Under the Hunter's Moon Review

What was your opinion on the boss fight btw? Do you think it was designed well? How do you think it was difficulty-wise? Too hard or just right?
Not bad and not too difficult (anyway free saving is helpful!) but these hyperfast werewolves that took two arrows to be dispatched were annoying since the arena is small and they run like hell! Otherwise not too difficult... the castle area (left sidi in particular) was difficult too.

I also never used exp items or those consumables except for the healing potions

Werewolves have much lower melee defence than ranged defence, though I'm not sure how much difference it makes. Still, they take more damage from melee attacks than ranged. Black Knights take more damage from ranged than melee and zombies are so weak that it doesn't matter (I think they are a bit more vulnerable to melee).

The game gets much easier if you get enough Accuracy so it takes only one arrow to get rid of them. Best bow and max level isn't sufficient though, you need that and also about 20 Elixirs of Warrior's Skill.

I'm aware that the yellow orb that spawns the 5 werewolves is probably the hardest one, that's the reason why I moved it to the bottom side so that it's not the first orb the player notices (and tries to shoot).

And yeah, the left side has the Black Knights more bunched up and the corridor leading to the treasury and the Blue Orb room is an easy place to get trapped in.

Thanks for your feedback, I'll try to release version 1.1 once I have time which should fix the respawns an some other issues!

Under the Hunter's Moon Review

I haven't had that issue myself. Only happened a few times when I shot an arrow at the same time as performing a melee attack (enemies are immune to further damage for several frames after they take damage). Do let me know if it does happen normally though and if the bug can be reproduced. I'll play through it once myself and see if it really is that way.

Yeah, the game was meant to represent the Autumn season (per event requirements), so I had to edit them. Glad it ended up looking good! Sprites were RTP, just the MC was slightly edited for the shooting and melee attack animations.

Yep, just need to add a few script calls to the enemy events and it should be fine!

What was your opinion on the boss fight btw? Do you think it was designed well? How do you think it was difficulty-wise? Too hard or just right?

Under the Hunter's Moon Review

The arrows don't fail in melee, atleast it never happened to me. What might have happened is that the enemies are immune to damage for a very short while after taking damage from any source, so shooting another instant arrow too fast at point blank range (and even then only really if there's a wall right behind them that cause the arrow to reset early) or during a melee attack might cause the arrow not to damage the enemy since they are still in their "invincible state".

The RTP used in this game is edited, especially the outdoor tiles are, to make them more "autumn-like". The pine trees in particular were edited heavily and transformed into an actual forest tile, the RTP one is just a single, freestanding pine tree.

As for the respawn issue, that's the only part where this game is worse than the previous one. I'm gonna fix that in the next update.

And yes, this was basically what End of Winter was supposed to be like, if I had more time. For one, this game actually has a proper boss fight unlike the previous one :D

Anyway, thanks for the review, glad you've enjoyed the game!

Luke Daimont: Absolute Mayhem Review

Hello, thanks for reviewing the game!

I know that I should have probably removed the variable jump length. It was an early feature that ended up being obsolete. I just play this game either by holding Shift all the time or just turning Always Dash on.

Still, I did add the signpost at the very start of the tutorial level the player can read that tells you about the jumping mechanics as well as the cliff right after it where you need a long jump. This was so that the player learns about this feature early and it doesn't cause problems later in the game where running jumps are required. I realize that it's not an ideal solution.

Shooting enemies on the map with Luke's gun instead of defeating them in turn-based battles also gives score, 100 in fact. Ideally, you avoid turn-based battles entirely. Opening the supply crates gives 100 Score and recovers 10 HP.

The motorcycle minigame wasn't implemented very well, I agree.

The clown boss takes 30 hits from the gun in the first phase or maybe more, I don't remember.

One thing that might not be particularly clear during that boss fight is that the explosions only damage Luke if he's in their blast radius and on the ground. You are supposed to jump in the air before the plasma orbs hit the ground and explode or just move out of the way if you can.

The boss's HP also doesn't reset in the first phase, so even if you lose all HP you just continue where you left off.

Yeah, that one RTP music track along with the RTP Sci-fi Enemies was what inspired me to make this game in the first place. It does definitely fit the vibe I was going for, glad you've enjoyed the story and dialogue as well! And thanks for the review!

Hali's Review Thread (Request Your Game!)

Hello, could you please review the game that I've made for the Seasons of RMN IV event. It's a sequel to End of Winter.

Here it is:

Under The Hunter's Moon

RMN Page:

Amarok's Howl Review

Yeah, that's true, I'll think about it some more!

Amarok's Howl Review

Your comment on the chase music surprised me, I actually think it fits surprisingly well despite the fact that it's just a repurposed RTP Battle track. ... One of the other reviews specifically points out that the chase music is one of the best parts of the game and "really gives you a sense of urgency to get away as soon as possible". I guess it just varies from person to person.
True, it would vary by person. It's different for me because I've viewed a lot of Let's Plays of horror games over the years, so I guess I'm used to chase themes that are more sinister and tense.

The sound effects were more of a way to add some background ambience to the game, since it felt a bit empty with just the footsteps and the howling wind sound.

Makes sense, but sometimes it's scarier when things are quiet. That lonely feeling can become oppressive in the right setting, especially if it feels like you're alone when you know you're not.

I just took a shortcut and just put a few "points of interest" at each map and the Adlet just pathfind towards them at random, with them changing whenever they reach one or a chase ends. ... That means that there isn't really any specific pattern that can be observed, which makes it more "realistic", but I'm not sure how well that works gameplay-wise.

The "Points of Interest" are actually the places where the Keeluts can spawn.

I think it works fine. It keeps the enemies from becoming predictable and they're always migrating toward places where the player can be spotted, which effectively helps them locate the player.

The people you are supposed to find have random locations that are generated at the start of the game.

I suspected this was the case, but I wasn't sure since I only played through one time. That's good for replay value.

For the difficulty... I can't really argue. I got a lot of feedback that the game was too hard and frustrating, so I toned it down considerably.

Skill issue That's understandable, it's hard to account for differences in player ability. Difficulty levels help with that, but there's only so much you can do. To prevent softlocking, you could disable saving outside the nurse's office. That would allow Endurance and Amarok to be a little deadlier, and both could vary by difficulty. Like, it's better to be too generous than too strict, but when the mechanic is so forgiving it becomes a non-issue, it's like the mechanic doesn't exist at all.

As for the Chance to Get Away, it makes sense how you described it, so I think all you need to do is keep it from growing too large. Maybe have it start at 5% and grow by 1% or 2% for each person saved. That would cap it at 15% or 25%, which shouldn't be too bad.

The only other thing I'd suggest is to let the Adlet chase you through doors. If you exit while in a chase, have an Adlet on the new map teleport to the door you walked out of after a moment to resume chasing. Ao Oni did this and was very effective for it.

Whether you update the game or not, I'd say it was a good time.

1) Yeah, I get that. As I said, I don't think it's a masterpiece, but it works alright.

2) I agree, but I didn't think that the game could really pull it off at the time I made it. It just felt really empty instead of atmospheric. So I made it like this as some sort of a small fix to distract the player from it. Yeah, it is far from ideal. Next time, I'm gonna go with more "meaningful" sounds.

Btw. That sound you wondered what it was in your videos, that was supposed to be the sound of a door opening and letting in the wind from outside, to make the player think that someone entered the building they were in (probably an Adlet).

I reused it with a different pitch in the higher floors as the sound of a window bursting open only to shut itself from the wind after a few seconds. Well, that was the idea. It probably doesn't make that much sense.

3) Yep, I think it worked surprisingly well for what was originally a time-saving shortcut.

4) Well, the Adlet originally were faster, had a larger detection ranger they chased the player for longer before giving up. They were overtuned then, I think they are probably ok at this point, just some other things need to change to make the game more challenging in the right way. Chance to Get Away from saving people will drop to 5% + 1% per person saved and Health will be reduced by 10 on all difficulties is what I'm thinking.

5) Yeah, that's something I regret that I wasn't able to add here.

RPG Maker doesn't have a way to transfer events from map to map. There's now some plugins that allow you to mimic that somewhat, those didn't exist yet when I made this game.

Still, I could have made it in a similar way to how Ao Oni probably does it and have an event in place on every map that could become an additional chaser when needed. But I ran out of time and afterwards, I just couldn't be bothered interacting with the spaghetti "code" this game has. The way I had to set it up (because I couldn't figure out a better way), each type of event has to have a specific event ID on each map and it was a nightmare to keep track of it. Not to mention the massive Common Event for detection. If I changed something now I might break the game entirely and I think it's better to just make a new game from scratch.

6) Indeed, it was made with replayability in mind. That's why I gave players the option to skip the prologue. If you do that, the game starts with Alistair waking up in the Doctor's Office.

7) I actually plan to make a "sequel" to this game someday. Probably this year or the next. The main reason for that is that I believe Amarok can make a truly great horror antagonist while being relatively unknown and this game really didn't showcase him well at all. So I hope to try again and do it better sometime.

Thanks for your comments!

Perceiving Shapes

Just to clarify, in my review the chase I complained about wasn't one of the two involving the Clown (I thought those were fine), it was the one you get if you choose "people with sharp objects" as your biggest fear. That one wasn't very good.

Amarok's Howl

Thanks for playing the game and for your feedback. I agree with basically everything. Most of those points are already things I realized either during the development or shortly after, but at that point it was either too late to change things or I just didn't have time to figure out a better way to do it, for example that advice from Natalia.

I agree that the maps aren't good, they are more functional than aesthetic in design and the corridors are way too wide. The adlet used to have a wider detection range, which I reworked in some subsequent update, so those are a remnant of that. I actually made the maps during the last few days of the game jam. Some of them like the Main Building and the first floor of the dorms were literally finished during the last few hours of the game jam.

That said, the game's setting is a remote college campus in Alaska, so, some amount of uniformity and sparseness is intentional. I tried to atleast make it a somewhat "realistic" layout and make the rooms resemble what they were supposed to portray, which was hard with MZ RTP. I think that if the corridors weren't as wide as they are now, the maps would feel a bit more natural.

The story and cutscenes was the same way, I only got around to doing those a few hours before the end of the game jam, right after I finished the maps. So it's somewhat of a "first draft" in most cases.

Most of the development time was spent refining the basic gameplay and figuring out how to implement it by myself, which was far from easy and I almost gave up on this game multiple times.

Stealth Walking is something you are meant to switch to when you notice an Adlet on the screen. Running around is supposed to be the default way to traverse the map.

Amarok implementation could be a lot better, I agree.

What was your opinion on those dogs (Keelut) that showed up from time to time and alerted the Adlet if you got too near them? Do you think that mechanic added fun to the game?

As for the ending:

I did intend to add that legend to the game too to explain the ending, but that was shortly before the ending of the game jam, so in the end I didn't have time to add it in. I'm thinking about doing a final update to the game that will add the legend in alongside some other things. Mostly bug fixes. And an additional ending scene after Alistair's death.

Did you think the ending was fitting, atleast in intent if not in execution?

I hope you enjoyed playing the game for what it was. I'm currently making another horror game for a game jam that ends in early July, so feel free to play that one once I upload it and provide your feedback. It was a great read, thanks for your comment!

[Review Request]

I'd still welcome another review if anyone's up for it, since that review is somewhat brief because the reviewever quit the game early due to issues with its controls. Maybe with another special request added with commenting on the control scheme and if it does truly cause serious issues for the game, just to get a second opinion.