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I am totally going to play these out of order and play SU, and THEN Balmung. Also, the front page screenshot for Balmung is pretty hip happity, I like it.

If you liked X, you might like Y...

If you liked Dragon Fantasy II, you might like this Dragon Warrior 1 RM2K Remix:

If you liked Kindred Saga, you would probably enjoy The Legend of the Philosopher's Stone:

Screenshot Superbowl Sunday

When in doubt, I probably wouldn't use it. I'd say that it is very likely that it is a heavily modified rip, though I don't know where it is ripped from.

Anyway, a VX town!

If you liked X, you might like Y...

If you liked A Blurred Line, you should play Book of Three next, by the same author. Or just try the rest of his games. :)


I've been doing some more experimenting with my desktop:


That second one is awesome!

Here's mine. Boring but clean:

Best RM Games you've Ever Played

In addition, screw ABL.
Did you just say this just to be edgy? I mean, I don't see a point in hating any game that didn't cost anything, was not advertised (And thus not promising anything), and is almost a decade old and severly outdated.

Map Design Fun #8: Befuddle Quest! (DOWNLOAD NOW)

I'm down for making something when I'm done school. So... early may I'll whip something up. Or is that too late?

EDIT: Whoops yup that is too late. I'll catch the next one! Please office, you must believe me! I AM a participator!

What Are You Working On?

I'm currently working on my Nacho's, they are turning out great. :)

[Community Project] Missiongarde -- Class refining in progress

Darken, that is fantastic!