Lufia V: For the Savior

It's been a few more years :)
Any progress on prt 2?

Final Fantasy: Immortal

Finally a fan game with a realistic target completion date.
Looking forward to playing this in around 18 years :)

Dragon Quest Remake (95% Complete Demo)

Looks awesome, any updates on your progress?


Cool but needs work.. As it has 3 very contrasting styles that don't fit together.

- Interpolated ~16 bit Ninja dude - looks good
- Pixelated ~8bit lamia
- Heavily pixelated/stretch background that doesn't have a color pallete matching either enemy sprite.

Maybe run a lancoz/bilinear filter on the lamia and just replace the background with something similar, but high rez. (As you could just filter it too, but given it's size and limited detail it would just look very blurred) Filtered, good looking 16bit sprites can look ok with more modern stuff, but the completely basic lamia looks really out of place, and would be even more so with a better battledrop

Using a gamepad with RPGmaker

Trying to figure out the same thing..

Playing Hero's Realm he has the shift key i guess bound to search a tile.

Thats cool, but i use my shoulder buttons for other purposes via joytokey. Also tried autohotkey..

But somehow rm2k3 ignores both of those and manages to detect raw input regardless - most programs including windows itself can't manage this - they only detect the new key you set up.

So some way to fully disable rm2k3 controller support to avoid this issue would be very useful.
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