What are you working on now?

I'm actually wanting to get back into game design again. Took a year break after losing my project Breaking of the World to a computer crash. I'm actually working on readapting the story and working on a new version called Domain.

Massive delay to the project

Well, hopefully you can get a demo out sometime in the near future. I've been watching this game with interest for a while.

Paradise Blue Review

Don't take that wrong either. I loved Heroes Realm too.

Paradise Blue

Awesome game. Definitely try it out.

Screenshot Superbowl Sunday

author=Anaryu link=topic=3024.msg61459#msg61459 date=1234456095
Those sprites contrast with the background horribly, Ana.

Think so? I actually like the look a lot, maybe I'm just used to it.
I dunno, I don't think they contrast at all. I personally love the look of that screenshot.

Favorite RM Game

RM2K: Romancing Walker.
RM2K3: Tie between the original Alter AILA (as I really don't care for the remake) and Legend of the Philosopher's Stone.

Need Some Voiceacting?

The narrator reminds me of the guy who does Spoony Experiment.

Also, the phantom train song in the musical is freaking awesome!

Tekken 6 Smacking Xbox 360

I've had my Xbox for over a year and never had a RRoD or anything, so yeah.

Also, poor PS3, they're losing all their exclusives. So, now X360 has both Virtua Fighter AND Tekken...nice.

Laxius Force (Laxius Power IV) released - priced at $15

While I agree Laxius Force is a waste of money, I agree with Max in that there are RM games I would pay for. Alter A.I.L.A. for one, Sacred Earth: Bonds for another. Saying you'd never buy an RM game just because its made in RM is the kind of stupidity that really hurts this community.

YuGiOh Online League LV1 Has gone down the tube.

Never been able to make that program work. :(