I am here to make games and chew bubblegum. And I still have 2 packs of bubblegum so this may take awhile.
Follow Maisie on a quest across the fantastical world of Arcadea to find someone precious to her....



Bury ver2.00

Yami! Thanks for the translation!!! I'm excited to play it!!! :D

Ruthless Smile

I love this game so much for it's unique out of sequence story telling and meta elements. I never expected the twists or that I was going to see not 1, not 2, but THREE whole end credits. Best 5 hours I spent this year! Thanks as always for your translations! (I also played Spiegel Ei and Mochiko and just....every game you translate is just *chef's kiss* amazing)


I really liked how you made the most of the graphics and the music compliments the game really well too, it's cute and uplifting!
There was an interesting puzzle there I haven't come across before so props to you for that.
I'm looking forward to see what the finished version will be like :)

Personally I always prefer less dialogue and more exploring so it suits me well that the main character doesn't speak unless she has something important to say.
Super cute houses! The one with all the sunflowers makes me long for summer.

Thank you so much!~ I also prefer less dialogue and more exploring so I try to keep cutscenes short and maps interesting haha I'm glad you share my sentiment!~


I find that switching from the classic top-down view is a very effective way to make a refreshing parallax map. Kudos to that!

Thank you! I like switching up from top view to side view and vice versa...There will be a lot of weird perspective changes haha.

Digital Soul Data

bullet hell game yeeeeeee !!!!


Oooh! Sakura Petals!

Yeaaa! It adds some dramatic-ness ehehee


Woah. Sparkly!

Yeeeeee ~~

It's nice to see this game still alive. And very well, at that. This is gorgeous, damn I adore the particles flying around in the light.

Thanks Frogge~ Yeee it's still chugging along haha thanks youu!


is this still in development?I was really excited for this but I haven't seen any updates ):

Hi! Yes I try to post monthly updates on my tumblr! I'm not that active on RMN sorry!


Are you making all the art assets by yourself?

I drew all of the character portraits and cgs and some of the sprites, but I also use free-to-use assets for mapping~


Thank you so much for the lovely review~ I'm glad you enjoyed the game so far!

Wow, you picked up on the hints of the deeper mystery! Maisie's (and Jas's) backstory is the crux of the main plot, and will hopefully answer all of your questions in a satisfying way~
I will definitely let Kieran know that you enjoyed his compositions! Thanks again! I will continue to work hard on the game and give updates when I can!
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