Hi, I compose video game music, make battle animations, assemble tilesets. Lots of sprite ripping and more for RPG Maker 2003, using my 2 handy tools, FL studio, and Photoshop. I'm always learning new things, and getting better at what I do. I work hard to surpass my limits. I am a perfectionist.

If you're interested in seeing the things I do, you can watch my videos on youtube.

If you need resources, here's a link to my photobucket. It has lots of battle animations and such, just for yoo! Please give credit though, if you're going to use them.



Magic Animations for RM2k3

Well, I design custom magic animations for RM2k3. Mostly for other people's games. I figured I'd show off some gifs of my animations in action. Here are some samples.


How do you get a text window like this?

^ This is from Gameboy Color Zelda.

I want to know how to get a text window like this. I want it to be small like that. Like how it is in Zelda.

Edit: Opps. Forgot to mention. I'm using 2k3. ^-^'

Are These Things Possible With DynRPG Plugin?

Do pixel movement? Well... Not a full 16 pixel step, but more of an 8 pixel step? Also... Is it possible to make maps with 8x8 tiles instead? I know that lots of RPGS use 8x8... so I am wondering if it's possible to be able to select 8x8 of a 16x16 tile to use... Another thing. Is it possible to import animated gif tiles tne paste on maps, and have them animate on their own? I got a lot of questions, and I am just wondering if such things are possible.

I know jack crap about C++ and all that fancy jazz, so if it's possible, I certainly can't make it happen... -_-'

EDIT: Oh, another thing. Is it possible to use alpha transparent battle animations, charsets, etc? Like that 'Blend' mode that XP/VX uses?

Screen Resolution In RM2k3

Alright. So you know how games have a screen resolution? And RM2k3's resolution is at 320x240? Well... See, I want to make a gameboy styled zelda game. Yeah, and the screen resolution in Zelda is 160x144 ... So it's nice and small.

Well... is there anyway to get this resolution without having having to add empty black space around the maps to make the map smaller? I don't like doing that.


Like this.

Warp To The Next Screen Transision Like Zelda

You know Zelda Link to the past / Oracle of Ages, Seasons, DX, etc? You know when you go to the end of the screen, it moves to the next screen? Yeah. I wanna do that. In RPG Maker 2003. You know what I mean? I want it to be like how it is in Zelda.

Mack & Blue Chipsets For 2k3?

This is a resource request. I am trying to find a website somewhere that has Mac & Blue chipsets. I only have a few of them, and I want to round up lots of 'em. Can anyone help me find a good stash of 'em?

Decrease Resolution In Gameplay

IN RPG MAKER 2003, Is there a way to shrink the window of the gameplay? Take it down to 320x240 or something? Reason why is because when it's bigger, it slows my screen recorder down. So I need to have it be smaller.

Also? ... Just wondering else, if there was a way to actually decrease the resolution in the game map viewing. Like, do you notice in other RPGs, the whole map of what you see isn't as big as it is in rpg maker? I think if there is a way to make what you see smaller,

1. you won't have to map as much, and

2. you get more surprised and such when you see things not as quickly... like, say there's a monster coming towards you on the map... you'd be able to spot it right on if the map is big. if it's smaller, it will catch you and surprise you quickly.

but basically, i just wanna know if the resolution can be shrinked down in the gameplay window.

2 or more animations playing at once?

In RPG Maker 2003, is there any way to have multiple animations playing at once? Like for example... on the map, you want this water fall to be a battle animation, not a charset animation... but then you also want to use battle animations for field skills and spells, etc.

When I try to do this, it disables the other animations... v__v;;

Dim Screen In Battle?

in RPG Maker 2003, is there a way to dim the screen when a spell is cast? I mean to dim the background, not the characters or enemies, just the background. ? You see in many RPGs that when they cast magic, the screen gets darker so the spells show up better. Can this be done?

This is Site being closed down?!?!

My friend just messaged me and asked me if it was true that rpgmaker.net was being closed down. I never heard about this. Is that a rumor that someone made up or is it true??? D: (please let it be a lie)
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