So hey all Im new here so let me introduce myself.Im a man from Slovakia,small country in the heart of europe.Mine hobbies are...drawing,sports,martial arts,working out,reading books maybe a good film but it must a good film,games,history and cultures,having fun...selfexplenatory,cocking and learning new stuff.
Bla bla bla lets move on to the rpgmaker.

What drew me to rpgmaker was the good old feel of old games,wich I like more than this new high definition,bloom crap,those old pixel graphics,im just so horny for them,you know nostalgia and I love RPGs...thats why I wanted to create a game in rpgmaker. I have so many ideas,so many concepts,stories I must vent it all out.Well I have scarce experience in borland pascal...experimented with rpg maker and I think I could pull mine project off,wish me luck.

I hope people here are lurvely.Peace out.

Oh and I could draw something pixelly or digitally for people who would ask me kindly...practice makes perfect...well if anyone would even want mine crappy art...