Well, actually it should be part 14 for this week, but that's alright since I already uploaded part 14 and submitted part 15 for approval.

It's never too late to join! To be honest, it might become kind of difficult for you to still get so many goals done in time that you'd qualify for the achievement. But nothing is stopping you from trying! And either way, the actual point of the event is to encourage productivity much more than achievement hunting. So even if you only get a little bit of work done, that's already very much in the spirit of this event.

I don't mind if I don't get the achievement, just useful to have the extra input for getting things done. Making some good progress with my first goal.
So, for my next goal, I want to write a composition for a game. It'll probably be a short little ditty, maybe something like a field or town music. I'm thinking I'll write it in TuxGuitar and then try converting it using GXSCC and seeing if it's more interesting 'retro' style or not.
Okay, I've done stuff so here's some early proofage! :DDD

Got the window skin how I want it and also fixed the script so it's one column for the items. Woot!

Still have a little more to go (I'll work on it in the next day or so) but most of the first floor is mapped and I've made a pretty big dint in the eventing for the puzzles.

Part of the puzzles.

It in action.

I'll post more when I do the full 'did I do everything on time' post.
Goal 4 done!


For the next goal, I will make three new music tracks and finish the cutscenes for the first half of chapter 9.
I will most certainly have it done by then. I just have to do some writing, and then I can happily post it up.
I lied. I am a liar.
Instead of working on Milod's backstory (the writing part) like I was trying to do, I worked on maths, daily life, and art. Well... That's not true, I did write a backstory that was... poor... and cliche... Like, really cliche... So I started all over and got no where because everything I thought of was some sort of trope. (Abandoned as an infant for no good reason, born into a special line of people making her an outcast of society, raised by predatory animals instead of being eaten by them, etc.) Feel a tad silly this has taken me two weeks, but... if you can't figure something out, you can't figure something out.
I'm going to see if a week or two off from working on this will help, and switch to a new goal... whatever it may be... Gimme a day or two and I'll get back to you on that.

Well, I did it. I discovered that my coordinate system conversion between graphics and world space is a bit messed up. While I knew that I had Y and Z swapped (this is, believe it or not, fairly normal. Hit F3 in Minecraft and check out the coordinates while you move), it turns out that I also have my X coordinate negative in world space compared to graphics space.

I kind of want to fix this. And actually, I want to swap Y and Z in graphics space to make world and graphics spaces use the same coordinate directions.

So, my next goal is going to be to fix the coordinate system. That's going to be very hard to prove since ideally there will be no visible difference. But I guess I'm not that concerned since I already got 4 goals done? Is that kosher?
Going to try to achieve my 5th goal as well, since my 4th goal is more of a long term thing.

Goal 5: Replay Feral Dreams from beginning to end.
Got any Dexreth amulets?
I'm sorry it took me so long to update this again. But unfortunately I was a little ill yesterday, and I'm still not feeling entirely well today. But everything should be in order again now.

Congratulations to Beaker and FlyingJester, who have both managed to finish their fourth goal! And I'm glad to see so much progress all around. Keep it up, everyone! There's exactly 2 weeks of time left by now. Let's make the remaining time extra productive!

Aw, I'm sorry to hear it didn't work out. But try not to worry too much about it. You really did what you could, it sounds like. Just let me know once you have a new goal in mind, and I'll put it on the list for you. You can do it!

I understand that having achieved your new goal would be kind of hard to prove, but as you said, you already have 4 of them done anyway. From now on, your incentive for continuing is going to be even more just your own wish to complete something creative. So post something interesting if you like, but don't worry too much about evidence either. You're fine.

Hm, there's another situation that I hadn't considered when setting up the rules: Should it be possible to have multiple independent goals on the list at the same time? I don't really see why not, so for now I'll just say go ahead.

As for my own goal, I think I'll go with this: write a review for the Meat Your Maker event, and post the next installment of my Master of the Wind playthrough.
I failed this round around. And i got so slow mobile internet i can't upload any images. I will try to find some café and update you from there. My goal will be probably staying the same.

Edit: Plus make a game design doc sorta kinda.
Goal 6 Complete

I playtested Three Ghostly Roses myself and found issues and fixed said issues. Best way to prove is the rough notes I dabbled down during.

Goal 7 I cannot start yet until I have my game playtested by others, which would be fixing issues they found. Also, I'm on vacation right now, so procrastinating after a lot of hard work is the point now! I'm not sure how much longer this event lasts, but my vacation won't end until the 20th and I am going to be lax about others playtesting my game as well.

Really cool event. Helped motivate me to work my ass off on my game. Having those weekly goals really helps make it less overwhelming.
I like how this turned out. I just wish I could change the font for a more scribble-y one. But I don't think there's a way with Ace Lite.

Next goal: Another background.
Ok, I did my first Thing, finish designing maps for final chapter of game:

Now, Thing 2 is to actually MAKE the maps...

EDIT: Oh, and to make the teleport events between them.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
I like how this turned out. I just wish I could change the font for a more scribble-y one. But I don't think there's a way with Ace Lite.

You could write the script in normal VX (a whole three lines) and then overwrite the Scripts.rvdata2 in your VX Lite game with the new scripts file.
Oh, I didn't know that was possible. Thanks! I guess I'll have to go on a nice font hunt now. And then find someone willing to do this for me. I don't want to have to purchase ACE just for this one thing. xD
^^; Thanks for believing in me. I think my next goal is to try to write the script (Like, what everyone says, kinda script) for the intro sequence. I might change the main plot up a bit to match the backstory of a character I have done already, (so I don't have to wing it as much when writing the story) but the beginning will start the same either way, so... Meh. It'll work out, I'm sure.

I got an image of my editor, testing a battle that wrecked me into oblivion.

My goal was to test levels 1 and 2. I tested level 1 one last time, it holds up. The battles have been balanced for a while, and testing through it again leaves me confident we're done with level 1. All I'm always worried about is narrative, and I was happy with all the dialogue, provided information, pacing, as far as I can know right now, it's done.

I tested level 2, making improvements to the intro narrative sequences, working on the introduction of the shop, and went through the level. It started out perfectly balanced and I might have accidentally gotten the perfect exp gain rate from these enemies down. As soon as I entered the underground portion, things went from perfect to "I NEED TO CHANGE THIS NOW". Seiromem might have used the bee enemies a little too much, their poison does A LOT of damage, and the spiders are multi-hitting, AND the ants are basic enemies on top of that. I barely won that battle up above.

So huge progress with level 2's battling, narrative as well because I ended up using this test to write the majority of the dialogue.

My Next Goal: Finish 3 SMBX levels
Previous proofage:

Got the window skin how I want it and also fixed the script so it's one column for the items. Woot!

Still have a little more to go (I'll work on it in the next day or so) but most of the first floor is mapped and I've made a pretty big dint in the eventing for the puzzles.

Part of the puzzles.

It in action.

Week 4 Goals
- Do more mappage and finish off the first floor
- Figure out the menu issues
- Eventing in puzzles and making sure they work.

Did I do it?
= More mappage and finish off the first floor. :DONE:
= Menu issues figured out. :DONE:
= Eventing in puzzles and making sure they work. :DONE:


Newer proofs:

Week 5
- Playtest Floor 1 for bugs (thoroughly)
- Make a start on Floor 2
- Get at least one review done
- Do the goddamn 3-hour gammak stream that I've been putting off for the last few weeks
I will join.

I want to finish a hub that is more compact and finish editing the menu system
Finished my 5th goal last night of replaying Feral Dreams!

Here's proof:

I had to fight the boss and watch the ending a second time, so I hope this'll do.

Goal 6: Write a review for Feral Dreams.