A Wizard's Quest Review

Thanks for the review! I'm pretty aware of this games issues, since it was originally just for a contest. I'll eventually get around to remaking this game, but not anytime soon I don't feel.

I can pretty easily solve the issues you listed though. Expect an update in a couple days or so.

Quick question, would you prefer if I just defaulted to the normal menu and battle systems?

The Mess-up A Wish Foundation

Wish granted! But I'm afraid it's one of those magical skateboards that will send you to outer space every time you get on it. Hope you bought a space suit!

I wish for world peace.

I like cheese!

I like trains


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Excuse me while I go and don't believe you.

Random Status Writer

My self proclaimed title.

Saved Variables

An inspiration to us all.

Saved Variables

Once this engine is able to make a game you bet your butt I'm doing it.

WYRM WARRIORS! The Legend Must Go On!

For recruits, you can just convert character levels into variables, divide it based on the amount of party members, and round based on the level cap. You could even make it a set of call common events so it doesn't clutter the party events.

WYRM WARRIORS! The Legend Must Go On!

2) Any ideas is fine. Having mass recruits from a single sidequest is probably a bad idea, since you don't feel like you know the character somewhat before they're in the party. Unless, perhaps, they have a conflict between each other that needs to be resolved.

For Example:
Merchantie the merchant: That mean thief stole my broach! Find him and I'll give you funds for your adventure!
Thiefy the thief: That old money grubber bankrupted me! Help me steal his gold and I'll help you out!

3)I say you keep the enemies in the area, but remove the experience they give. This will let people farm for item drops and gold if they want to, which is important if a character is an Alchemist who needs ingredients or a Blue Mage who hasn't learned a certain ability yet.


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