Those two swords totally count.


My personal best (worst?) is 0/44, which I've done three times. One of those streaks included three lucky draws, so at least it wasn't as expensive. Speaking of lucky draws, I am already mentally prepared for another 0/11 in the coming week. I'm optimistic about this upcoming FF3 banner, however.


I think it's fine that the Runic effect is rare, but I do think things like single-target Blinks should be common to approximate a similar, but weaker, effect. More than anything, I think it's dumb that there are so few Wall effects. There ought to be a spectrum of Wall effects, at different potencies, affecting single and multiple targets, and with additional effects or damage. For a lot of players, getting a Sentinel's Guard or Stoneskin is still their highest priority. Or, the effect should've never existed to begin with, similar to Lifesiphon.


His speed definitely explains it. His ATB is faster than my spellcasting times. I wouln't cast a lightning spell every turn just to be safe, because you'll blow your ability wad way too quickly. The reason I found safety in a fourth lightning user wasn't so much for a fourth chance to interrupt, but for another set of charges in case I run out on somebody else. Cagnazzo has a like 340k HP, so honage is important.

The best way to land your ice abilities is to start charging them a moment after your third lightning ability will interrupt the Tsunami. Still not a guarantee, but very successful.

The way Cag can instantaneously change his vulnerability encourages you to wait until he charges his Tsunami before you act, which gets even more annoying when he takes a full five turns in his normal stance. That can be dangerous because during that period you're not generating meter to maintain the mitigation that's ticking away, and is the biggest reason I gave Y'shtola Thundaga, for the meter boost. I even considered rolling out Wrath again, but mastered before I got to that iteration.

Because if that vulnerability flux, I was also close to just doing one of my standard physical parties and ignoring the Tsunami mechanic altogether. Tsunami damage is very survivable, it just requires many mitigation layers and a group Cure or two. Or just multiple SSBs to bust Cag up faster than he can do to you, though I only have Sephiroth's.


Ultimate+ Cagnazzo mastery party:

I spent like 3+ hours on this asshole last night. He's resilient, unpredictable, has multiple abilities that can knock you all down, has really strict ability requirements, and has rage-inducing mechanics.

You need to slot these in some fashion:
  • Blizzard ability
  • Thunder ability
  • Thunder ability
  • Thunder ability
  • Haste and/or Hastega
  • Shellga
  • Stoneskin/Sentinel's Guard
  • Dispel/Banishing Strike
  • Poison ability
  • Magic Break(down)

These are almost non-negotiable. That's like 7+ of your 10 ability slots right out of the gate and possibly your RW. You'll probably still need a Cure. Abilities will be really tight.

Cagnazzo has a gajillion RES. Over 2600, a full 1000 points higher than his DEF. A mage with a naked 400 MAG will only hit him for 4500 with Flare. This is not enough damage if you want to finish this fight before your abilities run dry. This means if you use magic, which you probably want to, you must use spells that hit weaknesses. Mental Breakdown? You don't have the slots for it. If you're lucky you'll have a good Mental Break SB. I have Wakka's which lasts a whopping 10 seconds (to compare, Mental Break itself is 15 seconds), so that's not an option for me.

So, why do you want a magic party? Because he counters physical attacks with Stop. A lot. If the wrong people get Stopped then it's a wipe. You can devise parties that deal with Stop via Lure Magic + Reflect, Carbuncle, or with a Runic effect. I tried all three many times, in many configurations, but I was missing a something to seal the victory.

Lure Magic + Reflect is a bad idea because that requires two ability slots. That's bad. You need lots of offense to finish Cagnazzo before running out of abilities. Carbuncle is slot-efficient, but Cagnazzo will bounce Wateras that heal him for 4k, sometimes casting three of them at once. This is a viable option if you can stack Magic Break effects, bringing that healing down to manageable levels--I could not. Agrias's Kaiser Shield, Gordon's Goddess Bell, Mog's Heroic Harmony, or Faris's/Fran's bow... If you've got one of those, you should strongly consider a Carbuncle-oriented strategy because you can bring his magic damage low enough that Major Regen will out-pace the AoE damage and Cag's Watera won't heal him very much.

If you have Runic, you can smash Cagnazzo with a physical party. I ran out of Runic friends before I figured out a working party. I believe you can win this fight in the span of two RWs if you have the right party. Runic will nullify counter-Stop and Watera, while enabling you to spam lower-honed abilities. If you have your own Runic, you will probably find this fight easy.

Two thunder abilities are required, but you will probably need three... I found safety in four. A ninja can use Swift Bolt twice before Cagnazzo charges up Tsunami. My Tyro was capping Swift Bolt while under the effects of Lulu's Focus, with 450-ish MAG, the Shadow's ninja damage RM, and a 20% damage bonus from Thunder Rod. This is sort of amazing. In one of my attempts I gave him an off-record rod and he was still hitting for like 5.5k with Swift Bolt. I recommend this. Tyro, in +MAG gear, was even healing for an admirable 1k with his Celebration Grimoire. That helped Y'shtola out when she was busy refreshing Stoneskin to heal (in one of my non-mastery clears, Sazh had Curaga which helped out too).

Cagnazzo can be Poisoned, which will tick for over 5k. Do this.

Double cast RMs are good. Each hit counts towards breaking down Cag's Tsunami charge, allowing more flexibility with your turns while saving MP. Double strike RMs are high-risk and will result in two of your homies being Stopped. I gave Steiner Hand of the Victor instead of Spellblade Master for this reason, which has a very high chance to turn his normal attack into Blizzard Strike that hits for 4.5k instead of 1.2k.

Cagnazzo's opening move is Haste like 90% of the time. Sometimes he charges up Tsunami instead. Wait to see what he does first, in case you find yourself unable to get mitigation up at the same time as interrupting his Tsunami charge. Getting mitigation up is paramount, otherwise you risk getting three of your dudes blasted for 6k Watera while you're trying to interrupt the Tsunami. If you tag Cag with Reflect before his first action (which requires your Reflect-user to have initiative), he will bounce Haste at you many times throughout the fight. This worked pretty well but is tricky because you'll need to Reflect an ally if you want to use spells.

Haste is important because Cagnazzo will use a group Slow pretty often. You'll throw your phone when he does this immediately after you use your Mighty Guard RW. This is why I recommend bringing your own Hastega in addition to an RW, or just slotting Haste. I opted to slot Haste because I didn't want Sazh triggering Stop counters with another Breakdown or Poison Shell or whatever. If you don't deal with the Slow, you will wipe. Fortunately you can deal with the Slow.

What you can't deal with is Sleep. If Cagnazzo sleeps multiple homies at a bad time, you will wipe. If Cagnazzo sleeps the entire party, then you will wipe and there's nothing you can do about it. Sleep can happen at the beginning, which you'll happily reset. Sleep can happen at the very end, snatching victory away from you when things were going so well.

Tsunami's damage isn't as bad as you'd think it is. You should probably interrupt it anyway. Tsunami charge happens at really unpredictable times that I couldn't figure out. Sometimes Cagnazzo uses his entire action to charge Tsunami. Usually Cagnazzo charges Tsunami immediately after another action... this action seems to include casting Tsunami. I missed mastery on my first clear because I could not get in any ice damage for this reason. This leads you into believing you can just wait and see what Cag does to decide if you'll use Blizzaja or Thundaja, but sometimes Cag charges up Tsunami a moment or two after he acts instead, which confuses the shit out of me. I count a full second after the ATB bars start moving before queuing a spell to be sure... sometimes he still charges Tsunami up even after that. I get the impression that sometimes the encounter just forces Cag into his charging stance at any random time, regardless of whether it's his turn or not.

Bringing some form of +RES seems like a neat idea. Garnet SSB and Celes's default SB will stack with Lulu's Focus. One of my more successful parties used Celes for that, so if you can fit her, you ought to.

I think I'm forgetting something. Anyway, this boss is a dickhead.


Cagnazzo is the new worst fight ever. I'll post my strategy later. I am too angry to type it out now.

What size IS full screen - Debate

/\ that's kinda similar to what I do--except in ace so I use 640 x 352 which is the closest to 640x360 (16:9) that still supports whole tiles. The good thing about using relatively low pixels is that you can zoom them to uneven sizes like 5.12x and the deformations in zooming up will not appear.

Terrible idea. No display conforms to that weird resolution, such that any nearest-neighbor upscaling will result in uneven pixel widths and shuffling. The latter is especially unsettling and noticeable during play. I allow this lind of stretching to occur for the weirdos that want it, but my default internal resolutions are specifically chosen because they perfectly scale to the most common displays, whereas yours does not. Reconsider.


Those ones that have to be unlocked in a specific record are the worst. Fortunately, I already have those, but some of them took awhile. I liked some of the core ones where you had to meet certain objectives to get them, like defeating a specific dungeon with White Mage or whatever. They should all be like that--guaranteed but attached to some kind of challenge.


New majors in the fat chocobo shop. I just barely grabbed the previous majors before they expired. The memory crystals were also reset. I am still missing an MC2 for Lulu, but I think I will be able to snag that during the next nightmare gate.

What size IS full screen - Debate

What I do is design everything for 320x180 (16:9), but I include similar internal resolutions for 320x200 (16:10), and 320x240 (4:3). As long as the GUI fits in 320x180, it will fit in all of the rest. Other aspect ratios just get to see a little more on the map. You can also set custom resolutions in a configuration file, but results may vary.

For fullscreen, I detect and recommend any resolutions supported by the user's display that are a multiple of the internal resolution, though a stretched resolution may be chosen in spite of that.