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  • Adina
  • 04/23/2014 09:23 PM

Love and War: Act I
A young man fresh out of high school will soon discover the role he must play.
Epic Elf (2013)
A short RPG where roaming a dangerous island as a dark elf can get a little weird.
REFMAP game in production for almost a decade!
The Stoneville Mystery
Johnny's dad has disappeared in the night. What dark secrets does the forest hold?
Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate
Huge 12 Hours+ Fantasy Role Playing Game
Remnants of Isolation
Fight for your freedom in a world that fears and despises you.
"A joy to sit down and play" - Addit
A short demo created with RPG Maker 2003
Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis
Side-scrolling post-apocalyptic RPG
Master of the Wind
An episodic superhero role-playing game.
Summer 2011 Contest Entry
Legacies of Dondoran
Epic length completed RPG
Lakria Legends
Become one with Fate, or forge your own destiny. When a planet is on the brink of extinction, will you become its savior, or its downfall?
Vampires Dawn - Reign of...
A grandpa tells his grandson a story about vampires...