I made a spread sheet that calculates damage and skill damage for VX using the default algorithms. If you're interested in that I could send it to you.

EDIT: I also made a 2k3 version as well. :) I suppose if you filled out the whole spread sheet, you could graph the results to get a visual perspective.

Any of you guys/gals swim?

What? This is crazy, how is it that there is so many people who don't swim. I live in Canada, and pretty much everyone likes swimming, I don't know who anyone who doesn't. Rivers and lakes are great, I don't like the ocean much though, I don't like salt water. The best is Cliff jumping (I prefer about a 25 ft high cliff), which is something that EVERYONE should do if they are a reasonably good swimmer. Cliff jumping and tarzan ropes are great :).

Summer Screenshot Spectacular!

This isn't actually really anything, just testing out some futuristic stuff :)

This 'invalid color depth' thing is infuriating.

I suggest you use Idraw. Not only is it an excellent program for pixel art, it works only with 256 (or less) colour palettes. It works similar to paint, but has much better options for selecting, zooming, and grids. Learn to use Idraw, you'll never regret it! Seriously! Anyone who doesn't like it doesn't know how to use its features. It can be a little confusing considering the complete lack of documentation ^_^.

The Most Important Aspect of a Game

This seems like an odd and general answer, but accomplishing whatever your game set out to do usually leads to great success.

That is very insightful, and probably the best answer! Video games (RPGs esspecially) are interesting because they are a whole slough of different mediums. While this makes it challenging because you must adapt to all these mediums (music, graphics, story, gameplay, setting, sex, etc), it also gives your game many different options for ways in which it can shine.

Trailers for amateur games?

I haven't made a trailer, but I've always liked working with Windows Movie Maker ^_^

Trailers for amateur games?

I don't know, I figure if you have fun making the trailer, go ahead. They are also well suited for when your game isn't polished enough for release yet, but you want to get some sort of feedback. Also, they make great release-something's :).


Hey look it's RMN3!

Oh man. This is a totally slick looking website. Cheers WIP!

[RM2k3] hmm i dont see these tiles........

Okay, this is hard to explain, but I am guessing you don't understand how "auto-tiles" work. Only the top left tile will actually show in the editor palette. Select that single tile that is shown in the map editor and try drawing with it.

The concept of auto tiles basically allows you to draw things such as paths, where the edges will be generated from the image file. It's basically just a time saver. The auto tiles are always located in the same place in the editor, which are the top 3 rows of tiles in the palette. You will mainly use rows 2 & 3, the first row is water auto tiles.

Does that help?

- Chartley

Cast Aside

The art for Cast Aside is radical, especially the title screen. Cheers ^_^