Ultimate+ Bahamut mastery party:

Drunk Cecil was dope against Leviathan, but Bahamut resists everything so I dropped him for this fight.

Bahamut is very straightforward but has very high damage. I'd suggest dual healers, a group cure, self-sustain, or a major regen SSB/RW, or some combination of all of those. Bahamut will hit somebody for like 4.5k damage with his first attack before you can get mitigation up, so enjoy that. Either I'm unlucky or Wing Buffet seems to crit really often, so the damage adds up quickly. Consider using +DEF accessories instead of +ATK ones--I wish I had, because I cut it pretty close at times.

Two scripted Megaflares--you'll figure out the timing pretty quickly. They're easily survived, but it's not rare for him to drop a heavy 2k Flare right afterwards (that's after mitigation). You can probably Magic Blink the Megaflare pretty easily.

Sometime around the second megaflare Bahamut acts twice per turn, so I opted to save my burst for that part. Bartz's Blade Wing was capping at 20k and whatever Luneth's SB is called was tagging Bahamut for about the same with a good chance to interrupt. So, yes, Bahamut is vulnerable to interrupt if you bring a Celerity user.

I just noticed I forgot to swap out Basch's shield after Leviathan--was taking advantage of the +Holy boost on it.

I imagine the damage would be a lot more tolerable if I had gotten Luneth and Ingus up to Level 70+.


Knight's Charge gives me enough soul gauge to be able to usually use it every third round.

That requires Tyro to get hit more than once every turn, which very few bosses are capable of, and certainly not Geryon nor Cagnazzo.

My temptation overpowered my fear of Desch's Gauntlets and I pulled Luneth's Royal Sword. Two successful pulls in a row feels good. Maybe that white mage lucky draw will favor me, and then Kuja 2. Not sure exactly when the soulbreak festival is, but I'll only need to accumulate 30 Mythril until then to do an 11-pull, and hopefully I can get another 50 to cover one of Serah's banners because I've never done an FF13 pull before.


What else was lightning supposed to use in Geryon fight? Drain Strike was taken and her damage wasn't important enough to use Lifesiphon. Leila could have used Thief Revenge (giving Lightning Dismissal) but it's only 4 uses and she wouldn't get 5 hits. =/

Physical abilities without an element that are more powerful than Launch and usable by Lightning: Pound, Barrage, Bonecrusher, Shadowbind, Dismissal, Paralyzing Shot, Quick Hit, and Break Strike.


Are you guys just never getting your speed medals, then? I use Stoneskin and Black Materia 2-3. And I doubt my gear is that much better than yours. I imagine your speed would improve if you finally honed something and stopped using Launch, Craze. And if LockeZ is killing Cagnazzo in the span of two Runics, then he only needs two Sentinel Grimoire since they have the same duration.


When are you ever going to use five soul breaks on the same character in a single boss encounter? Three is my maximum before it dies.


Knight's Charge is so much better than Mako Might for any soul break that you don't need to immediately cast on round 1.

No it's not. You're underestimating how many rounds it takes to generate 500 meter. You need to be hit about 25 times to outpace Mako Might. Ace Striker is only better than Mako Might if you're pairing it with Lifesiphon or Wrath, which Knight's Charge is only half as good as. Craze is using it on a support that can't meet those requirements. Knight's Charge is your absolute last option for meter generation.

Here are your rules of thumb, from best to worst, and assuming you plan on getting your speed medals:

1. Ace Striker with Wrath.
2. Lionheart on a tank with 20+ hits (this position fluctuates).
3. Knight's Charge on a tank with 25+ hits.
3. Ace Striker with Lifesiphon
4. Mako Might
5. Ace Striker with elemental weakness.
6. Ace Striker
7. Knight's Charge on a tank with 20+ hits.
8. Lionheart against AoE
9. Knight's Charge

They're rules of thumb because it depends on how many turns it takes to kill the boss and what abilities you're using. Both Lionheart and Knight's Charge assume that the tank is using offense on most turns. As of Ramza, the only scenario where you'd use Knight's Charge is one where everybody needs meter, the boss doesn't spam party-wide damage, and you aren't bringing a tank. That's rare. I haven't estimated High Scorer because I rarely use the Attack command.

Recently, when I've been able to bring Apocalypse Shield and a Shout RW, it's even better to bring Heroic Stance/Adventurer's Dagger on Sephiroth instead of Ace Striker because the boss dies too soon for SSB-spam, so if your goal is damage rather than meter then Ace Striker might not even be optimal. I still bring Lifesiphon so that I can use Black Materia twice, which is better than once but not better than thrice when factoring lost damage on individual actions. Meter trumps damage for utility purposes, obviously.


I forgot to even post about Geryon. I forget the details except that I used Sephiroth as a retaliator.

So do you not have the other Mako Might unlocked yet? That Knight's Charge RM is kind of shitty.

Also noticed how Pretty Cecil's swords look the same. That's boring. Drunk Cecil's are all cool and unique.


Craze, you should do the bonus battles soon. Nightmare gate opens in a few days, in addition to another double greens weekend, which carries into the next event.

[Poll] Do YOU use project templates?

I have my own framework that I created, which includes things like a resource loader, game loop, options, scene manager, audio mixer, animation system, entity fundamentals, tilemap loading and rendering, GUI widgets, sprite palettization, screen transitioning, particle emitters, screen/entity rumble, node graphing, basic networking, and other stuff.


Got Ingus's Protectga/Hastega shield. I think I have more knight relics than for any other character type.

Worked it out and discovered that after buffs (Soul Eater, Dark Bargain, and Apocalypse Shield... these put me just barely under the buff cap), Sanguine Cross will do about 800 more damage with Dark Sword than a 5-star synergy weapon against Ultimate+ DEF. This means my Drunk Cecil is a viable damage dealer pretty much always. I've already honed Sanguine Cross up to R3. Would've been dope if I had Ebon Armor too, which I tried to get (almost) every time it was available.