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Got an idea out of nowhere. As for reviewers, we should have gamerscore as well.

Imagine you write a review and others can rate it based on how helpful or well-written they find it (or based on whether they think your review sums up the game's content in a proper way). Whenever your review is rated by others, you get gamerscore for it, which is a separate value displayed next to the makerscore on your profile.

Yeah, but don’t we have comments for that if someone found your review helpful and they can let you know that way? I mean, I kinda like the idea of being rewarded a bit extra for writing a polished, helpful review, but getting additional makerscore out of that would probably favor some of the more lucrative reviewers around here and can be easily exploited by some. The system is fine the way it is.

REFMAP Arranged/Categorized

Hey, this is some good stuff, Frogge! Way to pass the REFMAP goodness around.

(Although, you should probably still submit this as a resource to get some extra makescore out if it, and just in case this thread gets buried in the future. Wouldn't want that, right?)

Steamed Hams, but it's RPGMAKER2003!

I hate saying this, cause I don't want people to think differently about the hard work I put into this, But compared to other, Steamed Hams, this one was always kind of plain, straight forward and a bit stiff.

Yeah, but don’t beat yourself up too much about that. I would imagine that the general objective of making this was to see if something like this could be done and also use it as another teaching tool of what you can do with the listed techniques above and inspire other developers to make a short game like this. Sure, I would have loved an additional boss battle against the true form of Aurora Borealis – but it’s fine the way it is. :)

I was gonna make a joke about this to Darken - I'm fresh out of ideas! No um, I do have some ideas, but they'll be short, but they probably won't be as funny or as head turning as this one was. After a 3rd of 4th attempt at this, I'll probably go back to making more traditional rpgmaker games. In fact I'm kind of worried of getting DMCA'd. Steamed Hams on youtube was safe, but other stuff like fresh prince of bel-air or fraiser might be a problem.

I’m sure when that time comes you’ll have your next project ready, I’m sure of it! (Although, A Fresh Prince one would be pretty sweet...)

And, yeah, it looks like from the sounds of it that you’ll probably do maybe one more of these and then head back into actual gamemaking again. And as for Youtube and getting DMCA’d? Well, at least you don’t have to worry about that if you post the game up on RMN, or something. (Seriously, Youtube – what the hell?)

Theme Roulette 2

Wait a minute. Are you telling me that this thread was the catalyst for this event? Ha! I knew that there was something afoot about that, and now I know.

I’m going to be curious: Whoever gets my word or image for their chosen theme, I’M definitely going to be paying extra attention to see what you do with it. Oh lordy lord.

(Although, to be fair, the odds of getting mine are like 300 - 1 based on all the other replies in that thread, so none of you guys will probably get it. But – who knows??? Maybe the odds might tip in your favor - and by favor, I mean mine.)

NHL 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs / Pool Prediction Thread

Oh, I should have stuck with Boston again.

It’s only been one game! Relax. Believe in the cannons.

And I got your 2nd Round Picks in, Shinan. Thanks a lot. :)

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I want to make it possible to do a pacifist (or boss-only) game play, so I'm making a sort of bribe system that happens at the beginning of the battles.

Like, if a creature lives in the desert, you can give it water. Or many monsters you can give meat.

There are wrinkles, like some items require multiple quantities, and some items won't be accepted or will cause a reaction (don't give vials of blood to vampires, as it'll make them crazy and attack).

I actually kinda like this idea! So instead of trying to fight enemies normally you can basically try and offer enemies up a gift so they’ll either potentially leave you alone or be even twice as hard to fight than before, making for a real challenge if the player wants it. Neat!

Age of Archeia

Poor Helaz... He’s been RMN’s punching bag for a while now, hasn’t he? I kinda feel bad for the little guy a bit… Oh well.

And this is a nice thing you’re doing, piano…making a little birthday game for Nessy and all of us to play. You really are something, you know that?

And I don’t wanna guess how old Nessy is either... If I had to guess…I’ll just say “chocolate” and just roll with that.

Steamed Hams, but it's RPGMAKER2003!

Lol, I love the expression on Chalmers face when you’re faced with the dreaded YES or NO options after the whole Aurora Borealis bit that he just looks so…dejected based on Skinner’s answer like he crushed his spirit by telling Chalmers the truth… Too bad it didn’t play this scene (at @ 0:12 below) right before he ultimately rides off into the sunset. I think that would have been a more fitting choice instead of what was used.

But I must say! Out of all the Steamed Hams parodies that I’ve seen, this one definitely ranks up there among the top (IMO) just behind the DK Rap one and the Metal Gear Solid one…especially when it comes to RPGMaker, as I think this one FAR surpasses all the others that were made before it. It really is quite amazing how smooth the animation flows while running the game in real time. And it’s even more amazing if you’ve used RPGMaker 2003 for so long yourself and you see this and you're like, “…How the hell did he do that???” And then you wanna figure out how to do it yourself after that. Well done!

And…yeah, if I had to review this myself, I probably would have given you the same exact score as Frogge did in his review and probably give you a non-rating as well. Because, as a game, there really isn’t that much here that deviates from the meme itself (besides two different endings) that it can be even counted as an actual game. It’s definitely an impressive technical display of what you can do with the techniques listed above, though, so it's got that going for it.

Make me wonder if you're planning on doing something similar again for next year - and what exactly that could be? You've already done Dogs and Hams... What else are you planning???

Demanding next month's game of the month to be this game. Or else I'll sue.

N…Nah…I’d dunno if I would go down that route myself…maybe as a possible Gamespot for May - or, maybe you could possibly save this for next year’s April Fool’s Day before announcing the actual Featured Game and do something like that! That could totally work!

NHL 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs / Pool Prediction Thread

Alright. So now that I’ve had some time to think about it, I’m going to go with…

Stars over Blues In 7
Sharks over Avalanche In 5
Blue Jackets over Bruins In 6
Islanders over Hurricanes In 7

I’m SO, SO torn on the Blues and Stars series that I’ve gone back and forth about it on who I think is going to win in my head about six different times. But I ultimately decided on the Stars because I have this funny feeling about them that they might be able to do it…plus everyone else is picking the Blues to win so I need to go off the board a little bit in order to catch up, lol. The other ones I feel pretty confident in.

So all I need now is Shinan’s 2nd Round Picks and everything is good!

NHL 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs / Pool Prediction Thread

Yeah, it's basically Kory vs. Shinan now.

Yeah, pretty much…especially if one of them happens to get the full value out of that Columbus and Boston series then there’s probably no stopping either of them in the end for the rest of us without a little help... Although it’s still mathematically possible for everyone to still win the pool, the rest of us are going to have SERIOUSLY step up our predictions in the later rounds in order to have a fighting chance, including yours truly, lol.

And, yeah - holy shit - good job Narcodis and Kory for picking the Hurricanes to win - especially Narcodis who was right about the whole Hurricanes upsetting the Capitals in seven. And, because of that, he rockets up into second place in the standings! Nicely done.

So the next deadline to get everyone’s second round picks in is by Monday, April 29th @ 4 P.M. PST. just an hour before the start of Game 3 of the Stars and Blues series. I’ll add everyone’s second round picks that they’ve already made (including making my own for Round 2) sometime by tomorrow, as I’m too tired to do it right now and have to get ready for bed for work tomorrow! But, yeah, good luck in the second round you guys! May the best choke artist prevail.

"Maple Leafs fans put Game 7 blame on Justin Bieber" this is a real headline

I’m surprised that they didn’t blame the ghost of Harold Ballard for this latest blunder.