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Dude, you write some rad articles!

How do YOU balance YOUR monsters?

I made this a long time ago:

These are spreadsheets that calculate physical and skill damage using the proper algorithms. The top of the page has the 2k/2k3 version, and at the bottom there is a VX version. Hope that helps, it took me a long time to make. :)


As far as I know, the free version does not allow you to save .gif files.

blurred text

There are font issues with RM2K that make the fonts look messed up, but I've never seen the problem described like that. Care to show us some screenshots?


I tried about 20 minutes of this game, and on a technical level it is absolutely amazing. Both the graphics and systems are far above average, making it the coolest looking XP game. However, it is very poorly written. I'd say writing is your weakest area at the moment, and if you improve on that you have the potential to make some awesome games. But for all I know, you may have already improved, I haven't tried your VX game yet. Cheers!


Verlena Frequency

Awesome, you're still working on this!? Where have you been Ill?

Most Memorable RM Characters [May include SPOILERS!!!]

Snark, from Final Fallacy! He made a great foil character.

How long should demos be?

author=kentona link=topic=3599.msg74558#msg74558 date=1242078739
I prefer the demo to be from the start of the game as opposed to some arbitrary point in the middle.

I find games less fun if I don't have proper context, and that's harder to do in a demo starting somewhere in the middle.

I think it'd be neat to see a demo that plays a seperate but related piece of story. It could be something like a prelude, a side story, or similar. So it would be something not included in the final game, but still shows off the features while supplying something additional. That'd be neat.

Inspiration and Work Ethic

I think it's probably easier to stay motivated if you have some solid planning and organization down. It's generally easier to start something new than to make sense of something unfinished and stale, which is why most of us keep starting new projects.

I might be completely wrong though, I've never made it pass the pre-production phase with a project. ^_^

Black Sigil for the DS -- it's like FF6 and CT had a baby

Something about this game doesn't look good. It's like it seems TOO complicated, and the menu's are off the hook.