Screenshot Survival 20XX

I've been around FOREVER, and I'll NEVER get sick of REFMAP stuff used properly. Looks great!!

This is some dumb forest-planting game I've been working on in Godot. I'm a pretty crappy programmer, but the menus and planting mechanics are coming along nicely:

Man, this place is a time capsule. My last post is 2010!

Nice!! I’m still a filthy Albertan. Soon to move to the island I think to run from Winter. But that is definitely the most quintessential Saskatchewan photo hah! Is it -35 with a wind chill?

Man, this place is a time capsule. My last post is 2010!

Haha, this is turning into a ghost story. Hello Kentona, definitely remember you! Still living on the cold prairies of Canada?

Man, this place is a time capsule. My last post is 2010!

Your last post is from 08/26/2011 01:15 PM
not 2010.

Lock me up!! I’m a fraud!!

On another note, how are buzzing games calculated on the front page?? Is Legion Saga II actually hot right now?!

Man, this place is a time capsule. My last post is 2010!

Hello everyone. I'd be pretty impressed if anyone here remembers me! I was a semi-frequent poster, but maybe not the most active dude. I won a random map contest once! If anyone remembers it. Like 2008 or something.

I kinda got caught up in school, and then life and never made it back to mucking about again! It's absolutely amazing to see this community still crushing it! Between now and my last post, the Internet has not aged as gracefully as it could have, and these message boards certainly hold a constrasting value in the face of Reddit and whatever else. Kudos to keeping that fire going!

I'm stoked to get backing into making things. It's been amazing to relearn pixel art and what not. The tools available now are pretty amazing! Loving Asesprite, wish I had that 15 years ago instead of iDraw! I'm trying to learn Godot. The programming is all new to me, so that's pretty fun. I don't have much desire to get back into Rpg Maker, as I think I'd rather just experiment on a blank canvas for a while!

That's it, hello everyone, 9 years later

ps pixel art is tough

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Very valid point chana! the First Seed Material stuff looks quite a bit better for sure. One thing that sucks about the map system is the lack of directional passing, but I guess KGC wrote a script for that.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

I love VX with all my heart, but I think if they had kept the XP mapping system, it would probably have been flawless. Oh well!

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Mountains are a little trick in VX, does this work at all? I am a little shaky about it still.

Make Battle Animations Easier

Ha, the shift trick really is cool.

But on the subject of battle animations, is there a tutorial covering them? A comprehensive tutorial on battle animations would be pretty neat, if not downright useful. The auto-complete functions are probably a little confusing to some people.

Uh? Do you guys listen to music?

Haha, my last post was in July 2010... no good? I'll give it a go :)

Animal Collective is cool too!