Cliff Spriting Help

I actually don't understand the tile itself, I'd probably have to see it in use. Enterbrain used to have some excellent tutorials, including cliffs. The tutorials taught the mack and blue sort of style, it's a shame they are not up anymore!

But if you want my advice, I think you should take a good look at some cliffs in Mother 3, they seem to have a similar style to the one you're going for.

For instance:


I've started messing around with VX much more lately, so I'm re-learning how to map.

Worst videogame character.

Well, I have to say I'm shocked that no one has mentioned King Trode yet! (DQ8)

I need a mathematical Genius (Rpg Maker VX "Generate Curve" mystery)

Well, I definitely don't need to release anything now, someone made a far better battle test method. :)

This thing is amazing.

I need a mathematical Genius (Rpg Maker VX "Generate Curve" mystery)

Bah, I think I'm going to give up on this for now. I was hoping it was going to be one consistant formula using the variables: min level, max level, min stat, max stat, and growth factor.

I am going to release two spread sheets I think, one with no curve simulation, and one that is automatic but limited to linear growth (no early or late curves). It's a damn shame that these curves are out of my league, it would have been awesome. :(

I need a mathematical Genius (Rpg Maker VX "Generate Curve" mystery)

Hmm, the bad news is that it is 3 different formulas :(.
I'm not sure how to make that work in excel, but there might be a way using if/then statements regarding the curve constant but I have no idea.

I need a mathematical Genius (Rpg Maker VX "Generate Curve" mystery)

So far, the first formula works great if the line is straight, IE, the curve is 0. However, it doesn't work if the line is curved, but this is awesome progress! I haven't had a chance to try out the second formula. I'm a little unclear on the purpose of the second formula however. Do they both do the same thing?

I just can't seem to get the c value to work, if we get that to work, we could have a hell of a spread sheet on our hands. :)

If it helps, I'll show you where I'm going with this.

So, this is the first sheet. Ideally, you should only have to enter data in those boxes on the left. This first page displays the stats for each level. Currently, the stats have to be manually entered.

Now, this second page is where the resulting damage happens, these are calculated with data from the first page. It shows the damage to and from both parties at all possible levels of each hero.

There is also another page that deals with skill damage. The spreadsheet so far works perfectly, but it's completely annoying to manually enter the data. But if we didn't have to enter the data, this thing would be awesome. :)

I need a mathematical Genius (Rpg Maker VX "Generate Curve" mystery)

Okay, so I'm still working on this spread sheet used for balancing damage and skill damage in Rpg Maker VX. This could be the most useful thing ever, except that it's completely ridiculous to enter in the character's stats all the time.

So here's the mystery: How does RMVX's "Generate Curve" button work? I've always been okay at math, but for whatever reason, I cannot figure this out. If you don't know what I'm talking about, take a look:

So, what is the math behind this? More specifically, what is the formula? My end goal is to have the same thing in my spread sheet, where you enter that max and min values, as well -10 to +10 late and early factor, with the output being the entire array of that stat for every level of the character.

So, can anyone help me with this? Go!


Heh, you are the FIRST person I've seen actually use that chipset. It is probably the rarest chipset I know of, and I thought I was the only one that knew about it :). Then again, I did post it on rmn last year I think. It's very versatile isn't it? If there is one chipset that you could possibly make an entire game with, it's that one ^_^.

EDIT: I should also mentioned that you have used it very well :)

Villages, Towns, and Cities.

In terms of general aesthetics and atmosphere, I think Final Fantasy 12 had the most impressive cities I've scene. But for the purpose of gameplay, Pokemon and Dragon Quest win. In these games, if the city is huge, it's generally because there is a shit load of stuff to do. I like cities with casino's!