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Love and War is a tale taking place on the world of Terra. Ever since the birth of the first nation-state on this world, Terra has been wracked by the scourge of war. Five nations managed to survive throughout the ages, yet it seemed as though with each passing day, humanity slipped closer and closer to self-annihilation.

One man made a difference, however. The youthful Emperor of the Zion Empire, Geraud Valtemond, was this man. A brilliant, honorable, and benevolent monarch, he managed to open the eyes of the leaders of the other nations, showing them what lay ahead if Terra persisted down this road. Through diplomacy and sheer force of will, Lord Geraud created the Commonwealth; an international governing body, comprised of democratically elected representatives and Peacekeeping Forces, which would forever make war a thing of the past.

Three centuries have elapsed, and people have forgotten the lessons of the past. Tensions are rising between nations once again, and it seems as if the Commonwealth is powerless to do anything but watch as its order crumbles. Can one man make a difference, once again?

Welcome to Love and War.

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Love and War: C'est Lavie Too! released!

Bet you weren't expecting that. :D You can watch it here:

C'est Lavie Too! is a sequel (of sorts) to C'est Lavie - so, if you've never seen that one, you may want to give it a view first. (It can be found in the Media tab!) Once again it seems Lavie and Ryan are meeting in Davenport Park. What will happen now?

Once again, for something that was supposed to be short and funny, this ended up taking much longer then I anticipated... Just the way it goes sometimes, I guess! Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed, especially Aekenon, who edited the video together. I hope you enjoy!


I just finished the game as well; there not much to say as expected it was a great game. I did however start disliking Ryan towards the end of the game
when he blamed Juno for killing Kodenai and not accepting the fact Juno saved his life, he even started being defensive towards Henrik.

Overall it was enjoyable adventure and all the character were memorable. The story of LAW is one of the best I've seen in a rpg in a long time, keep up your great work for future productions.
CrazeGirl555: Ah, many thanks! Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip into the Kingdom of Galvenia. :)
Damn, just when I'd got even more interested in the plot, Act 1 ends! Drat! :( But overall, yeah, I liked the world setting and the writing.

I really love the voice acting! It really adds a lot of depth to the writing. Btw lol @ the ticketmeister. What's up with his accent? LMAO =D

Also, the mapping is nicely done and each screen is easy to recognise and differentiate. As I'm really poor at directions, you've my gratitude for making it easy to even play through a maze or to find my way around the Mines!
Thanks Tofu, glad to hear. :) Yup, that Ticketmeister guy sure was crazy, wasn't he Shmeckie! Shmeckie? Shmeckie?! SHMECKIIIIIIIIIIIIE! *quick fade to black, followed by the thunk of a tire iron*

Indeed, SGCN does good work!
Tire iron?! Geez... Your imagination sure is violent. =p

Haha yep... The screens all looked really different and it didn't leave me wandering in circles.

Speaking of act 2 demo, *speaks in stereotypically deep breathy voice* tonight I will be preparing the sacrifice to commence the ceremony of installing the evil incarnate WinXP!
It's that Shmeckie, I tells ya. He's from New York! Or possibly the South. Or maybe the south of New York...

Oh no! Not Windows XP?! (I still use XP, heh.) Any particular reason why? :)
Ahhh cos Act 2 demo doesn't run on Win7: there's a font problem even if I installed the recommended font fix. And for another playthrough of LAW, I really want to be able to adjust the voice volume.
Wow, I did not know that... How very odd, and unfortunate. :( Hope the installation of Windows XP goes without any problems!
@tofu21: I find that odd, too. I have Win7, too, and I'm ran the Act 2 demo just fine. Did you try running the game under compatibility mode?
I did run under different compatibility modes but seriously, hmmm... also tried running Act 2 in Vmware XP but no music! =/

Oh okay, finally figured how to fix it partly: turned off Clear Type. However, that doesn't fix the issue totally!

Btw, LOL @ the werewolf.

Ryan, you're a REAL jerk! You dumped Lavie and are busy off flirting with someone who looks like Lavie.

I guess he's such an optimist and so easy-going, he doesn't care too much about the consequences. =/ Some of Armin's influence maybe?

And he really has his head in the clouds.

Also, that scene of him telling that guy to be a man was just so funny and sad. And hypocritical too or just plain flawed on Ryan's part. :P

Btw Admiral, a question: do the adults know about the entire scope of the problems between Ryan and Juno?
PCs can definitely be tricky beasts, that's for sure! Glad you managed to get it working in the end, though.

I don't think he's flirting, he's just being friendly. :) Although you have to wonder what the reaction would be if he came back to Davenport with a new girlfriend who had such a resemblance to Lavie...

As for the problems between Ryan and Juno, that remains to be seen.
This is the third time I played this game. I played the original version many many years ago without when the only picture and lavie and no voices then a few years later I played it again when it had like 3 or 4 custom pictures. Now again when everything look better and sounds better with graphics a few pictures and more custom things. The voice are for me a giant hit or miss. I like Juno's (so glad he has a custom faceset now) Ryan (also glad his chipset isn't so bad anymore) and Kaleb's are so/so sometimes I like it sometimes the accent from Kaleb is a bit too strong and Armin's well I liked Armin in the other two times I played it but hearing his voice ruined him for me it seems like Henrik and Armin's voices should be swapped that and some of lines hearing them spoken sound so cheesy mostly the dialogue during the first mission. I'm only 25% through so far but I remember exactly how the game went from the other two times and it's nice to see all the changes and better design and effort that went into to change (even though I am still endlessly annoyed that you didn't even at least colored Hiei's hair to match Junos) it to be better from the other versions. So good job man really. The original version would have been left in Nostalgia not ageing well but now it's much better. Feels like a completely diffrent game than one I played like 5 years ago if not longer.

Also I had Ryan had to be hero and win but the first time I played and even now I feel like he should have lost to Juno who is the better swordsman obviously.
A fan since the "old-school" version, huh? That's cool! Glad to hear you're enjoying the revamp so far, warts and all. :) Interesting observation on the Juno/Ryan fight - at least Juno didn't use his magic there, eh?
author=Admiral Styles
A fan since the "old-school" version, huh? That's cool! Glad to hear you're enjoying the revamp so far, warts and all. :) Interesting observation on the Juno/Ryan fight - at least Juno didn't use his magic there, eh?
Well I am glad the project was re-completed my only concern would be the years until 2 is out and my hopes that it doesn't fall to the side like Line's End (A Blurred Line) did and continues and ends throughout the years like The Way did. Also Henrik's and Armins voices after playing it again are fine I don't know why but since it was a while since I played the second release of LAW I had mixed up their characters in my mind. Whenever Act 2 is finished it needs more Juno! Gj
Sounds like you've finished the game! Glad you enjoyed it. :) Indeed, voices can definitely be tricky since everyone has their own different tastes, but it's neat to hear that Armin and Henrik's voices grew on you after an initial negative reaction. More Juno, but of course!
This game is a masterpiece.Love!!!!!!!!! it.I esp. liked lavie...she really likes ryan.Those moments full of jealousy when Ryan gets attention from other other girls are so cutee!
Hehe, happy to hear you enjoyed it! :) Please feel free to vote for your favorite character over yonder, if you like: http://rpgmaker.net/games/98/blog/8438/ Winner gets a new piece of artwork... and so far, Lugner is in the lead!
I really liked the game, especially the character development and the political ideologies and systems (I hope to see more of those).

I have questions for Admiral Styles: When do you think act II is gonna be finished? What percentage of act II is finished approximately? I can't wait to play the second part.

Anyway congrats on a game well made.
Many thanks daymoon, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) I have no ETA on Act II unfortunately, but I am hoping to get started on something pretty cool soonish. Time will tell all things...