From Archades to Crescent ~ Town Design for the Solo Dev

That's why there's stuff like NPCs and music to breathe life into your town. And no matter how you want to spin it, the layout of tiles on your map actually does quite a bit in terms of making your town good.

More insightful, actionable information from Corfaisus: NPCs and stuff. You're looking at this from too low of a level. It doesn't matter how you capture the hill when holding it doesn't win the war.

From Archades to Crescent ~ Town Design for the Solo Dev

The answer to all the questions posed in this thread? Maximize your effort/whatever by making all towns a menu with a pretty graphic behind them. Draw one thing, throw in a couple message boxes and you're done. Now wasn't that easy? But here's the thing, that's not the answer. You don't want menus in your face all day, you want to be able to live in this fantasy world. This requires that you take the time out of your day to develop this fantasy world.

You know how I got to be so "good" (I don't think it's a matter of being good or better than others, so much as I'm finding myself less new things to learn)? People stomped on my balls with some cold hard truth. Once my balls had the time to heal, I went back and looked at my abomination of a map. I made some changes until I thought it was at a point where I wouldn't get my balls stomped on again.

A few things. First, Craze's opening post specifically states we're talking about towns that aren't just a menu. Second, "try harder" isn't actionable information. Third, you're equating tile layout with a town being good, when it's only a small aspect of it. This post isn't about how to do the least, it's about how to get the most out of what you do.

From Archades to Crescent ~ Town Design for the Solo Dev

You're not being attacked because you're using RTP. You're being attacked because you're childish.

From Archades to Crescent ~ Town Design for the Solo Dev

You can make the game lag with purely empty events. I have it happened lately in RPG Maker MV and we had to fix that shit. But it's like a heisenbug that one moment you are fine, the next moment all the autotiles and events are killing your game in an otherwise empty project with no plugins or anything on it. (src: I work w/ RPG Maker dev team investigating this.) >_>;

Autotiles are calculated each frame? I can't think of any other reason why an autotile would slow down the loop. I calculate mine only when the map loads, and then update adjacent tiles if/when one changes.

The main way to reduce slowdown in RM2000 was to set events to fixed graphic where possible, otherwise it's going to call an animation method of some kind every frame, even if there's nothing to animate.


Abyss Evrae Altana mastery party:

I did not craft or hone any new abilities for this, but I did have an extra Curaga laying around. I had many leftover abilities at the end, so my hones were solid for this one, though I used Cure magic instead of holy spells during the first phase, to ensure I had my heavier nukes for the rest of the fight. I was hoping to get Holy up to R4 before doing this fight, but I was exactly one Major Holy Orb short.

I put my Esuna on Y'shtola and gave her both a hat and accessory with Petrify-resist, just to minimize the odds of getting fucked over during the second phase. Be aware that anybody who gets Petrified needs to be re-buffed when they're restored, or else they risk getting blasted by Photon Spray for 1500 per hit, so coordinate re-buffing and Esuna together.

I opted to give Tyro and Yuna a Poison-resist accessory, simply because those accessories also had +MAG and +RES, respectively. This probably didn't matter, especially since Yuna was beyond capping with Holy, so a Silence-resist accessory would've been better for her.

Tyro went with Ninja spells because those penetrate Evrae's massive RES, don't count against you for medals, and can help you knock down the mirrors during the second phase. Tyro was doing about 5k damage with Swift Bolt, thanks to Thunder Rod and the ninja-boosting RM.

Yuna capped for 10k. Aeris capped for 10k. Rosa hit for 9k with Diara because I gave her my best MND weapon and the +Holy RM. I probably could've capped Diara had I swapped Yuna and Rosa's loadouts, thanks to Yuna being Lv80.

During the third phase, your Esuna user must be on standby at all times. I did the final stretch without Stoneskin up because it was more important to cleanse Evrae's self-Poison to prevent her nightmare breath attack, otherwise you'll lose mastery (unless your damage is sick enough to max out your medals everywhere else, but this requires WHT-school, damage-oriented (S)SBs).

Note: Evrae's explosion at the end of phase 2 is tagged as physical, such that Physical Blink nullifies it.

LockeZ and I have a similar amount of uniques. I'm betting most players who started near the beginning have about 25 uniques. Also, Yuna's Sending will be useful for you on this Evrae Altana battle, and should cap easily so there's no downside to using Ace Striker.

From Archades to Crescent ~ Town Design for the Solo Dev

The white stone is very unreadable.


It's +35% ATK and DEF, making it marginally better than Hand of the Emperor and Apocalypse Shield for the exorbitant cost of 50% HP. It stacks everything but other ATK/DEF buffs, which there aren't many of yet. In the future, more characters get self-buff versions of it, though.

And you pulled on the wrong banner if you were go─źng for Arc's Magic Blink.


Finally, after five consecutive Lucky Draw failures, I get something.... Two somethings, even. Got a second Lullaby Rod (Yuna) and then an identical staff for Lenna. So my white mage uniques are tied up with my knight ones. These are all of my 5* uniques:

Celebration Grimoire (Tyro)
Rune Staff (White Mage)



Heroic Shield (Ingus)
Royal Sword (Luneth)
Tyrfing (Luneth)

Elven Bow (Rosa)
Dark Sword (Drunk Cecil)
Shadowblade (Drunk Cecil)

Sage's Staff (Lenna)
Air Knife (Bartz)

Partisan (Edgar)
Rising Sun (Locke)

Buster Sword (Cloud)
Gatling Gun (Barret)
Crystal Glove (Tifa)
Aurora Rod (Aeris)
Yoshiyuki (Sephiroth)

Valiant (Irvine)


Lullaby Rod (Yuna)
Official Ball (Wakka)

Platinum Shield (Basch)

Wild Bear (Snow)
Vega42s (Sazh)

Thyrus (Y'shtola)


From Archades to Crescent ~ Town Design for the Solo Dev

I recently replayed Dragon Quest 4 (DS variant), and it stands out as having excellent towns. DQ4 is a game that usually doesn't just feed you your objectives through unavoidable cutscenes, so towns are always important for sleuthing clues. NPCs have different dialogue for nearly every scenario flag that's set, which encourages you to revisit them all. Not sure where to start for the next piece of legendary armor? Don't worry, an NPC will mention rumors of activity in another town. There are lots of secrets in town, and some of them are only accessible at specific times of day, giving you more incentive to return to town at the opportune hour.

I disagree that FF12 has good towns. The only reason you spend so much time in them is to go back to the quest board. They have very low interactivity value.


I'm still 20k greens short of being able to buy this week's major orbs, so I'll likely be putting off the Abyss Gate until the double greens weekend is over.

Huh. Garuda has way more defenses than I thought he would have. After I completely burned through my skills, he wrecked me.

Time for some honing and aerora strike making, I guess.

Garuda hits surprisingly hard for a ++ tier boss. He reminds me of Jenova in the worst way.