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How to make sliding bookcases, pillars, etc.
Tutorial to make items for sliding, puzzles.
03/14/2022 02:14 AM
How to Change Actor's Graphic
Tutorial how to change actor graphic with no loss of level, equip, etc.
10/25/2021 01:52 AM
Moving one event from one map to another (eventing)
A semi-complex way on how to make an event, for example a boulder, go from one map to another.
05/01/2021 03:22 PM
You can have an item, chest, etc. fall from the ceiling or from the sky.
03/13/2021 04:27 PM
Monster Kill Quest With No Scripts
A Monster Kill Quest where the player can keep count of Kills.
12/23/2020 11:30 PM
Simple Light Urns to reveal a Hidden Stairway Event
Puzzle event using only Events, Switches and Conditional Branches.
12/03/2020 05:19 AM
Evented character selection
Creating a character selection menu using events and pictures
03/31/2019 09:11 PM
Multi-part songs - jumping to the next loop
This will help you make a song that can continue to a new part within that song, without any complex scripting knowledge required. -Situational-
07/22/2018 06:58 AM
Complex animations with vx ace
A general walk-through of making animations w/ vx ace. For intermediate level.
03/18/2018 08:15 PM
Make specific counterattacks for bosses. No scripts needed.
Make chrono trigger-esque counterattacks for boss monsters.
07/23/2017 11:42 PM
Releasing games without needing RTP, lightweight and easy
RPG Maker VX Ace without RTP
04/07/2017 04:08 PM
Frogge's Mapping ''Do this, not that!'' tips.
A whole bunch of tips on how to improve your maps.
12/04/2016 10:50 AM
Level Design
Planning and Building a Level in RPG Maker VX Ace
10/17/2016 03:15 PM
How to make VX Ace - RTP Independent
Video Tutorial on how to change .ini file
08/22/2016 05:34 PM
Random Reward Chest(s)
How to use script calls and in-game variables to create a slightly advanced treasure chest containing random items. Great for repeatable dungeons with randomized loot!
07/25/2016 08:36 PM
Creating a skip command in combat
Wanna a DIY skip command? You've come to the right place!
12/08/2015 12:52 AM
An heavily evented closet hiding system for RPGXP, RPGVX and RPGVX Ace.
11/30/2015 08:20 AM
A Handy Dandy Stealth Tutorial! (With Events! Who doesn't love events?)
A helpful tutorial teaching you how to use events to create a stealth/avoid the enemies sequence.
11/02/2015 09:44 PM
RPG Maker VX ACE - Parallax Tutorial
Parallax video tutorial for RPG Maker VX ACE
09/16/2015 12:46 AM
How to make a horror thumbnail/title screen
In this tutorial I explain how to make tape style horror thumbnails!
08/07/2015 09:28 PM
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