[POLL] Would you be interested in a RMN meet?

People often forget that I wasn't at that meetup, asking me if I remember when this-and-that happened. I wasn't invited and I'll never forgive you.


Equip +DEF and +HP accessories.


Here's hoping BSBFest has a banner with Bartz BSB, Hope SSB, Basch's Plat Shield, and Kuja's Glove. I would spend... a lot of money on that banner.

For the BSB festival, I'm looking for a Runic, a Faithga, a Magic Blink, a group cure on a non-white mage, a defensive dual breakdown, a +RES or +DEF buff, instant-cast stuff, and any banner with multiple good black mage relics to cover my deficit. The most interesting BSB to me is Tyro's by far, but I also like Pretty Cecil's, and I'd like to have Bartz's too because he's just a good dude.


You don't really have to choose Saint over Sanguine because they only compete for earth orbs, and if you're anything like the rest of us then you have a billion earth orbs. After crafting Sanguine R3, I still have 40 Majors and about 400 Greaters remaining. They did that Black/Fire/Earth orb rush so often, and I never crafted Meteor. There are a few 5* abilities in the future that use them though, in the Combat, Monk, and Machinist schools... eventually. I think the Combat one is the only interesting one--it's basically a suped up Barrage with a longer charge time.

Just upgraded my Thief's Revenge to R3, thanks to the orb rush rewards.


How are you liking Sanguine Cross overall? I imagine Decil would be the best user because of his massive HP to act as a buffer. I haven't touched SaC yet but I -have- been using Dark Bargain on Sephi in various elite dungeons.

I dig it, though the 25% HP cost is meaningful. It's like using a 5.0 potency Soul Break every turn once buffed up. My only complaint is that I wish it did 3 hits instead of 2 because of how often I'm capping it. It's actually more powerful to use Dark Sword than a synergy weapon thanks to the +Dark and diminishing returns on ATK. Even without an SSB he's out-damaging Sephiroth, though not quite as bursty (16-20k per Sanguine Cross vs ~28-32k for Black Materia against U+ DEF).

I didn't really need Dark Bargain versus Steiner, because he's weak to Dark already, but I don't know what else to put in that slot when Ingus's Breakdowns are going to outperform any Break.

However, I would probably not use it if I didn't have Soul Eater. Like I said, the HP cost is meaningful and probably is a significant contribution to why I fell behind on healing against Kuja. But I can't ignore a character that can do like 50k damage in three turns while buffing my party's ATK by 35%.

Soul Eater and Apocalypse Shield basically increase my party's ATK by 75%, and while that's not as good as Shout and AS (95%), it's more than strong enough and allows me flexibility with my RW. I might lose the Hastega, but every boss requires either Protectga or Shellga, so I can easily cover my Hastega with Ingus or Sazh, though Sazh is harder to slot due to equipment restrictions.


Ultimate+ Kuja mastery party:

Lost two damage medals. Had a false start in which Kuja hit Drunk Cecil with a normal Attack for 6.6k damage, due to wearing an off-record bracer and the -DEF from Dark Bargain. So, because I didn't bring any form of Protectga, I just had everybody defend until I was ready. By ready, I mean I had Boon, Stoneskin, and Apocalypse Shield good-to-go. At which point I just go to town with damage. Sephiroth saves his SSB and Barrage for Drunk Cecil's Soul Eater to be up. I used the insant cure RW after a scripted Gravija and a bit before the scripted super lightning spell that Kuja uses when going into his weakest phase. Y'shtola fell behind and Sazh died a noble death.

Besides smacking you with a normal attack in the first turn, Kuja has no immediately threatening abilities once you get your mitigation up, which includes Lightning-resist accessories on everybody. Instead, he blasts you with shitloads of group damage that your healer can't really keep up with, so I wish I'd brought Yuna for the major regen and used a Sentinel's Guard RW instead, because I can end the fight before needing a third wall.

Now that it's over, I have no temptation to pull on Kuja 2 again. Nothing immediately stands out as super important, so it's very possible I won't be doing any pulls until the next festival, which is probably going to be in June at some point.

I need to level up Kuja this weekend and get his +Dark RM for Drunk Cecil, though I probably won't need it until the next difficulty tier because he is capping Sanguine Cross with an off-record weapon already, though it requires Full Break.


Kuja 2 is a bust. Tempted to pull again. My Steiner party should be pretty strong because Drunk Cecil is a dark damage diva.

Yep. Smoked that rusty ass with full medals:

Selphie SSB wasn't my first choice, but it was the only group cure in the queue. Didn't really need it and should've given Basch a BSB RW to use.


Hmm. Being able to bring an extra white mage without sacrificing any DPS would be pretty great.

This is how I treat it. My Holy-user isn't my primary healer. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do it as often as I'd like. Most of my MND weapons are actually sage weapons, and most of the ultimates where I have said weapon were group fights, so it made more sense to equip summoner Yuna with it. Which works out fine anyway, since the point is to have a damage dealer who can group cure. I don't like having my group cure on my healer because the cast time is so long, which feels unsafe.


I haven't made Holy at all yet. Diaga already tends to 9999 or close for me, and has full honeage.

Eh... Nope. Holy only caps against Ultimate+ if Mental Breakdown and Full Break are applied, on a 450+ MND character. Diaga is about 6.5k. Holy does 8.8k with Full Break against Ultimate-caliber RES.


Upgraded my Holy to Rank 4. I thought about saving for Saint's Cross instead, but decided I didn't want to wait for another 20 Major Holy Orbs to roll in. Besides, I have enough MND weapons that I'll be able to effectively use Holy in many records. Only four Major Wind Orbs away from Thief's Revenge R3. I'm optimistic that this weekend will be Holy and Wind.