I got a second Orichalcum for my main man Zidane, but I ony have the Rosetta stones to get it to augment 4. Should I raise it to level 25 anyway, or hold off until I get more Rosetta stones?

Upgrade it now. With all of these orb rush dungeons, you should have plenty upgrade materials. I have like 445 items, all of which are maxed out, and I still have loads of unused material.

WIN SOME // LOSE SOME - What game did you think would suck was actually awesome, and vice versa?

Ni No Kuni- What a fucking bait and switch. Art style by studio ghibli, gameplay done by Level 5. The marrying of two masters of their craft. It's actually hard to articulate what's wrong with Ni No Kuni other than everything is just... average. There were a lot of missed opportunities to do some really cool things since the premise was kind of neat and interesting. But it's like really boring when the battle system has very dubious AI problems that are fixed by learning certain skills and idk. I haven't beaten the game but I feel like I'll have to at some point and I won't enjoy it. I tell people this and they never believe me after marveling at the gameplay footage. I've no idea why the game is getting a sequel but I hope they get something right.

I still really liked Ni No Kuni, but did find those same aspects disappointing. With the way combat works, I would've rather had it play more like an action RPG, where you assign abilities to different buttons and for your allies to actually Defend against big attacks by default. It's just too action-oriented to be menu-driven, I think.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I just finished FF9 PC. I have FF10/10-2 as well, so I might move on to those next. I replayed 10-2 not too long ago, but it's been awhile since I've played FF10 because it's not really my favorite, but maybe it's been long enough that I can enjoy it all the same.


The nightmare gate closes tomorrow evening, so you should probably do that if you haven't yet.

Apparently, the reason this Cait Sith event is shorter than others is because this event was augmented by their BSB festival, which we likely won't get until the end of the month.


Ultimate+ Arena full medals:

Proudclod is not vulnerable to lightning damage when you break his codpiece, so Quetzalcoatl was not really useful. It did less than 5k damage to Yin & Yang, so the extra potency from Maduin would've been more useful.

This encounter was extremely easy for my group. I took close to zero damage during the second and third phases thanks to all of those Blinks, and the first phase is just easy period. There was enough HP in this fight that Sephiroth got to use Black Materia a whopping four times.

I had Aeris use two shots of Dragon Force while the others broke Proudclod's codpiece. Proudclod's first beam attack only hit two people because I had leftover Magic Blink from the second phase (I wanted to avoid the ice spell's Stop, plus the multiplier on it is huge), and the second beam was completely mitigated by Magic Blink. Killed him before he could use a third beam attack while Physical Blink made his other attacks irrelevant.

No Boostga in the queue and I didn't slot Drunk Cecil, but Basch and Sephiroth can buff themselves enough.

Apparently I only need a single Black Crystal to craft Ultima. I do not plan on doing that, but I could.


Ultimate Carry Armor mastery party:

I played it pretty safe with so much healing. I was planning on using Shout but there wasn't one in my queue, so I grabbed the group cura/Boostga option and then forgot to change Aeris's Curaga into a Holy to help take down the arms more quickly.

Group damage every single turn until the arms are down, plus two pretty sizeable normal attacks from the arms, so damage is quite significant. Magic Blink would be superb.

Vanille with Mako Might seems like a good starter move, since you're guaranteed to get blasted by Lapis Laser before she's done charging hers, and the Protectga would mitigate the arms.

I do not recommend damaging the body until the arms are done. You can't heal or buff the person who is grabbed so it will really mess up your rhythm.

Somebody needs to heal while you're buffing up or somebody will probably die, whether it's a nice big group cure or by having your buffs on your non-healers.

My device is low on battery and FFRK is a hog, so I won't get to the Ultimate+ until I get home and probably not until after I eat too. I likely won't be using Piercing Strike after looking at how much HP I need to knock down--no chance I could hone it to a useful rank without breaking more majors than I'm willing to.


I don't use Gilgamesh because I have Basch's man-shield, but there is a definitive power difference between the two. Gilgamesh is basically the ultimate physical character. Need a tank? He can do that. Need elemental damage? He can do that. Need AoE damage? He can do that. No Boostga? He can Boost himself. Need a character who can do all that with Hammers or Spears or whatever oddball melee type you have? He can do that. Level 80 with some of the best HP and DEF? Check. He's also got great limit breaks, and eventually gets one of the best BSBs to date.


Illy, I'm confused as to why you changed your RW from a BSB to a regular Steiner one.
It was for the FF9 event synergy.

Put Steiner's sword on Squall. The extra 20 ATK or whatever Steiner gets from synergy will never begin to close the gap between the power level of s BSB and an SB.

Thinking about honing and trying out Piercing Strike on Tifa for the ultimates. We'll see... it's only slightly better than its peers against U tier DEF, but should be quite a bit better against U+ DEF. I'd hone Exploding Fist but I want to save Power/Lightning orbs for Full Break R3. I don't use Tifa too often, even though I have a decent 3-hit SB for her. I'll probably do the ultimates on Tuesday night.

Looks like Rosa is the second FF4 character to get an MC3. Best white mage, if you ask me. I think people are really overlooking her potential. She's one of two white mages with Support-4, and her limit breaks are more spammable than Y'shtola's. Unlike Y'shtola, she can use a bow, meaning she can efficiently slot a Breakdown in a physical team (I had her doing 7k Magic Breakdowns against Ultimate Rubicante). Her SSB is a group Curaga/Magic Blink, meaning you'd be able to cast it every third action if a fight demands that kind of magic mitigation and group healing (like Kuja does, for example). Only reason I didn't use her for the most recent FF4 event is because I needed lightning damage.


Still, don't use Lifesiphon for single hit soulbreaks. It doesn't make any sense. In the same four actions that you did 30k, you could've done 34k if you just swapped Lifesiphon for Pound, and instead used Mako Might to drop your Protectga in the first turn instead of the third. Armor Break -> Pound - > Pound -> Armor Break. And since you don't use Pound, even replacing it with Launch does 31k damage--higher still if you look at it from DPS-terms, because Darkness takes 2.75s to charge compared to Launch's 1.65s.

But if you aren't using Sanguine Cross, I wouldn't have used Drunk Cecil anyway, because Zidane could use that sword and get five hits out of Thief's Revenge, up to 15k damage per use. Actually, I can't remember if Zidane can even use swords or is stuck with daggers. Locke can though, but you'd lose the +10 synergy levels and do a little less damage.

Illy, I'm confused as to why you changed your RW from a BSB to a regular Steiner one.


Your usage of Drunk Cecil is totally bizarre. You're dealing like 30k damage in four turns--one of which has a lengthy soulbreak cast time. You could've done 40k in two turns with an unhoned Sanguine Cross.