Grave Prosperity Vol.1

I'm glad that I downloaded it then.

And MMF2 is cool; I used to experiment with it.
Anyway, let me know when you make one, and please this time, give us multiple (200 or 100 ?MB) archives and maybe just zip files and not installers (?)

Thanks once again.

Grave Prosperity Vol.1

*Drum beats*

Downloaded both the parts *dances in merry-ment*

Anyway *ahem*
Played it and it looks pretty good, but there are some gripes that I have.
The keymaps are off. What I mean is, a popup says that I have to press W to access the menu when in reality I have to press Q to access it. Same goes for saving, changing weapons and attacking.
Second, sometimes the maps are hard to navigate, I mean the hidden stairways are too hard to find. It's good and all, but some players might find it off putting.

And that is everything that stuck me as odd in the game.
Everything else was just damn good. The way you designed the game, the cinematics, all looked really good. It is the type of game I wouldn't think twice before purchasing.
(Well, it sucks that I need a savefile to see the awesomeness in Part 2 but oh well)

Will there be a part 3?

PS: Thanks for making such a wonderful game.

Grave Prosperity Vol.1

Part 1 installer is corrupt too... it can't install one file... and so it aborts at 27%

So... err... can you upload the files to mediafire in 200 MB archieves?
(Mediafire has never betrayed me)

Grave Prosperity Vol.1

I couldn't download it... and I'm afraid of 4shared after that corrupt download.

So I think I will play the first part and hope that I don't spend my remaining (high-speed data) too fast or I will have to wait one month again for some decent speed...

Grave Prosperity Vol.1


Part 2 is generating too much traffic, so Dropbox has disabled the download for the time-being. :-p

Grave Prosperity Vol.1

*hits himself on the head*

I just noticed, just before reading your reply.

Anyway, thanks for the links and your prompt replies (but I almost died when I saw the Part 2 size :-p God bless my poor internet soul).

By the way, I download it using 4Sync first, but the resulting file was corrupted, stuck at 100% forever and I didn't had the heart to download it using 4sync again, considering the possibility of a corrupt download stuck at 100%).

PS: Will review the game in a week or two, since the downloading is going to take a long time.

Thanks for a wonderful game and for being a wonderful dev.

Grave Prosperity Vol.1

@Justabox21: Then I'll wait for the Part 1 re-release but thank you for providing the link.
Thank you for the prompt response, and if you can, please put up the dropbox (or similar kind of link) too.

Thanks... and I'm waiting for the Part 2 release.

Grave Prosperity Vol.1

Can you upload it on rmn or mediafire?


Hmm... sounds good and the screenshots look good... but the synopsis you posted is a bit confusing because you seemed to have taken an abrupt jump in para 2...
... or is it just me?

What kind of sidequests do you like see in RPGs?

Every type of side-quest has it's own pros and cons. But the side-quest should be properly rewarding, in one or another. It is really frustrating, as BareGamer pointed out, until and unless, you get something during the quest which makes the quest worthwhile.
The "go get me ten " kind of side-quest should only be limited to the first few areas of the game, unless the "go get me ten" items are rare or the side-quest has some sort of ulterior motive.

And also, , you can also have some part of world blocked up, which can be only accessed after / during the side quest.