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Love and War is a tale taking place on the world of Terra. Ever since the birth of the first nation-state on this world, Terra has been wracked by the scourge of war. Five nations managed to survive throughout the ages, yet it seemed as though with each passing day, humanity slipped closer and closer to self-annihilation.

One man made a difference, however. The youthful Emperor of the Zion Empire, Geraud Valtemond, was this man. A brilliant, honorable, and benevolent monarch, he managed to open the eyes of the leaders of the other nations, showing them what lay ahead if Terra persisted down this road. Through diplomacy and sheer force of will, Lord Geraud created the Commonwealth; an international governing body, comprised of democratically elected representatives and Peacekeeping Forces, which would forever make war a thing of the past.

Three centuries have elapsed, and people have forgotten the lessons of the past. Tensions are rising between nations once again, and it seems as if the Commonwealth is powerless to do anything but watch as its order crumbles. Can one man make a difference, once again?

Welcome to Love and War.

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Love and War: C'est Lavie Too! released!

Bet you weren't expecting that. :D You can watch it here:

C'est Lavie Too! is a sequel (of sorts) to C'est Lavie - so, if you've never seen that one, you may want to give it a view first. (It can be found in the Media tab!) Once again it seems Lavie and Ryan are meeting in Davenport Park. What will happen now?

Once again, for something that was supposed to be short and funny, this ended up taking much longer then I anticipated... Just the way it goes sometimes, I guess! Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed, especially Aekenon, who edited the video together. I hope you enjoy!


Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
That just ain't right #2 :)

I'm sure I missed something as usual :)
Ryan was just killed by Juno in the gym....

Is the game over ???
Is Juno supposed to kill Ryan ??

Poor Lavie....boyfriend dead and did not even get to camp out with Ryan :(
That'd be some ending, wouldn't it...

But no, you can't let it end like that! Get back in there and take Juno out! :)
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
oh for shame....
I almost gave up to soon :(

Hey, no spoiling in main thread.
Hey, Linkis and Admiral Styles, thank you for replying. I never managed to push the rock out of the way. Using the Action button (Z) on the rock causes my computer to go blue screen. I tried it twice and the result is still the same. I uninstalled the game and currently I'm downloading a new installer.

I will try to speed run it up to that point and try again after I properly download the installer.
Ah, reckon might not be a bad idea to put that post of yours in spoiler tags then, Linkis. :)

monokuri: Hmmm, very odd indeed... The only thing I can think of is that for whatever reason, a certain sound file was not in the folder when you tried to move the rock. (I'm not sure why that would lock up your computer, though...) Possibly the result of an incomplete download or installation, perhaps... Let me know how the fresh installation goes (you could copy your old saves over, and continue from nearby?). Hopefully the error will not be present this time around. :)
Pink, the color of Liberty.
What is a stratagy to get past the baron prince and the two baron cobras. I can't seem to beat them.
Cocassu: Generally speaking, I find a good way to start off is to have Ryan use Rally, Henrik use Lionheart, and Armin use Northern Lights. You may find it more effective to get rid of the two Baron Cobras first, before you target the Baron Prince. If you picked it up, you may want to consider using the Flare Cartridge as well. If all else fails, consider going back and grinding a little bit (Level 3 is about the minimum for safely taking on that boss fight). Hope that helps!
whats the stratagy to get past the guard wolf.No matter what I try I just fail.
Tonmoy98: If you're having a lot of trouble with the Garun Wolf battle, you may want to consider leveling up a little more (you should ideally be at least Level 6 or Level 7). It's also weak to poison and burning, so Armin's Poison Dagger and Ryan's Flare Shot can be a big help!
My mind is full of fuck.
Hey, no spoiling in main thread.

Ryan dies.
What do I do after Juno destroys the bridge?
I need help... again. A fresh install does not work. Whatever I do, I crash when I try to move the rock at the Baron Snake Cave.

Or maybe some of the archive is corrupted. Again. (My internet is slow... took me many tries to download a complete installer without the download folding). Btw, the final size of the installer is 164 MB and 172 thousand something kb in disk.

Admiral Styles, does the game need anything specific to run... like a RPGMaker? (But, I know it doesn't need one... right?)

Specs for the computer, maybe?
Tonmoy98: Try backtracking a screen or two, and take an alternate route.

monokuri: That sucks... From the size of the installer though, it sounds like it did complete downloading... so we can probably rule that out. What operating system might you be running, just for reference?

I'd like you to do something else, just to confirm: can you check the "Sound" folder, and see if there's a file there called "Earth9.wav"? This is the sound that should play when you push the boulder. If it's missing, or corrupted somehow, perhaps that's the reason for these crashes.

You shouldn't need anything more to play the game (certainly not if you've gotten that far with no problems!). And system specs really shouldn't be an issue either... Have you noted any other problems cropping up, sound related or not? If all else fails and we can't figure this out, send me your save file and I'll see if moving you past the errant rock will allow you to continue.

I'm really sorry you're having these problems! :(
It's all right, but I hope I could play this out through the end... it really sounds promising.

I never encountered any problems throughout the game (except for the boulder, that is). Well... there was one time that the battle music didn't play (perhaps because the spores have been ganging me that time). But that was only ONCE, and it never cropped again. That bug didn't happen in my first try of the game either.

I was able to talk to every people and objects (books) in Davenport and Trinden without a hitch. I was able to clean most of the spores in the Davenport forest as well! Voices are fine either.

I checked the wav file; it's there, and I was able to open it with VLC.

BTW, I'm running Windows XP Professional SP3. I think I'll just send you my save file. Please give me the instructions on how to do so.

Tonmoy98: Try using all the tools at your disposal, see what works best. Make sure to start off with Ryan's Rally and Henrik's Lionheart, then experiment with what skills you've accumulated with Henrik. Make sure to try out any of the special ammunition you've gathered as well.

monokuri: Hmm... I wonder if this could be caused by a sound card problem or outdated driver, or something to do with your computer itself? I'm just speculating though, and really wouldn't know for sure. To send the save file: in the main Love and War directory, there should be files named Save01.lsd, Save02.lsd, and so on - these are your save files. Attach the most recent one to an e-mail (if you're not sure which one is most recent, you can send them all and I'll figure it out). Send the e-mail to ofloveandwar@hotmail.com , and I should be able to move you past that point. Hopefully, that'll be the last we see of that strange crash!
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
monokuri, you might try a new computer..... :)
I don't crash a lot but have had several games not load for one reason or another :(

nay, my post is not a spoiler.
If people fight Juno or another boss and keep getting killed, they will become frustrated to the point of not playing the game......better to know you just keep fighting the boss and know that eventually you CAN kill it and go forward.. :)
Henrik does not have Lionheart .He is at level 8.I also used all my special ammunition.