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[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=

Blob, I have to ask - where in thundera did you get all those awesome dragon avatars

With the exception of the fluffy brown dragon, they're all made by Diives! He doesn't only do dragons. I think I found all of his dragon ones.

The fluffy brown dragon...uh, I don't really remember who made it.

Other diives stuff:

Some of his stuff is NSFW so view at your own discretion.

Mafia Guide; Hosting, Suggestions, and Discussion

Additionally, I am attempting to run a 1-hour mafia on slack right now. It might be a complete failure but it might not. Just vanilla.

[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=

Still certain I had the worst ability since it conflicted with me winning:

Loyalty: When partnered with someone for more than one day/night phase, you will die in their place (night or day).

I appreciate games where everyone gets to have a power. However, there were some obvious discrepancies in power. I also agree with psy that their was very little incentive to do much of anything.

A phase 1 setup with an actual scum team may have been better. Or a setup like phase 2, but with the partnership mechanic. Removing the partnerships made the game feel even more RNG since their wasn't any need to investigate other players after SK was outed.

[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=

hex, I'll take you up on that "vote this way, vote that way" offer. As long as neither of us are the victim of the votes both days.

[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=

Well. Let's get the ball rolling I guess.
#sacrifice frogge

[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=

Makes sense to me.

#sacrifice odd_rabbit

[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=

So what are we pming you? Rereading and it's not making sense to me.

[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=

Inb4 scum gets randomly assigned.

[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=

You should have pm'ed liberty to confirm those things and not done it in chat

[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=

#sacrifice demonlord5000

I'm not really feeling the multi kill since with the new revelations I believe demon is SK. I'd rather not give the patrons the opportunity to kill the non-sk in a multi-kill scenario.