What upcoming games are you looking forward to?

(I'm kind of a ghost these days, sorry for those who missed me (haha))

Mother 3, since the translation is apparently going to be released within a week. I'm practically shitting myself.

Release Something Podcast

Guys, this is really great! Very entertaining to listen to, and informative. I haven't had time to play anything yet (I swear I'll catch up). Nor have I had time to make anything! But someday, I promise!

But, most certainly continue with this. It's pretty wonderful. It was very weird hearing the voices though, none of them were how I imagined. I expected more angry grunts from WIP!

Worst Fears?

Bees/Wasps: Gah! I hate these things so god damn much!

I read this today in an article, that, if bees suddenly went extinct, we would have 4 years to live. I don't believe this is completely true, we would probably have more than 4 years. But it would certainly cause extinction! So that's scary, that counts as a fear, right?

Also, I love bees, but wasps make a little more nervous, very vicious.
I'm very afraid of cancer, and also forests at night time.

Release Something! Day III: Demo Day Edition [June 20th, 2008]

Sorry guys, at best I might have a demo. This month has been completely turned up side down. A close friend of mine that I've known since I was four years old just passed away two nights ago. So I'm out of town for the week, and when I'm back I'll have to work over time to make up for the lost time. So I'm short of all time.

Cutscene's Ruined

I say go for it! Especially if that's what you like doing. In fact, these have been done before, by Brickroad. Here's the links to his projects if you want to see an example:

The Green Project

Abley, cementing a mountain side would probably cost more than 60,000$, but that's just a guess.

Ask to be Medieval Personage! [1 Week Only][Roman names later!]

Okay, I'm curious...

The Green Project

That's a pretty goofy way to protect the environment. I mean, how good could PAINT possibly be for the environment? It also seems silly because it's not going to last very long! I mean, dirt/rock erodes, so that paint is just going to weather away. You can already see patches where it's less green.

I Just Bit My Cat

I would probably apologize to your feline friend.

Discussion on Map Design: Accessibility Vs. Aesthetic Value

I began thinking about this after the recent map design contest. What exactly makes a good map? There are many factors, but I think what it boils down to is this: A map can either be tailored for game play, or focused on aesthetics and atmosphere. Perhaps if you are lucky, you can find a balance of both! I shall post some polar extreme examples of some maps from well known games, and illustrate a few thoughts on each.

Pokemon: Accessible

- Clearly defined boundaries of passability. It is very easy to see where you can walk, and where you can't.
- More suitable to action gameplay. This is debatable, but it does make sense. Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past is a good example of this, because the maps were very clearly defined, though not so pretty. They fit very well for gameplay!
- Generally easier to design.

-Not unnecessarily ugly, but generally much more simple and less atmospheric than the aesthetic maps.
-Possibly restricting on artistic vision.

Chrono Trigger: Aesthetic

-These types of maps have the potential to be absolutely gorgeous, and can be extremely successful at establishing atmosphere and setting.
-Allows for some more complex map structures.


-Requires much more effort to design
-Restricts gameplay

So those are the two extreme examples I can think of. I think this discussion is especially relevant to Rpg Maker, considering the recent release of Rpg Maker VX. With the release of VX, we now have a bit of a split between those who like XP, and those who prefer VX. One of the dividing points is that of the RTP, and how it handles map design. VX generally produces much more accessible maps, where as XP's tends to be more complex and aesthetic.

So, what do you guys have to say on the topic? What are some factors to consider in map design? Neither of these polar extremes is really any better than the others, both are widely used in the history of Video Games. Which type do YOU prefer, and why?