Kismet: Privateer

you know, it wouldn't take too much effort to finish this...if i can will myself to exist again around these parts.

i wish life allowed more time for rpgmak.


because I am a terrible person


those titties (ahem, she has very nice eyes)


i am really most/only interested in how this *differs* from Middens

Looking Back: Vaporware Special Part One

as an old school gworlder, your failure to mention finding forever eden/realm of souls...displeases fugue.

compared to its pinnacle of non-existence, these 'vapors' of ware are positively solid. edit: wait, nvm, i am being unfair! this is just part 1!

space opera noir still looks zomg amazing after all these years.

On a side note I know it's been a while since the last one but of all the things in my life I have to cut out to keep everything going properly, Rpg Maker is always the first.

i feel your pain acutely.

[Poll] Which is more important: Story, Graphics, or Sound?

story is what's most important to me personally, sound is what i spend the most time on, and graphics are definitely what are most important to getting your game noticed (positively or negatively). those who say that "all three" are the most important are empirically correct, of course, but perhaps missing the point of this thread.

author=Killer Wolf
This again, really? You don't even need to make a poll for this anymore, just look at some site history and the answer becomes clear.

A terrible looking ms-paint game with repetitive, generic game play, can become a "true classic" just because people appreciate the "story"/"world building"/"writing."

A very polished looking project, albeit one with a few bugs, gets eviscerated for not having a great story.

i'm not sure this thread is that unnecessary, although i can't argue it's not repetitive: nonetheless i've noticed the exact opposite trend where this site values graphics and polish above all else. : )

How much do y'all like midi?

i neither like nor dislike it.

midi tunes can be just as good or as shitty as any other tune, imho. i'm speaking of course of general, ineffable "goodness", not actual fidelity.

Silent Hill on RPGMaker?

Just make a silent hill-ish game and don't call it Silent Hill.
There are tons of them out there.
For example:

There's also http://rpgmaker.net/games/926/ though it's more Resident Evil than Silent Hill.

there are good examples of this kind of game too lol : P (One Night isn't that bad)

Completely illegal. You probably won't get a C&D, but it's still 100% against the law.

laws are stupid anyway.

but i certainly prefer original games to fangames and obvious clones.


main page main column opacity increased by 20%. text is more readable now. thanks for the suggestion, orochii!


thank you! : )