RPG Maker Convention

Hey Kentona, we're practically neighbors, let's go get wasted dude!
(By neighbors, I mean neighboring provinces)

RMN Map-Design Contest [Winners announced]

So, I read that I won and all that... so I went to bust open a victory Coke, and BOOM!
There is now coke infused in various articles of clothing, as well as my keyboard. :(

But in all seriousness, thanks guys! And well done on the maps, they were all very swell. I would have hated to be a judge, because they were good entries across the board. I look forward to the next one!

As for the prize, I don't really need it. But if you're bent on getting rid of it, maybe Holb won't object. ^_-

[ADVERT/DEMO] The Legend of the Philosopher's Stone - [REVAMP II Release + Progress Thread]

Dude, you totally should have waited till Release Something III (Spring edition)!
But either way, I'll give this a play through in the near future.

Favorite Game

I'd say a tie between Earthbound and Super Metroid.

Screenshot Thread With One Eyebrow and a Golden Tooth

Holy spooky atmosphere batman!
Looks great. (Though I don't know what's going on)

Release Something! Day III: Demo Day Edition [June 20th, 2008]

I don't know if I'll be able to finish the whole game, I'm getting pretty busy with work. But that's still my goal. If nothing else, there will be a demo. But let's hope for a full game, shall we? ^_^

Also, I hope this will be the best RS EVER!

What comes to mind from the username above you?

A very sharp knife.

What consoles do you own?

Not very many here!

Playstation 2
Gameboy Advance SP
Classic Gameboy
Gameboy pocket
Nintendo DS
Super Nintendo

The ones that I frequently use:

News Flash with Kermit the Frog [7 Reasons the 21st Century is Making You Miserable]

Okay back on topic! I will have none of this! I judge books by how much I enjoy them!

News Flash with Kermit the Frog [7 Reasons the 21st Century is Making You Miserable]

I know, but I feel like HP was cheated!