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Love and War is a tale taking place on the world of Terra. Ever since the birth of the first nation-state on this world, Terra has been wracked by the scourge of war. Five nations managed to survive throughout the ages, yet it seemed as though with each passing day, humanity slipped closer and closer to self-annihilation.

One man made a difference, however. The youthful Emperor of the Zion Empire, Geraud Valtemond, was this man. A brilliant, honorable, and benevolent monarch, he managed to open the eyes of the leaders of the other nations, showing them what lay ahead if Terra persisted down this road. Through diplomacy and sheer force of will, Lord Geraud created the Commonwealth; an international governing body, comprised of democratically elected representatives and Peacekeeping Forces, which would forever make war a thing of the past.

Three centuries have elapsed, and people have forgotten the lessons of the past. Tensions are rising between nations once again, and it seems as if the Commonwealth is powerless to do anything but watch as its order crumbles. Can one man make a difference, once again?

Welcome to Love and War.

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Love and War: C'est Lavie Too! released!

Bet you weren't expecting that. :D You can watch it here:

C'est Lavie Too! is a sequel (of sorts) to C'est Lavie - so, if you've never seen that one, you may want to give it a view first. (It can be found in the Media tab!) Once again it seems Lavie and Ryan are meeting in Davenport Park. What will happen now?

Once again, for something that was supposed to be short and funny, this ended up taking much longer then I anticipated... Just the way it goes sometimes, I guess! Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed, especially Aekenon, who edited the video together. I hope you enjoy!


Still anxiously waiting for the revamp game.

Any ideas when it will be out?
I really wish I knew, DragoonHP. :( As before, I'm still waiting for the remaining stuff to be sent my way before I can put it all in and declare the revamp complete. At least the long delay allows for more thorough beta testing, so that's something?

I might make an update blog post later with a few more details, but the story will still be the same.
author=Admiral Styles
I really wish I knew, DragoonHP. :( As before, I'm still waiting for the remaining stuff to be sent my way before I can put it all in and declare the revamp complete. At least the long delay allows for more thorough beta testing, so that's something?

Yup, that's a pretty good thing.
Will be waiting for that blog post ^.^
Hey, just a random question... And I apologize if it's been answered/asked in previous posts. But is there going to be an act 2..3..etc?
Because I thoroughly enjoyed this game and would love to see a sequel.
NicholasC4: Heh, I've no intention of leaving the series at Act I if I can help it, indeed. :)
Ich bin am anfang ,habe mit allen gesprochen ,jetzt weis ich nicht wie es weiter geht.Kann mir bitte jemand helfen?Gruss Giaco
Hello, Giaco! Well, if Google Translate has not failed me, I think I know where you're stuck. Here's what you need to do on Day 1, courtesy of Google Translate:

Sprechen Sie mit Clarissa. Ihre Junk ... entschuldigen Sie mich, "Souvenir"-Shop ist etwa in der Mitte der Stadt.
Sprechen Sie mit Juno. Er sollte umherzogen irgendwo im nördlichen Ende der Stadt.
Sprechen Sie mit Cathy. Sie ist nördlich von Clarissas Shop.
Sprechen Sie mit Jaina. Sie sollte irgendwo um den Oberst Fitnessraum, östlich von Clarissas Shop.
Sprechen Sie mit Alex Robertson. Er sollte auf der ganzen südlichen Ende der Stadt zu Fuß.
Sprechen Sie mit Jarzon. Er sollte etwa sein, im südöstlichen Teil der Stadt.
Sprechen Sie mit Armin. Sein Haus ist in der südwestlichen Ecke der Stadt.
Sprechen Sie mit Henrik. Sein Haus liegt direkt neben Armins.
Sprechen Sie mit an den Docks Lavie. Danach gehen sie sehen in ihr Haus.
Gehen Sie zu dem Obersten Gym. Das ist es, Sie mit Tag 1 gemacht!

Hope that helps. :)
First download yoink~

...you know it had to be me. :D
You the practice of self-promotion
I'll be second. Fashionably late!
Yay! Haha, put up a blog post. You guys are fast!
Hey! Posting here since I can use spoiler tags~ :D
I jotted a bunch of random thoughts after I stopped playing earlier today.
(Stopped at the Inn scene with Lavie)

Please take all my random notes with a grain of salt. Most are just my "feelings" about this or that.
Not sure if they will be useful, annoying, or what... I just figured I would post them to give some kind of feedback/expectations/etc...

-First, "The mapping is epic." I haven't compared the previous version yet, but every place looks better than ever before. Don't know if it's just my bad memory or if SGCN has been working overtime :D It's great.

-I recall one weird thing in Davenport, the place Ryan doesn't want to go; the one with the music harp sign above the shop... The door doesn't look like it fits the frame! There's a black space above the door... Is that supposed to be like that?

-I had hoped there would be new matching portraits for all NPCs... I'm good with the current ones, but they are from all sorts of games. The original ones for Ryan, Lavie and friends are still the besttttttttt.

-"Epic Lavie forced her way into the party scene XD" Yes, I wrote that in my notebook

-Jun's voice seems a tad too quiet at times... Probably just how he speaks, but... I noted it D:

-Also I noted I felt there was a lack of ambient lighting effects? Like lights at night... and stuff? I had more to say about this, but I can't remember the specifics... Unimportant, but these were in my notes >< lol

-I'm a huggggge Lavie fan. And I must say her voice actress does an excellent job. Sounds professional <3
I did note however, that I thought she might sound too sweet at times...? Like when Armin and Henrik are fearing for their life and RED EYED Lavie makes her appearence with her cooking in question; I didn't feel the hairs on my neck stand on end :P

-"Wish the campfire scene was voiced..."
Awwww I was hoping that one was voiced... I was looking forward to it... I know it was really too long to do though xD

-The picture of Lavie and the teddy bear, and the picture of Ryan and Marriane was superb. Double take awesome.

-The really important scene where Lavie grabs ahold of you at Blackwater Park...
I had mixed feelings about that picture... I thought the style between her talking portrait below and the full screen CG conflicted unlike the previous CGs... Also, I'm wondering if the colors in that CG set could be limited better? For instance in the part where she blushed, her eyes looked awkward due to the limited colors... My experience with photoshop makes me question if the colors could be limited differently to be more true to the original... (wants to try...)
I like the picture though, loved it when I saw it on the website; just undecided about how it meshes in-game...

"Hi. My name is xcalibar and I'm an obsessive compulsive level grinder."
Given the opportunity and the saftey... I end up killing all the spores on the map...
In the situation like when you're chasing after Lucky the dog, I thought it might add a sense of pressure if you added a timer to the first part, till you rescue him. That would have forced me to try to avoid the slimes instead of taking my time, max lvling thieving skill, and all my weapons xD
Oh and the full instant refill save points... I noted it might be better if they were one time use health / ammo restores. That way I don't just "camp" the points...
.... I just can't stop myself!

-I noted there wasn't a huge sense of relief after surviving the Viper Lair... I don't recall Mr. El????? really congratulating me on surviving and exterminating the menace D: I know he was shook up about Lucky, but.... Well I guess I need to play that scene again before I say anything else; maybe my memory is faulty xD

-"The Dogtags..." I can't wait to see the explanation as how or why they are so crazily scattered and that he expects me to find them O_O I thought I was going to find them next to graves or something D:
That aside, I can dig a good treasure hunt!@

-"Some of the music is too loud..." I guess I needed to write specific examples for this to be of any use D:

-"Would be nice to be able to save before the 'meanwhile...' cutscenes"...

Despite these random complaints and whatnot, I want to make sure you know that L&W was one of my top rated rpgmaker games, next to The Way before the revamped version. And replaying it, I'm having just as much fun as I did the first time. That's a huge compliment for me, since, rarely am I able to replay games and enjoy them just as much. :D
Don't worry about trying to respond to this crazy post, I usually give people headaches trying to figure it out >< lol

I hope there will be an act II some day... This story deserves attention.
It deserves nominations... <3
XCalibar: Ah, many thanks for the feedback so far! It's much appreciated. :) For the sound levels, that can be very tricky to balance (especially since RM2K has no way to adjust the sound ingame)... My suggestion is that if you feel the music is drowning out the voice acting, try going to your Volume control (usually in the bottom right hand corner of your screen on XP, not sure about other versions) and adjust "SW Synth" lower. Maybe move "Wave Balance" higher, as well. Hope that helps!
So far I played until
Alton, marshes and Gorn Jabula
The story is wonderful but the battles need to be rebalanced, they're way too hard. I had to grind in every area visited so far in order to progress through fights. The marshes encounter rate is also a bit high I found myself entering fight after fights between 2-5 steps. Other than that I really have no other complaints. Great game so far from what I played through.
Admiral: Sometimes the voices or music are softer or louder, putting me in a bind; my solution is to move my headphones around on my head as I play xD

Oh, and please forget my complaints from yesterday; wrote them at 3 AM... Started playing again today and all I have is <3
CrazeGirl555: Yes, the Alton Marsh can definitely be tricky to the unprepared explorer. You really need to buy some better gear for the Compadres. That encounter rate does sound concerning however... may try to tweak that. Glad to hear you're enjoying it so far, definitely hope to hear more of your thoughts!

XCalibar: Haha, that's a unique solution! No worries on that - I just want to hear your thoughts, be they positive or negative. :)
Phew, finished the game.

What a ride! This is my first time playing the complete complete version and it does not disappoint. The voices and art really do bring more life to characters compared to just having sprites. The constant delays brought upon by the VA and art were unfortunate. True, without the extras the game could have been released much, much earlier but I thought the payoff was worth it. It' a tough subject to think about.

Haha, the Programmer's Room was awesome! James "flipping his shit" Firkins and Aekenon were especially hilarious XD Didn't know Ryan's VA was Australian lol.

Wise words from Typhoon. Wise words indeed...
Phew, finished the game.

But SGCN, what are your thoughts on the expertly done mapping? :D

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! I would tend to agree with you on the voices and art being worth the delay, but I hope to get more feedback about that too.

Haha, James Firkins swears he wasn't drunk when he recorded his clip. I'm not so sure I believe him. I think Aekenon's funniest blooper was the slow-mo one!

Typhoon is a wise man indeed...
So, I've finished it...

NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahh... *sigh*. I thought for sure this time around I'd somehow get Lavie on the boat before we left. PULL HER RYAN!!!! arrrrrrrrrrgh.



Anyway! Amazing job all around with the revamp.
5 star rating.

Could always use more voice acting, finish replacing the original CGs, and maybe a few more custom portraits...
The maps are pretty much perfect. The dialogue and story is pretty perfect. Quests are good. The dungeons overall are still a little too easy, but then again I am replaying, so my judgement is iffy. The music could use a full blown original soundtrack... (what's with that look!?) But, it's already memorable and nostalgic.
The characters are pretty top notch too. I love games that avoid making empty NPCs, and flesh out a living world... So many fun conversations...

Nice touch with the Programmer's Room... It was short, but it makes the core team that much more memorable. And the clips were priceless lol

Out of curiosity... what took the longest with the voice acting?
Was it getting everyone to record their parts? Or having people re-record parts, since you couldn't do it live, so you'd have comments and direction about certain lines... Or just finding people willing to do it?
Or was it the intricate process of timing it manually?

Doesn't seem like every important part got voiced, but there was a generous amount. :D
Mmmm... I did think some of the voices needed some audio editing, to balance out the volume at times. But the only feature with the voices that was really missing, was being able to skip dialogue. Press a key once to make all the text appear, press it twice and it displays the next line, and cuts off the previous voice.

I'm tempted to donate, but I'm kinda in the red at the moment... by a sizeable amount.... .. . . . . Still tempted though...

Maybe instead I can offer services for Act II... you know how to contact me should the day come... :D

It would be a crying shame to not see Love and War's epic untold. And I realllly hope the main characters can continue to be voiced! (by the same people! ... guh.... Xenosaga....)

I was thinking maybe this time I'd be able to get Lavie on the boat thanks to the new choices, like neglecting Marianne... so Lavie wouldn't cry @_@
Congratulations on beating the game! Hehe, can't help but agree with all your suggested additions - heck, why not get some anime/CG video cutscenes in there while we're at it! ;D

As for the voice acting, I'd say all of those factors played a role, but it was likely the first that proved the most troublesome. I think the fact that I kept some careful records of who owed what and how long it had been since I last heard from them helped immensely in terms of keeping organized, but in the end a lot of it was just waiting with fingers crossed, I guess!

Yeah, I wish I could have added functionality like that. Alas, RM2K just isn't built that way. :( (I think RMXP and RMVX is, though?)

Ooh, I wouldn't want you to go further in debt or anything like that, so perhaps best to leave that for some other day. And in fact, just spreading the word of LAW (which you did!) would be a much appreciated gesture. :)

Funny thing about Xenosaga - definitely wish they stuck with all the same voice actors throughout, but I recall actually liking Episode II Shion's voice a little bit more... ah, well...

Poor, poor Lavie. Maybe what we need is a new story, focusing on her...