Star Stealing Prince

I'm stuck again.

Never mind

Star Stealing Prince

I don't think the crashes will happen now (or at least I hope so) :-p

Star Stealing Prince

So the next version you are going to upload will be the final version... right?

EDIT: Nevermind, I noticed the new blog post

Star Stealing Prince

Thanks for the help... /DragoonHP feels dumb/

And this might interest you (if you hadn't looked at it already),,,

Star Stealing Prince

I'm stuck... can you tell me how to find the second secret way in the first cavern

I already found the opening in the wall which leads to the chest on the surface.

The game crashed here once (with an error that pointed that something stopped working in) when I was opening the chest in this cavern. (The chest which is in the bottom left corner of the cavern).
But when I run it again, it worked perfectly fine.
'm running Windows 7 with 2 GB RAM.


The thing is, cyber-locker services like this don't offer free account downloaders with the ability to reume their downloads.
So once my connection drops, I need to re-start the download and with my average speed (~12 kbps), I need to wait for atleast 6 hours.
And it does't help that I have a dynamic IP.

Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm

I will like to test the game too.


It's an unusual request, but can you host the game somewhere else?
I have a very slow ( and unreliable) internet connection and I have already failed twice in downloading thje game.

Battle system updates from the past week

I'm now on Chapter 3 and I have to say, playing this game never gets old...

And I noticed that you have done many changes, especially in intros... the new intros have made the story a little less mysterious... don't know if I like it or not...

And a question if you may, can the game be cleared without using Tech skills? (Meaning... there is no quest or special area that require a tech skills, is there?)...

And if I give a suggestion, please make the run feature like it was before, when the Shift key was required to press for the player to run...
The new system have made it too easy and I'm already on level 23 without trying?

Thanks once again for a wonderful game...

Battle system updates from the past week

*Stares blankly at the screen*


Finally... finally I have found the updates to Dragon Heartman...
I can't explain how happy I am... I have been searching for Chapter 4 of the game for 4 years now...

Anyway, you should update the game info at Kobras Realm... that's where I first found about the game...