Fan of the RM series since 95, even if I only ever finished something in 2k, VX, and VX Ace. Lover of pasta dishes, popcorn, and carbonated beverages.
Dogs > cats, but cats don't suck.
I'm old enough to have grown up with a rotary phone in the house.



Random Spam

Glad I missed the shitstorm due to class / test.

On a lighter note, I feel like kentona's avatar at school anymore.

How do you balance skills/monsters/items/chests/equipment?

Eh, I usually make gear and recovery items as I go along, basing them off a template or excel sheet I make to compare stuff to each other.
(Ex: "Greatsword" is what everything is compared to in terms of ATP, so it has a 100%. Say a "wand" has a modifer of 60% atp/ 20% magic atp, katana is 92%, and greataxe is 104%. If we say "tier 5" gear has 100 ATP as a base, that'd leave the wand at 60 ATK / 20 MAG, katana at 92 ATP, greatsword 100 ATP, and greataxe 104 ATP.)

There's really no other way around it for skills and enemies, though. The only way to get a good feel for if they're too weak, too strong, or just right is to test. And test.
And test some more.
You're right, it can be nightmarish.

My personal rule of thumb concerning money is that, assuming we're broke beforehand after buying a set of gear, then running the dungeon and beating the boss without running from any battles should give us just enough cash, give or take, to outfit everyone at the next town / shop upgrade. Selling off old gear will give you some spending money for consumables. If you really want to go over it with a fine tooth comb, keep track of how many items--and what items--you use in the previous dungeons, to get a feel for how many consumables are being used.

You don't want to be like FF1's Marsh Cave, for example, where you can fight a regular battle, get 60GP...and then spend 300GP worth of pure pots to cure poison for the party.

Gonna jump ship for a bit! No, it's not you!

I always get slightly excited when unity's avatar is a character I recognize.

It took me a 3rd glance--when I noticed the background characters--and then it clicked for me, too. Hooray!

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Etrian Odyssey IV. Pretty deep into the game (bottom floor of the 4th stratum's dungeon), and having a blast. My party just rolls normal encounters, but bosses are a bit rough. Always a sense of accomplishment when I take one down.

"This above all; to thine own game be true." ~William Shakespeare

"Papa don't preach,
I'm in trouble deep,
Papa don't preach,
for I picked up this devpack cheap,
and I made up my mind...I'm gonna gam mak this baby"

Being Dead Simulator

Was not a video game adaptation of Dracula: Dead and Loving It. Am disappointed.


Maybe it's because (spoilers)
I've played Bravely Default
but I do NOT trust Lifa's grin, at all. :< The game looks gorgeous though!

Help Me Find an Old Game!

Could it be "Castlequest" or "Solomon's Key"?

Sorry Shulk, I'm not really feeling it...[serious talk]

Go take some courses or something. The problem with you not talking to people is basically a downward spiral. The less you talk to people, the worse you'll get at talking to them. Force yourself out. You're turning into a potato.

I can attest to this, having been in that spot myself. When I first started back to classes at 26, I sat in the back, didn't talk to anyone unless called on, etc. It sucked. I'm not sure what motivated me to change that, precisely, but at one point I started sitting in the middle of the class room, making a point to talk to people, etc. It made a world of difference, and hell, I even got invited to come to lunch or wings a few times.

What's your day job? Talk about it!

Overnight stocking for an American big-box home improvement company. I've been doing it for the last 5 years while taking classes here and there! Sure, it's taken me 5 years to work on a 2-year degree, but I'll graduate with my associate's in Accounting in December. Still not sure if I want to look into taxation or forensic accounting, but I know working for a high-profile company isn't the way I want to go.