Only, I find that I can focus better and work much more effectively when I feel obliged to meet a deadline. That's where the idea of the (rather loose, by the way) one-week time constraint per goal came from.
Either way, you're not being dropped out of the achievement pool or anything of the sort. All I'm asking is that for the sake of fairness and making it easier to organise matters, everyone at least should try to somewhat adhere to the rules. I hope you see the point of that.

Nah, that's okay. It would be very much against the spirit of the event to retroactively deny you a Success for a goal you actually completed. Just try not to let it happen again, and everything's all right.