I'm secretly hoping my computer crashes so I can give up some of these ongoing projects.
Hero Panic
Half the people disappeared, and strangers from multiple worlds have arrived -- when Rin is targeted by the city's new imperial regime, will she survive the chaos, or be crushed under its weight?


[Poll] Going off and creating a new online identity. Thoughts?

I want to change my online identity from Gredge to something completely different. This means my games, art, online presence, would all be changed to something different than Gredge.

For me, I feel I have too much linked to express myself properly, and some of my real life friends are now aware of this presence and I feel it’s too much, a bit of a mistake. I’d rather take on a whole separate identity all together and start from ground zero, with no links.

It’s a thought that has been on my mind the last couple months. I’d rather run off and change to someone completely different. Has anyone else done this? What has been your experience? Was it a mistake? Did you return to your previous alias?

I feel I’m not well known online so there’s not much to lose. Let me know what you think.

Please pardon any grammatical issues. I’m typing this from my phone on a quick break at work.

[Poll] Burned out, working on multiple projects, hurting for creativity, and need your advice.

So I've been having a problem with creativity. This has lasted me since the start of 2017. I get started on a project, things get rolling on it, I'm super motivated, and then I drop it or run out of ideas.

In fact, I wouldn't have a complete game for 2017 if it wasn't for Luiishu535 and his work for our game The World Is Destroyed And It's All Because of You.

2016 saw most of my created work. Finished several games, and 2017 was shaping up to be a productive year. And then... I dropped the bomb on everything. One of my computers had a heart attack and I lost progress on a few games (most were abandoned alteady so that's OK), and towards the end of 2017 I started working on two projects simultaneously, Super Girl Squad and Hero Hero Panic.

Now SGS and HHP are still being produced right now, but I've really hit a low point. I work three jobs and have little free time, I'm sapped out of creativity, and I'm not sure where to go from here. And it's not like I've never finished a game before. I've finished several.

What do you recommend when you're slammed and faced with burnout? I want to publish these games, but I'm completely burned out with them and find myself hopelessly searching for ideas to move forward with the projects.

What do you recommend? What are your thoughts, and how do you handle being in this situation?

Gredge's Pixel Art heap.

So I thought I'd start uploading some of the random pixel art I've been making just to keep track of my work as I (hopefully) improve over time. And experiment with different styles. Enjoy!

Current primary style (modern):

Current overhead sprite style (pseudo-retro):

Experiments with sprites and scenery with only 5 colors (modern):

How much should one crank up the difficulty before it's too much? (Game difficulty balancing)

The Background:

I recently found a Let's Try for my game Dungeon Crawl: Party of Four. It's pretty much my flagship game: the most effort I made went into it.

I'm a big fan of critique and comments, and the critique I got from the video was this: it's ok, it needs work, aesthetic clash, and the battle system is too easy.

That bolded part got me. I put a ton of work into that battle system, and hearing someone pass by it and say "it's a bit easy" was rather disappointing. I didn't want the game to be too easy, I wanted it to be challenging. At the same time, I didn't want to make every battle a headache, so some toning-down went on. But it seems I may have toned it down too much, didn't add enough challenge to the non-boss enemies, and in the words of the Let's Try-er, "The skills have a good idea going for it, but in the end they just don't matter."

So that made me think: how high do you crank up the difficulty to make it challenging yet not overwhelming?

The Question:

How do you balance the stats of your non-boss enemies? Amidst all of my random projects, I am working on a full length game: I'm learning from my errors and putting the efforts into another big project. I want the enemies to be challenging, requiring the player to think. I don't want it to be overwhelming to where the players feel they can't progress every two seconds without having to use an inn.

There's two common approaches I see to non-boss enemies: first is the version where the enemies are very hard, heavy hitting, and just short of a boss. This makes every fight a hefty challenge. The second common approach I notice, is the "wear down" type: that is, every non-boss enemy isn't meant to be a monolith of pain in and of themselves, but rather they are meant to wear the player's resources (health, mana, items) down over time.

So the question now is, how do you balance your non-boss battles? Do you have any rules of thumb? Do you find yourself taking any of the aforementioned common approaches, or do you have a different approach all together?

[RMVX ACE] [SCRIPTING] Need help adding params/variables to main menu... and possibly saving space.

Been banging my head into a wall trying to figure this out, and after working on this for over an hour and some change, I'm realizing that I'm no closer to a solution than where I began.

What I'm trying to do: Add some parameters or possibly my own variables to the main menu screen.

As a bonus: Trying to remove all of this dead space from this menu, considering the player's party will only consist of one actor. This isn't necessary, but would also be el

What I've done already: I've added Yanfly's menu script so I could get in a menu option leading to a common event (Quests, in the picture). I've also removed lines such as Equipment, skills and status. I've been googling for the last hour trying to find a solution, and keep coming upon unhelpful topics elsewhere ("hey guys I need help", followed by, "nvm ty", or a link to a site that's offline). Oh, and one of these old topics even linked me to a site that provided a helpful solution... in the form of malware. Wonderful.

Here's a picture of what I'm trying to do, so you can get an idea.

[Poll] Do YOU use project templates?

So a while back I was hunting down some open/free resources, gathering them together and organizing them into several folders for future project ideas, and as I'm going through all of the different battlers and resources and whatnot, it suddenly hit me: if I'm willing to organize resources into folders for use in future projects, then why not create templates for future game projects as well?

What I began doing is taking blank projects and importing resources into them. Different music, different sounds, tiles, and so on. Then I'd go through and organize all my tile sets. Then I'd grab some scripts or plug-ins (I'm a fan of MV and Ace both), and throw them into the folder. Then I'd copy that folder and duplicate it.

Then I began organizing stats and general items. "This project will use a basic attack formula of ATK * 4 / 3 - DEF * 2 / 3, and so on." I started making stats for different class archetypes. "I want a fight-ey character, so here's this baseline class with all default attributes, and I'm going to beef up its health and defense." Then that moved on to common events: here's a sound effects slot, here's a "character just walked through a door and I want a unique animation" slot, here's a "receive level 1 healing item" slot, and so on. Then it became battle mechanics: this game will be about playing with buffs/debuffs; this game will feature one-actor combat; this game features a small selection of skills the party members must equip.

Now I've got a few different folders that are blank, yet have resources added to them for future projects.

My question is, do you make templates as well for potential projects? If you do, what do you put in them? If you do not, is there a particular reason you choose not to, or are you like I am, where you simply didn't think about it until later? If you do, have you had any success in finishing projects based off of one of your templates?

[RMVX ACE] Skill list order in menu. Pictures included!

In this game I'm working on, all of the characters' skills are based off of their equipment. Each character is able to equip a main-hand weapon, an off-hand weapon or item, and a spell ring. Main-hand weapons consist of 3 skills each, off-hand weapons and items have 2 skills, and spell rings have 1 each, but up to four spell rings can be equipped at once. Players will be able to swap all of these things at will.

So what I'm trying to do, is to come up with a way to sort the skills that the player has. I want the Main-hand skills first, then Off-hand skills, then Spell ring skills. I'd like to try and find a solution that separates the order of these skills by tiers.

Take, for example, my heroine Elsa. She's been prancing about killing enemies with her trusty sword and shield. But... she soon is going to get her hands on a shiny new THUNDER SWORD which, when equipped, will allow her to harness the SWEET POWER OF THUNDER.

So this is how she looks like at the start.

Our hero Elsa has her trusty sword and shield equipped. The sword skills are first, followed by her shield skills. No spell rings equipped at the moment. But it looks great! Everything has been working well like this, so far.

Here's her equipment. Looking sharp! However... I just found this sweet new THUNDER SWORD, and I want her to put it on.

Okay that should be just fine. Ignore the fact that it doesn't properly give 4 attack, I'm still tweaking it...
So she equips the new weapon, AAAAND...

Look at that. Now the order of skills are all messed up.

I think this kinda' tells you what I'm getting at. Maybe there's a super-easy solution I'm missing, or a tiny script that makes this not-so-hard, but yeah. In the words of our hero Elsa, "please help."

Adventure and Mystery games. What we like and don't like.

I've been working on a few side projects and began crafting a short horror game just for fun. It won't be anything too big. However, once I started working on the game, I realized that what I've begun creating is more of an adventure or mystery game, and not necessarily a horror game. Thing is, it's not a very good one, as that was not my original intent. So I went back to the drawing board with a fresh notebook and began re-creating the game.

But this got me thinking. What are aspects that define an adventure game? When I say adventure game, no doubt several staple titles come to mind, such as King's Quest. There's a few things in play in an adventure game. Exploration, collecting items, using items in unique ways, and trying to progress through the narrative by a combined knowledge of your inventory and environment.

Now when we look at mystery games, usually there's a crime to solve. That crime may be a person, it may be a plot, perhaps that crime is that history regarding a person, place or idea has been fragmented and we "solve" the crime by putting the pieces back in the right order. Furthermore, some Horror games seem to have a lot in common with Mystery games, though with a far more sinister environment to navigate.

So the discussion is this: what are considered good and bad examples of Adventure and Mystery games? What makes a good one, and what makes a poor one? When does a Mystery came cross the threshold into a Horror game? What are some examples of these things?

When you sit down to play an Adventure game, what are you looking forward to doing? Likewise when you play a Mystery game, what are your expectations? What are some mechanics that are necessary or common to the genres?

And then some more unusual questions: at what line does an Adventure game turn into a Visual Novel? Does the inclusion of a battle system hurt or harm the experience of an Adventure or Mystery game? Would a simple battle system be more complimentary to an Adventure game, or should it be scrapped all together?

Just curious what everyone thinks about these things, as I see a few Adventure games on this site, a few Mystery games, and even less discussion about the genres themselves.

[Poll] A poll and discussion about random battle encounters: how they may be implemented.

The Topic

It is difficult to search google for a topic that goes into depth about random battle encounters. Most topics I have read tends to refer to them as "relics," or the fact that they are "antiquated." No further discussion about them takes place after that claim is made. I often feel that sometimes we as developers take drastic measures to avoid random battle encounters, when sometimes a random battle encounter system can be just fine. This topic is to discuss these issues.

Why I love them

As I have gotten older, I have found myself enjoying random battles more than when I was younger. There's a certain feeling of mystery lying behind every corner that only a random battle can capture. The surprise of an enemy you weren't expecting and, in some rare occasions, a mini-boss guarding a special treasure that you didn't see coming.

I enjoy random encounters because it means that I have to always be on my toes. If I go down six floors deep into a dungeon, I can't just rely on evasion tactics to avoid enemies. I don't always know when the monsters are going to attack. I have to manage my potions and my mana more carefully, and plan ahead for the event, such as buying antidotes in a dungeon with poison enemies, instead of just running away from all the enemies that I know are poisonous.

Sometimes, though not all the time, I enjoy grinding random battles as long as the random battles are in a fast-paced battle system; I have stopped playing some RPGs because every action in combat took a lengthy amount of time, though I suppose that is a discussion for another topic. In some games, random battle grinding can be a great resource for gathering items that are not easily obtainable otherwise. In games where enemies are on the screen at all times, I often find myself exiting and re-entering a room in order to force the enemies to re-spawn so I can battle them again for xp, gold and items.

One of my favorite moments in random battle encounters were these rooms - I believe they were in one of the early Final Fantasy games - that when you entered, you saw a tiny room with a treasure chest in the middle, and an extremely high encounter rate in that small room around the treasure chest. In the treasure chest was a valuable item.

The poll

Whether you enjoy prefer random battle encounters, or enemies appearing on screen at all times, the poll is a question of which method you prefer when it comes to random battle encounters. I understand that some people may not enjoy either of these: in that case, I encourage you either to select the option that closest reflects something you would enjoy, or alternatively, skip the poll and add a post below instead.

Finally, if there is an additional method of random encounters you enjoy that is not mentioned in the poll, please add it in a post below.

The Discussion

I would like to open discussion on this topic as to how you as a developer and as a player view random battle encounters. How do you feel about random battle encounters? Do you like them or dislike them? What is it you like, and what is it you dislike? I often feel that random battle encounters have been ruined for many players because of two things that I notice mentioned repeatedly: FFIV's insanely high encounter rate, and Zubats. But seeing that those two are extreme examples, I would regardless like to hear your thoughts on this matter, both as a game maker in your own games, and as a player of RPG's.

New member! Also, I have a game demo ready to launch! Some help with doing that?

Hey there!

After discovering that RPG Maker MV has launched, I started working on a project I've had in the works for years.

About me: I first started on RPG Maker back on the Playstation console, and played the subsequent games there (2 and 3 on the PS2), and then moved into the PC realm by RPG Maker XP, then VX, and now MV. Out of the box, I really like MV and it seems to have a lot of great tools in place for me to work with.

I've been reading the articles hosted on this site, and have really enjoyed what I've seen! So I decided to join up to become part of the community.

About the game demo: I just finished a short demo for my game I've been working on, and would like to host it for people to test it and let me know what they think with the idea, playability and direction for the game. So far it's about an hour and some change long (for me, perhaps longer or shorter for you more experienced with RPGs), and is just the prologue for the game I'm working on. However, I'm not sure where to post about it! What forum does that go in?

Thanks for your help, and looking forward to getting to meet all of you!
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