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Then I became an Addit



What are you thinking about right now?

Maybe we wanted to go down the tesseract route to be more sophisticated. Besides, crystals are so passé nowadays...

In other news, today's my brithday!

I’m late the party once again. But this time I got you something:

(Ah...good old box of Sun-Maid Raisins... You've gotten me out of a jam more times than I can possibly count.)

Indefinite Pause in Development

Don't feel bad about this at all! This is beyond your control and this is probably one of the most valid reasons to abandon a project ever.

That or somebody bribed her with a big sack of cash.

And everyone here is right; you shouldn’t put yourself down because of circumstances that were beyond your control (...unless you were the one that started the fire, lol). Besides, we’re just all relived that you’re all right and seem to be slowly picking up the pieces in your life. I couldn’t imagine going through something like you had just been through. And besides, maybe this was god’s way of telling you that your previous version wasn’t ready yet for the world to see and that when that day finally arrives for this game to come back from the grave, it will come back die hard with a vengeance!

Battle Test (Original Soundtracks)

Now THAT’S much better than before.

I actually really like the boss battle theme and what you used for the menu confirmation sound effect. Everything else looks pretty good so far too. Keep up the good work! I'll be checking up on this every once in a while, okay?

NHL 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs / Pool Prediction Thread

Lol. So even why I try to deliberately tank on purpose – I STILL end up failing! Jesus...

Well…I guess the only good thing that came out of this is that pianotm must be running around downtown St. Louis right now knocking over cars and celebrating with the rest of the Blues faithful. I’s kind of poetic justice to see this happen to them, considering that they lost their NFL franchise a little while back, and this is kind of a nice thing to see happen to the city, especially after 49 years of waiting to go back to the Stanley Cup Finals again. Well done, Blues.

So, with that - it now finally comes down to this: It’s now a battle for 1st place between Kory and Shinan to see who takes home the coveted Alexander Ovechkin Pool Party Award! With 4 points separating the two, Shinan’s probably going to need to the Bruins to win the Stanley Cup (assuming that he decides to pick them in the first place) and guess the correct number of games as well in order to completely leapfrog Kory and take sole possession of first place. A Boston win, if Kory decides to also pick Boston as well, really won’t do that much for Shinan as Kory will still have a 2 point lead over him in the end. Of course, Kory could pick Boston and Shinan could pick the Blues, but then the best that Shinan can hope for is a tie for 1st place at best.

As for the raspberry award, er – I mean…the Eugene Melnyk Award – GreatRedSpirit has a 2 point gap over Addit and a 4 point gap over Kentona for the bottom of the basement. Depending on what happens in the final series – this still could go either way…

And speaking of that! I’m going to wait a little bit and see what GreatRedSpirit picks in the finals and then go the opposite of what he picks and just hope for the best. Either way, it should be a good finish.

2018: The year Addit hated hockey???

Oh no, I was watching the entire playoffs last year just as much as this year and I was extremely happy that the Washington Capitals managed to bump the slump. The only reason that I didn’t make a pool for last year was because I took a little hiatus from the site (for no particular reason, I just wanted a break) and I forgot to make one.

Besides, I can never truly hate hockey. Hockey is life for me...

(Well, beside gaming, of course.)

Battle Test Presentation

What’s up with the strange music selection for this demonstration video anyway; it sounds like something out of a company recruitment video. And how come you’re not showing this off with any sound effects in the background either? Is this song going to be in the game as well??? Either way, this just seems like a strange choice to me to not include all of those things in it to show it off.

First off, I do like how the flowers scatter about when the enemy comes out of the shrubs to meet and greet the hero, as it’s a nice looking effect before going into battle. And the map of the forest isn’t too shabby either. The battle H.U.D. is quite nice and looks quite clean to me, although I don’t know if I like the idea of having two different indicators for a current action and a turn action, as it’s probably best to just have one altogether (although I do admit that you get kind of used to this the more that you look at the demonstration video, so it’s probably fine). Also, I do like the zoom-in effect at @ 2:04 of the video when the hero goes in for an attack. I know I’ve seen this script or technique used before somewhere in other RM games, but I can’t remember where exactly…

It’s a shame about the music selection being used here because it almost completely makes the whole video rather unbearable to watch because of it, as this is a nice looking game with a pretty decent battle system overall. Yeah, nothing too special at the moment about it...but that’s okay.

I hope you can show more of this game off in real time with everything included in it in the future, as I do wanna see more of it myself.

NHL 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs / Pool Prediction Thread


Damn it, Carolina, you had one job AND YOU BLEW IT!!! All you needed to do for me is win one stinking game and you couldn’t even do that, let alone score a goal. Absolutely pathetic…

Well…I guess the Blues and Sharks series is going to determine a lot of things going into the finals, as Kentona needs the Sharks to win in 5 games in order to avoid elimination; Narcodis needs a Sharks series win of any kind to stay in the race with Kory and Shinan; and I need them to win so I can be the sole occupant of last place again, otherwise GreatRedSpirit pretty much has last place locked down, providing that he doesn't totally screw up at the end.

Also - why is a battle for last place even a thing at this point!? I only have 2 correct out of 13 and the guy whose now in last has 6 correct out of 13 but because of those SEVEN pity points that I’ve collected it’s now a close race. WTF!

(Although, to be fair, the last two picks that I made were throw away picks on purpose, because I believed in the heart of the tank, so I guess it's more like being 2 for 11, which is still pretty bad, lol.)

NHL 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs / Pool Prediction Thread

Can't Shinan get a possible 8 points if he guesses the correct number of games for the Bruins? I'm not sure how I can compete with that, if that happens. Assuming the Bruins win, he's at 21 points (25 points if it goes to 6 games.) We both voted for the Blues in 7, so it doesn't matter what happens with that.

Yep, that’s right; he would have 24 points, 1 point currently back of you, if Boston wins in six, and he would have 21 points, 4 points currently back of you, if Boston wins in four, five or seven, regardless of what happens in the other series.

Now, if Shinan’s currently 4 points back of you going into the finals, and you decide to both pick Boston in the end, then Shinan would need not only a Bruins victory but also successfully predict the correct number of games as well to have any chance in order to leapfrog you, ‘cause you would get 2 Points from a Bruins victory and he would get 8, which is a 6 point increase for Shinan, and he would then beat you by 2. Of course, you could also pick the same number of games as him as well if you wish, which in this case the best result for Shinan would be a tie for 1st place with you.

However, if Boston manages to win their series against Carolina in six, then he would only be 1 point back of you and all he would need then is either a Bruins series win of any kind, successfully predict the correct number of games (if the Blues or Sharks win the Stanley Cup, and depending on what Narcodis, or Kentona, if they’re both still alive does) or have the Sharks win if Shinan decided to go for the Sharks if you decided to pick Boston.

NHL 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs / Pool Prediction Thread

Poor St. Louis... That overtime goal should have never counted as that was, indeed, a hand pass... I really don't understand how that can’t be reviewable but every other time it can. Such a waste…

Well…sorry about that, Cap_H... I guess it’s hard to believe in miracles when you’re rooting for a team called the St. Louis Blues... Better luck next year there, bud!

I'm glad I went from two times champ to fighting for bottom spot!

I think it’s the universe trying to correct itself for its past mistakes.

Either way, you’re not coming in last place and picking up another award for this! My tanking strategy is going to destroy your non-tanking strategy! Mark my words!

(Although, if Boston wins tomorrow, you'll be 1 point up on me going into the final two series remaining. Should be a good one!!!)

NHL 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs / Pool Prediction Thread

EDIT: Also I notice how no one is as excited to post every day anymore now that the Bruins are the best. :D

Hey, those guys haven’t won anything yet! Carolina can still do the improbable and at least win one game! (…Seriously, I need them to win at least one game otherwise my tanking strategy will backfire on me, assuming the Sharks don’t take care of business against the Blues.)

If the Bruins do a sweep it works out better than going to 6 games cause you get less points. If the Blues don't win against the Sharks I don't know how my chances of winning this thing are looking.

Okay, so here how things go…

If the Blues manage to win their series and the Hurricanes manage to come back from 3-0 down to beat the Bruins, then Kory automatically will clinch 1st place and take home the title, as no one will be able to touch him after that, regardless.

However…if Boston manages to win the series in either a sweep, five games, or seven games, combined with a St. Louis series win of any kind, Kory will then be 4 points up on Shinan, and as long as he picks the same team that Shinan does, in this case Boston, then regardless of what happens at the end, Kory’s got this. However, a Sharks series victory combined with a Bruins series victory that’s not in 6 games then has a three way race between Kory, Shinan and Narcodis, who then makes things VERRRY interesting depending on who picks who in the finals, as it’s theoretically possible for any of those guys to win, or at least in Narcodis’ case a tie for 1st place.

If Boston DOES somehow manage to win a Game 6, regardless of the outcome of the Blues and Sharks series, then Shinan will then only be one point back of Kory going into the finals. Even if Kory manages to pick the Bruins as well as Shinan, all Shinan would need to do have a Bruins win of any kind, or predict the correct number of games that the series would go to if Kory doesn’t pick the same number as him, and he’ll have a one point advantage in the end to take the title. Of course, Narcodis could pick the Sharks (assuming that they make it) and snipe it from both Kory and Shinan if he manages to pick the Sharks and guess the correct number of games as well if both of them are picking Boston in the finals… I think he needs to pick both the Sharks AND the correct number of games to have any chance at all.

And as for Cap_H and Kentona? Well…that’s what tonight’s game will decide.

So although both Cap_H and Kentona are still mathematically alive and have a chance to - AT LEAST - tie for 1st place (depending on how things go in the end), they would still need a LOT of help afterwards.

Cap_H has the worst odds of pulling off any miracle as he needs BOTH the Blues to win in five games and as well as the Bruins to win in seven in order to stay alive. Anything else would officially eliminate him.

Kentona has…slightly better odds, as all he needs is the Sharks to win in five games and that’s about it! It doesn’t matter that much if the Bruins or Hurricanes win; he just needs the Sharks to win in five in order to mathematically stay alive.

So…basically, all you need to know is this: If St. Louis manages to win tonight, then Kentona is officially eliminated. If the Sharks win, then Cap_H is eliminated.

- Let the mayhem begin!

EDIT: And as far as it goes for the battle for the basement, there’s still lot of things left that can still happen, but right it’s now it’s mainly between myself and GreatRedSpirit for the dubious distinction of suckatude (although Kentona still has a bit of outside chance).