Uh? Do you guys listen to music?

I'm probably not exposing any hidden gems here but... some stuff I listen to:

Wilco - Humming bird

The Black Keys - The Only One

Project Planning/Working Methods?

The other thing I would suggest for project planning is "OneNote", software that is part of Microsoft Office.
It's a virtual note book, but essentially makes it very easy to organize mass amounts of information.

Project Planning/Working Methods?

There's no real concrete way to plan, but the general rule about project planning is that the more in detail you go with the planning, the less likely you'll get demotivated later. In addition to that, I would stress organization. Almost nothing is fun to work on in a cluttered mess.


The cliffs are kind of whacky, but this is a pretty neat tileset! Your own edit?



Heh, I can tell you used the Windows 7 version of MS Paint to make this battle background. ^_^

Also, this is a pretty cool concept, I think Cartoons and RPGs make a neat combination. With a little more effort, this could look pretty cool!



This is probably the nicest font I've seen used in 2k :)


Awesome Castle and town! Slick use of RTP.


This is wonderful. Cool atmosphere.

Combat-Only RPG's

I guess FFXIII is sort of a chuck at that. It does feature a pretty detailed plot, but is insanely light on everything but battles.

Post your desktop!

I just recently bought a new computer with windows 7. I like it so far!