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Nice game! I believe that I got the best ending.

Everyone was innocent and it turned out that Pomelon faked her death. Everyone survived.

Sword of Aegis (Demo) Review

So, I know this is a three years old review of a 13 year old demo, but seeing how much flak the author got for the name of the game in both the comments and this review, I just can't let this go...

Aegis doesn't exactly mean a literal shield in latin. Atleast, it's not a common word for an actual shield someone would carry in battle. That would be something like scutum or clipeus etc. If aegis is used, it's more often in the metaphorical sense, like a "shield of status" or something like that.

Basically, true to the myth from which it originated, aegis has the association that someone is protected from harm by a higher power. The original Aegis also wasn't necessarily a shield, sometimes it was a piece of an animal skin, I think it was the skin of a goat. In some cases, it was also referred to as a breastplate.

Atleast in english, Aegis can also mean protection or patronage etc. and is often used in that context. Sword of Protection sounds perfectly acceptable. Plus, maybe I'm the only one, but Sword of Aegis sounds like a pretty cool title.

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I have to say, I absolutely loved Liberty's summary of Sedna's story :D

How Has Your Experience with MZ Been?

I made a SHMUP platformer in a week using MZ for the Trials of MZ event, with only about a few months of experience with MV beforehand. I have to say, the expanded Button options in conditional branches really helped.

Since you can also detect if a button has been triggered or repeated instead of only pressed down, it allowed to make me something that wouldn't be as good in MV without plugins. Especially the jumping mechanics. Another thing I really like is the active battle system. It's really nice having that by default. The default UI is also much superior to the MV one. Especially for mouse controls.

The addition of the Last category in Game Data for variables etc. has also proven pretty useful. Like for example, in creating a consumable item that gives XP only to the character that uses it. In MV, the only way I found how to do it by default is by having a weird damage formula with script calls, for MZ, you just fill a variable with the ID of the Last Target Actor ID.

The biggest thing for me was that tab that shows all the events on the current map in a neat list. I don't think I could make that game so fast without it. It's the best addition in MZ by far.

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Will the games be played in the alphabetical order like during the last event?

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Alright, so Amarok's Howl is now complete!

Trials of MZ

My bad for not getting to the rest of the games, but I've been super busy between work and the Cutie contest.

Very much understandable. :) Hope you review them eventually though, loved reading your reviews :)

Final Score

Nice score, @JustAShyDoge! Just managed to beat it, my new High Score is 15083!

Changing lanes is actually worth the risk, if you are fast enough. You get points for the soldiers too :)

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*raises hand*
Thank God, for some reason I thought I was the only one...

I'm still far from done.

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I've decided to scrap my original project for now (didn't really have much time to work on it anyway) and started an entirely new one. If I finish it quickly enough, I might make a shorter version of the first one and submit it too.