Finllay downloaded it... but I can't play.

After the first cut scene ends ("the hangover one") there is no character sprite...
I can access the menu and remove the members and such, but i can't see their sprites...
The party screen tells me that I have two members, Scatt (or was it something else) and the bird...

EDIT: Seems as I'm not the first one to see this bug... is there any quick fix or will I have to download the entire game again...

PS: @Twidge: You can break the file in two parts or as Marrend said, upload it to RMN or you can upload to Dropbox


- An old-school RPG adventure

... enough to get me interested...
Downloading and will tell you my thoughts later...


Are you still working on this game?

Where Only Dreams Can Take You

Looks cool... downloading.

Legend of Tiron

So, did you manage to fix it?

Lorelai, Queen

Okay... looks as I'm the only one who found the mapping style a bit out-of-style...
I should stop playing all those old-schooled RPGs... :sigh:

And I successfully reproduced that combat "error" three times... but I'm off to test your little advice...

EDIT: It works (the solution you gave me) and for the walls, maybe you should try using shadows to give the effect of depth... just my two cents...

Lorelai, Queen

The story seemed quite interesting and for the most part, the demo was pretty good. But the mapping was off; and by off I mean that you need to work on depths.
For example, the bottom side of your walls don't have walls, so when observed, it makes the room look titled, you know, squashed from a side.

And your mapping needs detail or I might be being unreasonable with this one, since standard blocky VX graphics makes me always feel that mapping is amiss. :-p

And your battle system seems to have a bug, when I prompted to end my turn, if I hit Esc, I'm stuck. Lorelia sprite is greyed-out, which I suppose means that her turn had ended, but the enemies don't attack me.

Aside from that, I enjoyed the game and I was pretty happy to see that exploring gave me good stuff, but you might want to make it a little hard to find stuff.


Thanks for the help and sorry if I sounded whiny or something like this.

Guess I will just continue to follow the tested method of trial and error... :-p

Star Stealing Prince

And something I noticed...

During Chapter 2 (or was it Chapter 3)...

Anyway, in the area where you get the Razor blade, if you fight the old king / skeleton before taking the Razor Blade, you won't be able to get it after defeating him.... at least I couldn't...

And the 0.1 version ini file still say Title=Star Stealing Prince Full V.1.0
you might want to correct it... if you haven't.

Beloved Rapture

Just found this game and instantly fell in love :-p

And am glad to hear that you have restarted the production.

But if you have, can you re-upload the old version?