0.17 Released

- Opening through a .2xp file throws error "Could not find any engine files, check your installation of RPG 20XX". I redownloaded several times and this error still happens.

Can confirm. Just tried it (on Win 8.1), and the Editor throws this error.

EDIT: Using Add Party Event still crashes the Player

Temporal Variables

When you click on the menu like that, it's not possible for the editor to easily lift the mouse button in its state so when you go back and click it will think the mouse teleported there.

Thanks for the explanation.

Temporal Variables

You can hold SPACE and drag the map around if you want a shortcut for panning the map view
Didn't know that. Thanks.

There is no such thing in RPG20XX
Sorry I meant the Add Party Event/option.

Those aren't project specific, those are game specific. The folders there are saved game data.
Okay. What if I'm done with the project? Do the save files get deleted when the project can't be found or do they just stay up there until manual deletion.

I have these fatal errors in here so that you will understand why something isn't working.
Thanks, it makes sense.


Bug: http://i.imgur.com/ppKZqPO.gif

Temporal Variables

You're right, it's a bad idea. RPG20XX should never be run in administrator mode (not even the server).
It's not really a bug, the OS is denying access and RPG20XX understands this.
I ran it as an admin and in a normal folder. Screeny
Sorry if I misunderstood something.

I haven't decided on one yet. People are already familiar with resource hacking the icon to make it one for their game,
that will be fine in RPG20XX too. I don't know if I can safetly write an automatic resource hacker, though.
It will be neat to be able to change/set project icon from the Project settings, but this feature isn't that big of a deal anyway.

It shouldn't because it's already open, yes? I'm still going to award this report to you anyways because
if you then make ANOTHER new project, the older new project is still not in the recent projects list.
You see, I might solve this bug by simply having all new projects update in recent projects anyways.
It won't appear in the Recent List until you open it again.

This is because ESC and TAB are both defaulted to actually bring up game menu.
Maybe I'm spoiled because Esc is used to exit menus and screens in RPG Maker engines.

In every PC game I've ever played, hitting ESC brings up a menu.
Sorry if I wasn't clear. I meant the Resources / Database windows. That's how I discovered the Set Maximum bug.

Map scrolls in 2 directions, so I'm not sure what I want mouse wheel to do.

Feature Request:

#05 A true portable version of RPG 20XX. Right now the settings are saved in %appdata%, which while being nice, isn't really a truly portable option. Can we have a option to choose it during the first run or some other alternative. For example, if a folder called config is in the home directory, the settings will be automagically saved there.

#06 Option to delete a project in the Editor. Right now if you manually delete the project, some Project specific files still remain in the %appdata% folder.

#07 Option to remove specific entries from Recent Project. Maybe just a simple check if the Delete key was pressed or something.

EDIT: (I'm a little tired, so sorry if I don't make much sense)


#14 Using Add Character event will crash the player.

#15 The Engine crashes if you try to use an Empty tilset in your map.Much Better explanation

#16 Complicated so here are the steps:
    --> Shift draw a region.
--> Click on any tile to give it a "border".
--> The first click will go unregistered and you'll have to click a second time for the border to appear.

Possible Bugs:

#04 Related to #16
    --> Shift draw a region.
--> Click on any tile to give it a "border".
--> The Left & Right tiles will get a border too.
Screenshot. The red box shows the rough outline of where I clicked.

Feature Request:

#08 When no choices are added and Show choices is used it should fail more gracefully. It should definitelyScreenshot not crash the game.

#09 Ability to navigate the map grid using direction keys. And I'll like to extend MakoInfused request. Please make the entire Engine more Keyboard friendly.

#10 Change the wording of "Set Maximum" in the Database window. It's confusing and it took me a while to understand how to add more Characters. Maybe use a simple Add button.

#11 Make an image viewer for viewing the resources files if possible. For example, you double click / click on Preview and see the file before importing/exporting it.

Temporal Variables


#01 Editor crashes if you try to compile without opening a project.

#02 If you place the project file in the home directory (I know it's a bad idea), it will throw up errors saying that it's unable to copy the required libraries in the project folder.

#03 The rpg20xx executable inside the project folder does not have an icon.

#04 If you create a New Project while an old project is open, the changes made to the old project will be discarded without a confirmation message.

#05 The New Project does not appear in the list of Recent Projects until you close it and open it again.

#06 There is no confirmation message if you try to close a project without saving it first.

#07 If you close a new project without saving it first, the next time you'll open it, it will be completely blank. No tilesets will be loaded and instead of the water tiles, you'll be greeted with nothingness.

#08 If you click on the Soundtrack icon without opening any project, the engine crashes.

#09 The engine crashes if you click on the following items in the Edit menu > "New Maps", "Map/Area Settings" & "Delete Map"

#10 If you delete the project folder or change it's path, the engine would continue to show a Error prompt that it "Cannot open x.rp" until a new project is opened, no matter how many times you restart.. The desired behaviour should be that it should change it's config values after the first restart.

#11 Pressing Esc in Database opens Set Maximum dialog box.

#12 There doesn't seem to be any change if you change the tiles from 16*16 to 32*32.

#13 It's a complicated one so I'm just going to explain the steps to reproduce it.
    --> Start a New Game.
--> Press Up/Down key and then press Left/Right key. The Character will continue to move in the Up/Down direction.
--> Now, press Left/Right key and then press Up/Down key. Character will immediately turn in the Up/Down direction.

Possible Bugs:

#01 You can't exit out of Esc from any menu except game menu. You have to press "X". Steps to reproduce: Just open Load Game screen and try to exit it by pressing Esc.

#02 You can't close any dialog box by Esc. Esc is like the universal key of exiting out of dialog/message boxes.

#03 Can't scroll the Map Editor with mousewheel.

Feature Request:

#01 Close Project button.

#02 Undo/Redo options.

#03 Double Click to set an Event.

#04 A visible grid in the map editor.

PS: I didn't have time to test the engine thoroughly, so I will be back.

Starless Umbra

Hey dhm, any idea when you will be able to release the next chapter?

Collectibles - Memories

Sounds like a great idea. So, Hell yeah!

It's been a while...

It's great that you are still developing this game. And frequent updates are always cool. ^.^

With fullspeed towards the full version!

Is the project still in development?

Brace yourself! Attempted tech demo release this weekend.

Played the tech demo and I have to say, it was pretty great but a little bland. Well, but then again it was just a tech demo :-p

so anyway, bugs:

--> Sometimes the enemy sort of go invisible when they are "crossing" you and you attack them.
--> The skeleton monsters sort of jump from an edge of a raised platform to the middle of the bottom platform.
--> If you use the windows close button to close the game, it generates a blank error file called jet_err_**** (* is four digit number)

PS: So glad that I downloaded the game before you took it offline :-)