My real name's Paul Dela Cruz. I live in central Florida, and I am currently attending community college here. As for my hobbies and aspirations, I love to design computer games in my free time. My longest game project published so far is called Sword of Light III. My most recently published game project is called Blox Trapper, and it is a mobile game that has been published to the Google Play Store.

Blox Trapper
Also available on Google Play!



Operation: Bulletfire

I truly apologize for the misunderstanding. Thank you for clarifying me of your previous statement. I didn't mean to sound too presumptuous.

Operation: Bulletfire

Interesting usage of terminology, "Operation: Bulls**t". To answer your question, my teacher actually gave me and my group a 100% A+ for the project.

I'm not quite sure if you thought of that term because you were merely thinking of a dirty pun to say in this circumstance, or if you harbor some negative perceptions towards me and my group's game. If you dislike me and my group's game, then I suggest you create constructive feedback on what parts you didn't like. Maybe tell me what to change so I can use that advice to be a better game designer in the future?

Did you play the game yet? If so, did you like it? Tell me which parts you liked. If you hated it, tell me which parts you hated. If you just say that the game is "Operation: Bulls**t", it doesn't really tell me anything about what parts can be improved in the game. I know you mean well, and there might be some things in the game that are quite "s**ty", but next time, try directly telling me what I should or shouldn't have done with the game.

Anyways, I hoped I answered your question. Sorry if I sounded too defensive. Reply again if you have any more concerns.

Sword of Light II (Sequel) Mini-RPG

If the download link doesn't work, try this MediaFire link.

Sword of Light II (Sequel) Mini-RPG

Hey, guys! I uploaded the download link now! I'm so sorry it wasn't up yet before! I thought I had already added a download link to it in the past, but I guess I was wrong, heh. I hope you enjoy my game. :) Any positive or constructive feedback givenwould be fully appreciated.

White Magic

This RPG looks very good, considering the fact that it uses RPG Maker 2003. Have you ever had prior experience with making role-playing games? I've only seen the screenshots, and it has pretty impressive graphics.
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